Narconon referral sites off of Google

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Many of Narconon's victims are led to it by searching for "drug rehab" on Google.
    Anonymous can do something about it.

  2. Anonymous Member

    I was thinking about how the Scientology corporation succeeded at getting its websites put above critical websites like by complaining to Gooogle Inc.

    I wonder if we can use the same strategy, but with the help of reputable rehabs, or government agencies.

    Here's an idea: we craft a package aimed at government health agencies, and one aimed at reputable rehab clinics.
    We ask them to get their lawyers to contact Google's lawyers and complain that reputable rehabs are being pushed down Google rankings by Scientology corporation's efforts.
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  3. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    I was just posting in another thread about the exact same thing.... there has to be a way to do this, even just educating the legit rehabs on how to do search optimization would be a great start ( I am no expert on search opt, just offering my 2 cents).
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  4. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    A little more reasoning behind the search opt.... this can be done fairly cheaply (from what I have read and done) and the incentive is clear, stop these rat basturds from taking legitimate biz from you, the folks who really know the process and truly care, and get rid of the quacks.

    Lawyers are expensive, and while it could be effective will take time, especially the gov entities (and would need someone like DEL to get quicker results). Direct help to the rehabs would be low hanging fruit IMHO.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I think the more prongs of attack the better. A letter from a lawyer is not that expensive, and it might be all Google needs to take a look at the problem. Helping legit drug rehabs with SEO is also a great idea.
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  6. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    Ok ya got me on the letter part.... a form letter for the legit rehabs would be a great start, it could be distributed in a mass email or other campaign maybe packaged with SEO? I would also think we have something readily available based on D. Love' work in CAN & US?
  7. Anonymous Member

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