Narconon new lulzy videos

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    Close but no cigar I'm afraid. Hubbard was a chain smoker who said not smoking enough would cause cancer.
    YouTube - L. Ron Hubbard "Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer".
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    After watching the videos I just want to pound my head against the wall. My God how can local, state and federal government buy into this crap are we/they that stupid?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    OMG..he already lost me when he said ALL drugs were bad (I don't know if he is just a total idiot, or just has narrow definition of what a drug is. I like aspirin myself)

    But his reason for the way silent films look today is totally stupid.
  4. peterstorm Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

  5. COREarg Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    Guys,you don't understand what they say?

    "boom" means "Xenu"
    "Woooshh" means "Blown"
    "bang!" means "FAIR GAME'D THAT BITCH YO!"
    "Psew!" means "I got slapped by David Gnome last thursday"
    "Ratatta" is a pokémon
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
  7. loltology Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    No, I mean cigarettes contain nicotine and nicotine is a drug. It's also one of the few drugs aside from alcohol where that idiot was sorta right. I mean, what are you relieving by picking up smoking, scifags? Aren't you aware that you're inhaling POISONS and MIND DESTROYING DRUGS with each puff? It's not like they have a narrow definition of drugs. Nicotine should definitely be counted. Are they unaware that smoking is a drug addiction?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    I need to make a list of nagging little questions about them.

    Why do they all talk like a mix between vintage batman and an infomercial? "It's like, BAM, yknow? Scientology to me is all WHOOSH SLAPCHOP BAM SHAMWOW"

    Why is their PR attack angle always like 14 year old mean girls? "Then the Kingpin said something really nasty"

    Why does the cult make all famous women into corpulent beasts? I'm serious. Nancy is looking more and more like Kirsty. And their eyes have the same toxic, vindictive, dead inside sort of expression. Why does scientology make women fat?

    More as I think of them. Also, note that Co$=satanism/will to power and little else.
  10. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    In honor of these videos, I'm loading a big fat bowl right now. Seriously.

    If you have some of the sticky-icky, I suggest you do the same.

  11. OTBT Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    They are imitating Hubbard.

    In his taped lectures, Hubbard would sometimes use "sound effects" made with his voice. It was supposed to emphasis his point. He also used made up words, supposedly for humor.
  12. the anti Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    technically everything you can take in your body can be bad for you. in fact drinking to much water in a short period of time can kill you
  13. genoramix Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    ^and your point is...?
  14. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    Narconon Trois-rivieres - In Quebec Schools (Trying to)

    Just going through dox today and came accross this. She practiced on us before going
    to any schools. Very Lame presentation.


  15. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    Frankly, I'm just glad that you can see that they make no sense when they talk about this and this is before anyone dishes out large amounts of money.

    Come on NarCONon! Make more videos! Share your crazy facts! Show the world you're the masters of all crazy information!
  16. xenubarb Member

    Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    If you eat your body weight in lettuce within 60 minutes you will die.
  17. Re: Narconon new lulzy videos

    tis a shame they've locked comments.... but at least they show their stupidity. and the fact that no one cares. lol at combined in their "series" barely 1000 views.
  18. Magnonymous Member

  19. Magnonymous Member

    It was watching that video clip that I noticed that they all have the same slightly vacant/empty look around the eyes. Notice the expression around their eyes just doesn't change? Some of them this affects larger areas of their face as well...

    I agree, t'is what I noticed.

    I'm actually seriously considering that perhaps the more indoctrinated they become, the more this facial paralysis affects them. For someone who has just begun indoctrination, they may seem nearly normal...but the further indoctrination progresses the more they look like this:

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxMxnNPwS9AoVqhsYmwhHisbxGLKAcK

    Okay...but seriously...if you watch that clip I linked back to an Anon's previous post you'll notice that the ones who sound more indoctrinated also seem to have less facial movement, starting around the eyes and then progressing into the cheeks and down to the mouth.

    P.S. My other conclusion is that CoS targets demented people for recruits in the first place.
  20. peterstorm Member

    Again, unscientific falsehoods from NN. Vitamins aren't affected by taking drugs or if so, we're are the scientific reports on this? For instance, calcium is an atom, it's not 'destroyed'...

    This is just a dude giving some made up reason to follow the purif rundown...
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  21. peterstorm Member

    The one you've been waiting for: Is alcohol a drug?

  22. peterstorm Member

  23. Squirrel King Member

    You are having an attack of logic. When has science ever agreed with Scientology?
  24. peterstorm Member

    The lulz continue. :)

  25. peterstorm Member

  26. peterstorm Member

    Tone scale tech

  27. the anti Member

    well, drugs did seem to fuel some of hubbards crap. sure he was on something crazy while making the tone scale.
  28. Intelligence Member

  29. slobeck Member

    his definition of grief: "kinda bummin', kinda sad" Very nuanced, this guy. What a deep knowledge of the human condition. Here's my 30grand! sign me up. O wait what i really meant was...please shoot me in the face before i have to watch another video.
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  30. Don't you usually take drugs to turn your Boredom into enthusiasm? I'm getting Mixed Messages...
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  31. Mark Cabian Member

    Rummmm, zoom, ya know!Hmmmmmmm!

  32. COREarg Member

    This demanded an OH EXPLOITABLE...!

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Freeee keeee ....
  34. Wow, what a retard. Who makes this shit up? Totally inaccurate. So much of it's utter shit I don't know where to start. o.o
  35. Hubbinator says the sound effects are awesome. lol...

    dubbayewdubbayewdubbayew ... Must be a Texan...
  36. xenubarb Member

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  37. Mark Cabian Member

    Needs more zombie.
  38. Scatman Member

    NarCONon fags employ the strawman technique: They tell you Hubbard's notion of the mind, without telling you it came from Hubbard and was his speculation, then tell you how Hubbard believed drugs affect it, without telling you it was Hubbard's belief, which was more speculation. They also don't mention that Hubbard's ideas conflict with scientific research.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Or make any mention of LRH's amphetamine abuse.

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