Narconon-Scientology Physician

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Random guy Member

    :) indeed!

    Go on you glorious faggots!
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  2. xenubarb Member

    We will, no worries. The combination of Dr. Dave's websites and official dox from the Canadia government condemning Narconon will make it a slam dunk.

    At some point, exposure will be so widespread, nobody in their right mind will publicly support the Narconon program.

    Keyword: 'right mind.'
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  3. HellRazor Member

    ^ Interesting find. Are some of these people new?

    ^ Who is Jean Doucha?
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  4. Intelligence Member

    The College of Physicians Review Committee myust make their decision by November 26, 2011
    for having the Narconon Scientology physician disciplined/sanctioned (fine or licence suspension).

    This physician has already been banned from any further association with NN TR, but a positive
    decision from College would be a nice bonus.

    Awaiting College decision on this ^^^^^ and another file before submitting Formal Complaint
    to Canada Revenue and Canada Justice Department. The more we have, the more likely their
    investigation will move forward quickly.

    Revenue Canada does not look favourably to Registered Charities that are being investigated or
    scheduled for Court Trials which impede their credibility of being a benefit to Society and not
    a burden and involved in questionable or illicit behaviour.

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Shit! NN TR may have, "Smoke on the Water and Fire in the Shy", but I just burned my supper again while
    typing away, And I had much ":Smoke in My Kitchen",,,., again,..., LOL :)

    Don't laugh Barb, you know what I'm talking about.

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  6. DeathHamster Member

    So... Is any of that real professional qualifications? (Maybe there's at least a degree lurking under that Social Services Worker certificate. Or not. Doesn't sound like it.)
  7. Intelligence Member


    I guess the following two, of hundreds of dox I have, will do for now,..., LOL :):):)



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  8. Squirrel King Member

    "Certificate" usually means the completion of coursework and required internships (usually done outside of a degree). "Certified" is usually a professional certification through a governing body.

    That being said, I do not see a connection to Scientology with her or her program.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    Communications Courses, like the ones at Narconon:)

  10. Anonymous Member

    Thank goodness it's two out of hundreds of dox, because I'm either confused or I recognize that a Narconon completion certificate isn't evidence of the sauna treatment requested.

    I hope and I assume that you wisely keep your cards close to your chest until you need to play them.
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  11. Intelligence Member

    "sauna treatment requested???"

    LOL,..., well you don't receive a "New Life Detoxification Certificate" attested by the Case Supervisor, that states,
    "David Edgar Love" has completed without being in the Sauna and completing their "Purification Rundown".

    AND you CAN NOT move on in the Narconon Prpgram to Receive the Graduation Certificate without first completing
    the Sauna program.

    "Cards Close To My Chest?" Five, spread out decks covering every gray hair,..., LOL:):):)

    You won't see much more info posting, pertaining to "Case Evidence", in the next few months by me.

    I try to ONLY play cards that will cause "Effect."

  12. HellRazor Member

    Dr. Labonte's likely source when lawyering up:

    Expect a vigorous defense backed by $$$$ from nation-wide doctors' malpractice premiums (unless he is 100% sure to lose in which case they may settle out of court, but don't expect a big payout). IANAL.
  13. Intelligence Member

    Yes, we are expecting a vigorous defence:)

    College of Physician's Decision - July 27, 2011 - (College Review Committee has until Nov 26th to dyscipline/sanction) - - (Fine or Licence suspension)

    I can't comment on the Case details for "Medical Malpractice" that my lawyers are filing. Do we have a strong Case?

    My lead lawyer has won six out of his last six; let's hope his luck continues:)

    Settle? No. I want the evidence to be public Record.

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  14. Intelligence Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    In Canada, lawsuits typically have much smaller settlements than in the US. I don't think Canada has the big cash awards for pain and suffering that are handed out in the US.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Admirable. David Love highly values the welfare of people he never met.
    Stuff that down your greedy gullet Mr. Miscavige and choke on it.
  17. Anonymous Member

    So you get moar points for saving lives of people you haven't met than for the ones you have met?

    I think the points should be the same: 9000 internets for every life saved.
  18. Intelligence Member

    Yes, they are much smaller in Canada - - much! I'm not counting on much, really; my lawyer
    is because he's on a percentage, (plus healthy retainer from me.)

    I know my lawyer's strategy, but I don't dare mention one dotted eye of it,..., LOL :):):)

  19. Anonymous Member

    That's not what the post said.
  20. Intelligence Member

    All my Trials will soon be over. I've been in Quebec for nearly three years (November 28, 2008), and
    another three years is no problem:)

    Elvis - Trials will soon be over clip: :)

  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    What is the quacks name that was banned from promoting / working with NN?
  22. moarxenu Member

    Dr. Pierre Labonté also written in English as Pierre Labonte.

    Here is Google Translate of reviews of him at
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  23. xenubarb Member

    David Love is worth 1000 Montalvo putheyth.
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  24. 00anon00 Member

    "where she resided and participated fully in the drug treatment program. " She is claiming rehab treatment as work experience????
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  25. 00anon00 Member

    Malpractice insurance companies do not want to take on clear cases of malpractice. They push to settle. The doctor will have to get a personal attorney if he wants an strong defense.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Because I have another complaint filed against him with the college
    and my lawyer is suing him, can't post his name.
  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I am thinking it might read like something like this

    Dear sir or Madam, I am writing you with a concern about recent activity in your states schools in regards to the Church of Scientology and its front groups. The two entities that have I am talking about are Narcanon and Applied Scholastic's. Recently two of your school districts were targeted by Narcanon, where they were scheduled to speak on the issue of drug abuse. Due to community efforts your schools were alerted and put a stop to the talks. Narcanon has been banned from a number of states, among them California ?? ?? and ??. Applied Scholastic has also been banned from receiving public funding. A large number of investigations found and Scientology's own propaganda acknowledge that these programs are designed to indoctrinate youth in to the ideology of Scientology. This clearly violates the separation of church and state but even more disturbing are the extreme beliefs that Scientology promotes. Narconon is not a medical recognized program and even teaches that the Psychiatric is evil. The blame the WWII Death Camps on Psychiatry. The urge those needing help with drugs to stay away from excepted medical since and pay them large amounts of money. Hidden cameras in a recent Canadian TV program caught Narconon wasting no time pushing Scientology on students the minute they thought they were alone with the students. Many survivors of Scientology and its front groups have stated that their experiences included, Racism, Homophobia, Family Distinction, Beatings, Unlawful Detentions, Sleep Deprivation, Slave Like Labor Conditions, and Medical Related Deaths. Narconon Also uses a Scientology program called the Purification Rundown they say purges drug toxins from the body. While there is no medical proof that it does anything of the like, it is proved to involve large and dangerous does of Niacin and sweating many hours a day in a Sauna. People have actually died from these programs. As concerned citizens we are sending you links to supporting evidence and asking for your support in banning these programs from our nations Schools. We also value feedback from you and are willing to answere any questions you might have.

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Maybe some nice anonymous person can point us in the direction of public records that would shed light on who he is?
  29. Intelligence Member

    You can use what the College said in this letter, including my name.


    Plus feel free to use/copy and of this:

    I understand that you have a speaker from Narconon scheduled to speak
    at some of your schools.

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  30. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I posted this in the wrong section. I re posted it in the Oklahoma one. Maybe an Admin can move it. Sorry :( I would like to see others merge this and what I typed to make the most impactful but one page Doc they can. Maybe page two could have links to these types of Docs???
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  31. Intelligence Member

    November 14, 2011 - Two Ontario College of Physicians Formal Complaints are finally completed,

    with numerous evidence documents attached to 22 page Cover Letter. Will be sent Monday morning.

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  32. Intelligence Member

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  33. Intelligence Member

    Email UPDATE just in:

    With only 96 hours left before the Quebec College makes their decision on the NN TR
    Physician for disciple, documents/info came in to substantiate specific allegations against
    the physician AND the COS Montreal et al. One of three "Inside Sources" has once again
    come through:) - - bless you.

    It seems the COS is concerned about their "Bridge" being compromised if we WIN in Quebec.
    I will be in discussions with the Colleges first thing Monday morning.

    Any who have contributed confidential info/documents to me via our secure terminal, please
    rest assured that I will NOT reveal my sources, nor information or any help provided to me, without your expressed concent.

    That being said, I do need additional information concerning RE: Dates, Names, Event, and info
    on Who administered said purification doses and the adverse affects to victims. ASAP - - before
    Monday morning:) - - any and ALL evidence is helpful.

    If search warrants and Summons are required, the specifics will assist in investigators and lawyers
    when applying to the Court/Judge for the aforesaid.

    I want to thank you all for your help and confidence - - I will do my VERY best:)

    Please use the same alternate com line for info - - right now, I don't trust my email security 100%.

    Even if court ordered to reveal sources, I would refuse and accept the consequences.
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  34. Intelligence Member

  35. Intelligence Member

    Advice please??? - - I have some dox stored online that I have only accessed a couple times, and only
    from a Library for security reasons. I have not even looked at them for some time now.

    Is it safe to access them from my laptop when using a hard-wired connection or using an Internet USB Stick?

    Or should I stick to using Libraries??? :) - - I will need these dox soon.

  36. I think accessing from a Library to be the safest bet. I could be mistaken about this, and perhaps someone with more security knowledge than I can advise. With your hardwired connection + a VPN, it should be okay, too.
  37. Intelligence Member

    what's a VPN ?

  38. VPN = Virtual Privacy Network. I've read praising reviews of the European services, located in Europe. Read not-good things about the North American services. NA services are vulnerable to having police obtain private information from them without a warrant of any kind.

    The European services can be short-term, like monthly or long-term like annually. It may be possible to make use of one through a demo cycle if it is really a short-term project; i.e., no costs for using it for some quick downloads/uploads.
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  39. Intelligence Member

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  40. Intelligence Member


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