Narconon planning facility near Orangeville, Ontario

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 31, 2013.

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    WIN! and it is only Monday
    FINALLLY people are listening
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    This was a very nice job, David and all!
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    Little known fact:

    Hockley is where the game of hockey was inventled.

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    Another echo of the Star story, but with slightly different lead paragraphs.
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    Is Narconon coming to Cambridge? Signs point to yes ... and no | Cambridge Times

    By Bill Jackson

    A controversial drug rehabilitation company with links to Scientology is purporting to serve Cambridge residents.

    That has some people believing company officials could be planning to open a clinic here in the city, or that it already has.

    Continued with open comments (the first of which is from a Narconon supporter) at
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    It's kind of a WTF editorial. On the one hand, the deaths and fraud of Narconon are okay so long as it doesn't "pose a threat to the community", on the other, it makes the lulzy but naive suggestion that Narconon camp on CoS property, and mentions that CoS doesn't seem to be doing anything with the conference center.
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