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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Spawn of Dr. Kellogg, the First Flake of the Family.

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  2. Intelligence Member

    UPDATE: Request For Discipline/Sactions against Scientology-Narconon Physician

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  3. grateful, David, not great full
    also warrants
    also a few too many commas I believe

    If you haven't sent it yet...
  4. Good advice from anonysmouskwisdg, David. Don't forget, breathe, and some deep breaths, once in a while.
  5. Intelligence Member

    Thank you. I should have Noted: Draft ONLY :) ,..., I always send to an excellent Anon Proof Reader
    and Editor before submitting.

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  6. Intelligence Member

    Thanks:) ,..., I do try to breath and take deep breaths; perhaps that's why I insert so many commas,,,,,,,,, LOL :)

    I think as we get closer to the August 29th deadline for requesting a Review Committee, that the College of Physicians is
    beginning breath easier; keeping their fingers crossed that the request is not going to arrive.

    Not only will it arrive ON TIME by Courier, it will be very comprehensive and have the bite of a "Black Panther!"

    Love it; having FUN:):):)

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  7. Intelligence Member

    WOW! I am so pleased with how this multi-page College of Physician's cover letter is progressing.
    When it's out of my head and on paper, it is absolutely incredible how much they got away with for
    so very long. I have to keep going back to my diarized notes to make sure my memory is correct
    and jives with the notes and dox. It's absurd.

    I hope one day I can post what is in in this document I'm writing. It's a "Jaw-Dropper."

    The only reason I don't post it all right now, is to avoid tipping our hand or allowing them to
    prepare for what is going to knock them off their feet. :)

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Look at this College of Physician's Statement - what a gift:)

    They state, Quote: ".....associating himself with a drug detoxification center administering treatment....."

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  9. That's the spirit. Stay Frosty. All in good time for the public releases.

    Appears that you have solid heavy loads to fire.

    Keep it all close to your vest and keep your powder dry! (+ keep having FUN!) :)
  10. Intelligence Member

    Just finished the seven page (DRAFT ONLY) cover letter and it's sent off to my trusted
    proof reader/editor and a copy to my Lawyer for approval.

    Covering ALL bases:):):) ,..., now it's past 3am and bed time, Nighty-nite,.., LOL.
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  11. Intelligence Member

    DRAFT ONLY - sent to editor and copy to my Lawyer.

    Excerpt from page six (6) of Cover Letter:

    The College of Physician’s conclusions:

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  12. Intelligence Member

    Seven Page Cover Letter Is In The Hands Of The College Review Committee:)

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  13. Anonymous Member


    Have a look at this article on Science Based Medicine about the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and its proposed policy regarding nonconventional medical therapies. Deadline for comments before the policy goes into effect is Sept 1st.

    The policy statement includes reassuring language about evidence of safety and efficacy. However, it also includes weasle-words that provide legal cover for non-scientific treatments.

    Dr. Rashid Buttar faced restrictions upon his license for selling quackery to cancer patients. But then North Carolina passed a "health freedom" bill, and he was off the hook retroactively.

    I realize that Narconon Trois-Rivieres is in Quebec, not Ontario. But a policy in one province may set a precedent for another.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    How does one 'stay frosty' wile keeping their powder dry?

    As of today 8/29/2011 Narconon Arrowhead in the U.S. is still pushing over 70% success rates for addicts, scamming addicts for 30 grand apiece with lies, false promises and genuine L. Ron Hubbard Quack therapy, All Scientology, nothing else.

    They are advertising on the Sean Hannity radio show, Fox, Cnn and more to promote the scam with no documented proof of their claims, shame on these stations for accepting advertising monies for a bogus program that cures nothing and defrauds millions from its victims..........
  16. moarxenu Member

    I would be nice if some one could get screen grabs of some of these so we can write and say WTF?
  17. Intelligence Member


    Yes, I'm still alive and well,..., LOL. Some Anons have emailed me asking if I was ok and what was going on?

    I have been on a kind of mental sabatical while waiting for the document that just arrived in my mail box. It is a
    reply from the Review Committee. I'm going to forward it to a trusted Advisor before I post it, but basically, the
    Review Committe has accepted my request for a 90 day Inquiry. They have requested I forward to them the numerous
    evidence documents I have and they may request to meet with me. This is what I hoped for and expected in my
    7 page cover letter to them.

    The Inquiry will be conducted by two Physicians and one public Representative.

    In my opinion, this is "Strike Two" of an ongoing request to have the Narconon/Scientology Physician Dysciplined/Sanctioned,
    with the desicion published in a Canadian Medical Journal.

    I'm back on target and focussed on the continuing WINS!

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  18. Thank you for the update, David! Your post radiates your strength of commitment! <3
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Page two (2) of letter received August 31, 2011. They've opened the door for me to submit more dox.
    I LOVE it:):):) ,..., AND perhaps meet with me.


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  20. Random guy Member

    Take the time to enjoy your life, David! No use in fighting if you don't have anything to fight for. Also, one of the best revenges you can make is living a good and fulfilling life, thus proving them wrong.
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  21. Intelligence Member

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  22. DeathHamster Member

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  23. moarxenu Member

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  24. Intelligence Member

    You are very right, so yesterday a Montreal Anon took me on a tour of Montreal.
    Absolutely beautiful at the Montreal Olympic Stadium and many other places.

    Just what I needed to clear out the ol' mind rubbish and focuss on the new tasks at hand.


    There is one less duck swimming behind me. I ate it for brunch:)
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  25. Doin' it right, Dude!
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Beaver Lake in Mount Royal park?

    It's been decades since I've been there. Awesome memories of people with R/C battleships having mock battles.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    WOW! This^^^^^ article certainly has grown legs and some of the responses coming in are interesting.
    It should be a big story if the College decides to dysciplie/sanction and it's published in their medical journal
    which is distributed to all Canada physicians. We have a very good chance; this one's not a slam dunk, but close:)

    Enough said for now,..., LOL,.., must get back to the new press release I'm writing while printing off dox.
    This article is about,.., ah',....., well, you'll just have to wait and see:)

    I'm havn' fun

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  28. mnql1 Member

    David Love has been added to #14 in the &quot;Top 25 Persons Crippling Scientology&quot; (Village Voice)


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  29. Anonymous Member

    ^^fantastic and well deserved.
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  30. moarxenu Member

    The David Love Machine - a large-scale plan to dismantle Narconon in its present form.
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  31. Random guy Member

    Congratulations David!
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Amazing and quite unexected indeed. I feel so tiny compared to many of the other ex-scientology veterans
    who have done so much. I am honoured for sure:)

    Haven't been posting much on here lately; too focussed and some intense work right now that will become evident
    within about two weeks.

    Preparing for a jaw-dropping media meeting and expose that really is quite the issue. As long as they've got the balls
    to publish, I'll muster the dox to back them up and avoid litigation. Very happy pants right now:)

    We've exposed quite a bit over the past 17 months and much more to come.

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  33. Intelligence Member

    Just reviewing a Coroner's Autopsy Report about a young ex-Narconon Trois-Rivieres patient
    who died on March 2011. The death was complicated by "hepatic necrosis." (severe liver
    damage - over 50% destoyed).

    This ex-Narconon patient was authorized and permitted to enter the NN TR Sauna and prescibed
    toxic doses of Niacin and other regimes, when the NN Physician knew that this patient had Hep-C
    and liver enzymes that were high.

    Is David Love really PISSED?! You have no idea.

    Shit IS going to hit the BIG FAN very soon.

    She was my very, very close Friend :-(

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  34. HellRazor Member

    The patient's family could sue for malpractice.
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  35. XenuKittyT Member

    Dlove sorry to hear about your friend that's horrible!! :::bearhug:::

    Will the media thing you are talking about be in Canada only or the US too?
  36. Random guy Member

    Good Grief! 50% liver necrosis!?! You have every right to be mad!

    This is why!
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  37. xenubarb Member

    The sad thing is, people have to die from this shit before anyone pays attention. It's like stop signs. City won't put one in if someone reports a problem intersection. Somebody has to die first.
  38. BigBeard Member

    And these bozos aren't in jail already???

    Never mind practicing medicine without a license, a decent prosecutor should be able to get them for negligent manslaughter or something similar.

  39. DeathHamster Member

    Perhaps someone should put one of those roadside shrines in front of Narconon's place. (And then video them removing it.)
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