Narconon of Oklahoma Inc 2010 IRS 990 Tax Returns

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. YouSeeNothing Member

    That would explain why they don't have an EIN number.
    Group Exemption Rules:
  2. YouSeeNothing Member

    Lawsuit that ties Narconon Freedom with Forever Recovery: 0000001483&se=party

  3. YouSeeNothing Member

    Beard, I'm just going to continue dumping dox in here until we're ready to focus our attentions.
  4. Random guy Member

    The thing that has allowed NN TR and NN AH to be assraped are former patients/employees who have woken up to the abuse and gone public. We would probably be able to repeat the process fairly straight up if someone involved with NN SH came forward.
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    special tribute from paris
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    Looks like one of the former staff killed himself as I posted previous. I wonder if he was getting ready to go to authorities.

    So-called ex-employee:
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    Has anyone seen a 2010 990 form for Narconon Freedom Center MI? The EIN may not have even been valid when that grant was given!
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    No, they have to have an EIN number, what they don't have to do is file for their own exempt status. Which means they don't show up in the exempt organization list.

    From Part 25 (emphasis added):

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    Somebody's already heavily researched AFR:
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    With TR closed and the heat of the media on Arrowhead, now might be a good time to start throwing dox to gov't agencies asking for investigations. Focusing on AFR, combine online reviews, questionable tax dox, forum posts regarding first-hand accounts of neglect and corruption with an overall statement and request for investigation? Is something like the questionable grant in 2010 something that would be investigated?
  11. YouSeeNothing Member

    I'll keep looking. Stone Hawk and Freedom Center shared the same EIN, but I can't find anything for AFR. Does this mean they may not have filed any returns or, since they are a for-profit now, it's under some EIN that we just haven't found. I'll try the EIN Finder sites...
    1. Checked for A Forever Recovery, no results anywhere in US
    2. Narconon Stone Hawk is STILL active and mailing address matches A Forever Recovery according to IRS:

    NAICS: 621493

    Within this search, this EIN occurs100%
    of the time.
    EIN-Company Match Rate:
    IRS Match:

    EIN-Company Match Rate:
    IRS Match:

    Related Addresses:
    BATTLE CREEK, MI 49017-9710

    Status: Active, mailable.

  12. YouSeeNothing Member

    According to the above, A Forever Recovery is using the Stone Hawk EIN, received a grant from Narconon Int'l in 2010, works out of the same address as the former Stone Hawk, was incorporated as a For-Profit, yet still operates under a non-profit EIN?
  13. BigBeard Member

    If AFR is a 'for profit' they don't do Form 990 do they? Wouldn't it be some type of Corporate Income Tax form?

  14. YouSeeNothing Member

    According to HIPAA:
    This is Employer Identification Number. This service will help you to verify the compliance of your EIN Number to HIPAA/EDI regulations. Please feel free to use the form below to verify whether your EIN Number has a correct format

    Employer Identification Number (EIN) Validation

    The number '38-3646037' is a valid Employer Identification Number
  15. YouSeeNothing Member

    Right, but AFR doesn't have another EIN associated with it. Based on the IRS report above, they are using the Stone Hawk EIN. See?
  16. BigBeard Member

    Bummer...The Group Exemption Roster is a hard copy document you pretty much have to visit the IRS to see. FOI requests for copies of a particular roster, e.g., GEN 2595 for NN Int, take forever and have rediculous per page copy charges:

    These guys appear to have already done the leg work. It's the most complete list of the NN Form 990's I've see so far. NN Int Los Angeles is the 'mother ship' that holds the Group Exemption letter the other NN Ints fall under:

  17. BigBeard Member

    If they met the rules related to business name changes at,,id=98011,00.html then AFR would keep the same EIN used by Stone Hawk. They would just have to kill the 'exempt' status and go 'for profit'.

  18. YouSeeNothing Member

    I seem to remember reading that you can keep the EIN number when changing as long as the ownership stays the same. Makes sense.
  19. YouSeeNothing Member

    So strange...
    Two entities in 2010. Here are the annual reports for 2010 for both A Forever Recovery and Narc. SH:\2012058\E0953790.tif\2011144\E0954157.tif

    2012 Annual Report for AFR, there's nothing for Stone Hawk/Freedom Center in 2012:\2012058\E0954814.tif

    According to an earlier post, there was some internal strife and the corporation was handed over to Pamela Anderson--as listed in the current annual report for AFR. A Forever Recovery is an Assumed Name:\2008288\E0122931.TIF
  20. grebe Member

    Narconon Racine is the most run down piece of shit on its street (1612 Villa St Racine WI):


    I can't see the image right now for some reason but the link works.
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  21. anonysamvines Member

    i sit (well lay since i can't sit) in awe of and with much appreciation of you guise and what you are doing
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  22. YouSeeNothing Member

    Maybe they just wanted to make it look like a crack house to make incoming addicts feel more comfortable. :)
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  23. eddieVroom Member

    I had no idea they were in Wisconsin.
  24. DeathHamster Member

  25. YouSeeNothing Member

    Here's what I got so far:
    1. In researching the history and current status of Narconon Stone Hawk of Michigan I made some interesting discoveries--not the first to do this, but there have been updates since the last research effort. Founded in 2003, as non-profit drug rehab, Stone Hawk had some internal financial issues which led to Narconon Intl pulling their license and granting them a temporary license in 2008. At the time it closed, SH was working under the IRS-given EIN number 38-3646037. as of today, the NCCS database does not list any Narconon non-profit organizations in Michigan.
    2. I believe they reopened their doors under an assumed name, The Freedom Center of Albion, AKA Narconon Freedom Center of Albion in April 2008 until December 2008.
    3. Narconon Freedom Center was incorporated 7-16-2008 and as of 2011, it is still a viable corp., John Walsher, President, Brian Kuehne, Secretary and Treasurer. I believe this was done to remove the Wickstroms from the Narconon-licensed corporation. EIN 26-2990691
    4. Stone Hawk, in January 2009, registered agent was changed to Per Wickstrom and still operated under the name Narconon Stone Hawk rehab. The Freedom Center was an interim identity.
    5. On October 14, 2008 A Forever Recovery, Inc. was incorporated as a For-Profit corporation under an assumed name, A Forever Recovery,.
    6. Narconon Stone Hawk dissolution date 10-1-2010
    7. As of 2012, Per Wickstrom was still president of A Forever Recovery, Inc. No EIN number found. NPI records: NPI#: 1992957542, Business and Practice location: 216 St. Marys Lake Rd., Battle Creek/Calhoun MI
    8. IRS has address of Narconon Stone Hawk as 218 St. Marys Lake Rd., Battle Creek, MI EIN 38-364607
    9. Appears that Per Wickstrom is operating A Forever Recovery out of the old Narconon Stone Hawk facility.
    10. At one point, ~2008 there were two rehabs. Narconon Stone Hawk/Freedom Center and A Forever Recovery.
    Things we don't know:
    AFR's EIN number
    What is the status of Narconon Freedom Center

    I guess I did this more as an exercise to see what I could learn and see if there was anything new out there. The only piece that I did find--I posted earlier--was the recent updates in the lawsuit against a Forever Recovery.
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  27. vaLLarrr Member

    This is great research. Well done guys & keep on. Narconon is dying, let's make sure it stays dead once it's foamed at the mouth.
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  28. YouSeeNothing Member

    I guess we need to look at Per's new gig, Best Drug Rehab
    Entity Name ID Number
  29. YouSeeNothing Member

  30. YouSeeNothing Member

    This is their addy according to their site:
    15140 16th Ave,, Marne, MI 49435

    Guessing they bought/leased the old assisted living facility.

    BTW, without realizing that others had the same thought, I had posted something earlier in regards to hiding the 10% fees to Narconon Intl. Iguess I'm learning still and what I've just learned is that researching is serious business. It just keeps going deeper and deeper. Makes me wonder what ever happened to those other investigations. Might be a good idea to dredge up old research and see if new evidence is available. I just found this piece on that very idea from 2007.
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    It strangely claims to be in Las Vegas, but the web sites say Michigan.
  33. YouSeeNothing Member

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    Also at this address:

  35. grebe Member

    From Ripoff report from 8-13-12:

    More here:
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  36. YouSeeNothing Member

    These facilities may not even be a part of the CoS, yet they are still unethical in their marketing tactics. Not sure if it's the telemarketers working on referral commissions or the facilities themselves. I want to think that the CoS is behind it all, but unfortunately I'm not sure if it's just them. Though, when I google Drug Rehab Referral Scam, Narconon is the most common hit.
  37. grebe Member


    300 Care Center Drive Manistee, MI 49660‎
    (231) 887-4590 (231) 887-3400 (877) 823-3277 (231) 887-3401 (Fax)

    Health, Drug Addiction Treatment...

    From the owner: “The Cedars Drug Rehab provides alcohol rehab, drug rehab programs. We are an alcohol addiction, and drug rehabilitation center, serving patients in Michigan & the Midwest.We treat substance abuse.”
    No score yet1 review
    Scoring guide
    1 Review from everyone
    Marie Beethoven reviewed 2 weeks ago (8-12-12)
    Quality 0 / 3
    While I respect the staff here, and understand many of the legal policies, I cannot say I would recommend this rehab facility to anyone. They are fantastic at bonding with the patients and helping them recover, however their people skills need a little work. My entire family has problems with the staff, and we feel as though they were just saying certain things to appease us. This rehab is at the end of a very long list for my loved one, and although they provided more results, the family was frankly treated like they were not needed and unnecessary for the patient to even call home. I felt like I shouldn't even deserve to know what was happening with my loved one, so if you want great results go here, but there is a price. Your family will not be treated as well as I would have hoped.
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  40. YouSeeNothing Member

    Narconon Stone Hawk > Narconon Freedom Center > A Forever Recovery > Best Drug Rehab > Cedars Drug Rehab? All within less than 10 years? Need to verify that Cedars Drug is a Per Wickstrom facility.

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