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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Haven't heard squat from QC or Ontario College concerning recent complaints - - time
    to go up another step into government. All provincial College of Physicians are private
    and are self-regulating. BUT it is the government who pays the physicians!

    Taxpayers and hopefully the Ministers responsible looking to be re-elected, need to take notice
    of where tax payers $$$$ are going and being wasted AND in fact, these dangerous Puif regimes, exams
    and approvals by COS quacks (exams probably being billed to our Canada Health Care), are costing far more
    than the gov realizes --------YET:)

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  2. HellRazor Member

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  3. Intelligence Member

    ***ANOTHER BLOW***

    Details/documents will be posted soon concerning another
    Narconon Physician being banned from working for Narconon
    and caring for their Patients - - due to Narconon NOT being
    recognized as a drug detoxification treatment recognized in current
    medical literature.

    Would LOVE to post Dox now, but can't jeopardize integrity of
    ongoing investigations.

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Waiting waiting tap tap tap.

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