Narconon loses in Trout Run, Maryland

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. peterstorm Member

    I am pleased by this decision.
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  2. Thank you Wrong Guy! You are the best on getting the news articles out to us ! !!

    RightOn! Have a drink for me, too. I'm stuck with a house of teens in the house until later :)
  3. RightOn Member

    me too
    I watched it live, I thought his body language was a little weird. Kinda putting his head down a lot. Maybe I was just reading too much into it. I have a habit of being over cynical. Can't help it with the cult's history.
    I hope if ANY of the council members gets bothered in any way or has skeletons in their closet make an appearance, that they should report it to authorities immediately.
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  4. BigBeard Member

    I did say, " theory...", in the line you highlighted.

    And Billy Shreve voting 'yes' is no surprise considering comments about him all ove the Frederick News-Post.

  5. RightOn Member

    thanks! Only one tonight.
    The fight is not over yet. right? They must keep everything KSW!

    So if they appeal and lose they will sell the property? yes? no?
    You would think the way the property was purchased in the first place, it would have been one huge red honking flag!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I am pleased that only one could be bought (or blackmailed).
    I am disappointed that one did cave to either bribery or blackmail.

    Overall, I am pleased with the outcome.

    Intelligence agencies generally prefer blackmail to bribery. It's cheaper, but there are exceptions.

    I wonder if the cult has ever bribed someone and then blackmailed the bribery. It would be complicated, but with the war chest held by the cult, anything is possible.

    Cheers and hugs out to all the Activists, Protesters and Citizens of Trout Run County, that acted so stridently over this issue.

    Eat it cult.
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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

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  8. Intelligence Member

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  9. BigBeard Member

    I've been going through the Frederick News-Post archives, and Billy Shreve ignoring his constituents desires seems to be a consistent theme running through the comments.

    He seems to find excuses to support his positions, e.g., "narCONon might sue." in this case. But it would appear it's more a case of, "never meeting a business he didn't like", than blackmail or bribery.

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  10. Random guy Member

    Delauter may be an idiot, but I don't think he's too stupid to which way the wind blows. Had he been one of a very few votes for, he'd have a hard time being re-elected.
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  11. jensting Member

    That would be delicious! The "religious" SBPI suing for "religious" discrimination because the "non religious" narCONon being denied another place to mistreat victims.
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  12. jensting Member

    Very good decision! One more narCONon stopped is a group of potential victims not exposed to lethal quackery. Nice work, Frederick County!
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  13. anon8109 Member

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  14. BigBeard Member

    I really love the way the main stream news keeps plugging the "$cientology Linked" angle. I do believe it's going to be just a tad bit more difficult for narCONon to keep up the "secular" facade.

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  15. Random guy Member

    The trick as always is to tie them down to one position. This will help, no doubt.
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology routed: What the national press hasn’t figured out about the Trout Run defeat

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker

    It's a long article and you really should read the whole thing, but here's an excerpt, quoting Mike Rinder:

    “This is going to get challenged. They’ll bring in [longtime Scientology attorney] Eric Lieberman, or some super-specialist to find some way to legally challenge this. If I were a gambling man, I would lay my money on there being a legal challenge. They’ll comb through the statements made by the council members, and not just what they said in that vote meeting, looking to find a rationale to challenge it. Because it’s an insult — that’s how Miscavige will treat it, and he doesn’t take kindly to being insulted.”
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  17. anon8109 Member

    edited for length

    We asked Rinder why in the world Scientology would pay nearly $5 million. There’s no way a small number of patients could produce the revenue to justify such an expensive project.

    “it’s all a PR move by David Miscavige. With the flaps with Narconon in Oklahoma, Miscavige said, we’re going to out-create this. He can tell Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley and whoever else is left that we have the perfect place for you to bring your friends who have drug problems.”

    Rinder also emphasized that everything is for show "Everything they do now is for showing at one of Miscavige’s Nuremburg rally events,
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  18. RightOn Member

    I am glad that Narconon is being titled as "Scientology backed"
    They can't play the religious card in an appeal, if it ain't religious.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    New York Time - short blurb:



    Maryland: Vote Is a Setback for Scientology-Linked Rehab Center

    The Frederick County Council on Tuesday voted 6 to 1 against placing a fishing retreat on a local register of historic places, making it very unlikely that a drug rehabilitation program with ties to the Church of Scientologywill be opened. The retreat, near Camp David, has been visited by several presidents. The vote against adding the property, known as Trout Run, to the historic list will deny the retreat the zoning it would need for a Narconon facility. The Council was urged by its lawyer to consider only Trout Run’s historic character and not the practices of Narconon. Narconon is likely to appeal.
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  20. Random guy Member

    I am usually quite partial to Ortega, but this story is decidedly among his very best! Good scope, good analysis by Rinder and very lively written!
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  21. Quentinanon Member

    And that would be viewed and treated as a frivolous, vindictive lawsuit.
    But, what the hell. Let's party while the cult front group spends its funds on WOG attorneys.
    In the end, they lose with worsened reputation and wasted time.
    Absolutely delicious!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Please pardon my Aristotelian either/or fail.

    I was operating with assumptions about how the cult gets its way with political issues.

    I had assumed that in this instance - Trout Run - the cult would get its way via obtaining forms of malfeasance from the established political gentry. I am of course, delighted with the cult's fail and very happy for the citizens of Trout Run, spared the catastrophe that is narconon.
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  23. Random guy Member

    There's a gravity-challenged lady backstage saying she haven't done her number yet.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    Posts on Bunker:>

    David E Love [COLOR=rgba(0, 39, 59, 0.498039)]an hour ago[/COLOR]
    I like Rinder's take that forking over nearly 5 million for a 12 bed NN ... "just so he [Miscavige] can say Narconon has a new Ideal location.” ... I can just hear it now in DC and elsewhere, "All hands on deck, no Internet or Newspapers to be read," - don't want the IAS Whales to know their donations were flushed down the sewer. A 12 bed NN is simply not enough people to operate in the black when one considers the number of 'Posted' staff and operating costs, and with the 'Health Regs' required to operate in Maryland, I believe they would need expensive, onsite professionals? Just an opinion. I'll bet Miscavige *IS* insulted, and I'd get used to it if I was him ... Social Betterment Properties International has their grimy claws into Ontario, Canada and Australia right now trying the same thing. This Frederick Council vote should, but of course won't, show Davey that "We the People" do have a say, and the 'little guy' can not bully his way or make laws to soothe his ego. Will there be a lawsuit??? In my unqualified opinion, I don't think so, but if Miscavige says "take it to court" - then off it goes .... AND one messy case this 'could' be. I dare say Stanard and Rogers are wondering what went wrong ... not being able to think 'outside their tech box' and not really knowing where this vote might go? Me back to other matters now, and wishing all on the Bunker, a happy day. :)

    PickAnotherID [COLOR=rgba(0, 39, 59, 0.498039)] David E Love[/COLOR] [COLOR=rgba(0, 39, 59, 0.498039)]29 minutes ago[/COLOR]
    I think Sylvia Stanard often wonders, "What just happened?"
    I was at an "Old Guard" picket of FCDC back in the 90's. While she was busy taking pictures, I overheard her tell another $cilon she really wanted a cup of coffee, but wasn't going to Starbuck's while it was full of SP's. Being the nice person I am, I went over to Starbuck's and got two coffees. One for me, one I brought back to Sylvia and told her, "I don't want you to be 'out exchange', so take my picture and give me a copy at the next picket." She gave me a blank look, then growled, "What are your crimes?", took my picture, and after I walked away, snagged the coffee from the step where I'd put it. She never did give me a copy of the picture though.
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  25. RightOn Member

    Sylvia Stainedpants is a nasty sack of shit
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Trout Run property owners still seeking to open Scientology-linked rehab center

    By Mallory Sofastaii,


    Yvonne Rodgers, Narconon’s East Coast executive director, was surprised by the Council’s decision based on the evidence provided. She wrote in an email: "The Council Members received a lot of information from many different sources. What we do know is that they ignored the expert testimony they were presented with and the unanimous decision and expertise of their own historic preservation professionals on the Frederick County Historic Preservation Commission. They have never done that before regarding any other historic property listing."

    Narconon previously said they believe there's a need for this kind of facility in the area and will continue to work to transform Trout Run into a treatment center, but they may still face some opposition in the community.

    "It's been a very complicated issue but the bottom line is they're probably going to try and continue to do something here and the community is going to continue to pay attention," said Kai Hagen, a Thurmont resident who opposed the historic designation.

    Rodgers said they "absolutely" have plans to move forward with a Narconon facility at Trout Run, and in a statement released Tuesday night, the company wrote: "We will continue to explore all options available to open a rehabilitation facility at Trout Run, to help in the fight to stem the area's horrendous drug abuse problem."

    Rodgers also said they see the need for a more long-term rehabilitation services and wrote: "Narconon will provide a much needed additional treatment center to the area providing a completely drug-free option to clients. Our consistent recovery results in treating opiate addicts for over 40 years clearly makes the Narconon program a valuable asset to any community facing the level of usage and trafficking that is presently occurring throughout most of Maryland."

    While some residents agree that the drug epidemic needs to be addressed, they said this facility is not the answer.

    "We definitely need programs here or a different way of dealing with the problem but just not this, just not Narconon," Long said.

    Rodgers said they do not know at this time if they will appeal the decision or change their plans to open a facility that’s permitted under the current resource conservation zoning status.
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  27. Random guy Member

    And that tells us all we need to know about councilman Shreve.
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  28. RightOn Member

    Or in Shreve's case, what the cult knows about him or what they WILL know about him.

    Shreve shriveled, and he voted yay
    Skeletons in closet? or some cult pay?
    If he dealt with the cult, it is never the way
    Shreve will soon find that out come judgement day.
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  29. Random guy Member

    Or more likely in this case: Voting day.
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  30. RightOn Member

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  31. Aurora Member

    I grabbed this pic from somewhere yesterday. Apologies for not remembering where I stole it from & thanks to the OP.
    This poster proves the lie that "narCONon does not recruit for scientology."

    Attached Files:

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  32. jensting Member

    Oh, come on, just because ex-victims of narCONon can't help themselves joining the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology doesn't mean that the Co$ is recruiting...

    Just like in Hernando county where the narCONon quack fraud didn't have license to house large number of victims - they just went ahead and did it anyway...
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  33. Random guy Member

    Say. didn't Narconon in on of the many cases against them file saying they were a faith-based program? If so, was that reported in the media anywhere?
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  34. anon8109 Member

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  35. BigBeard Member

    It was brought up in the 'Comments' of the Frederick News-Post several times. I don't think it was in any of the stories themselves.

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  36. Random guy Member

    Fount it!

    Narconon, in an answer to Geanacopulos' counsel in the Geanacopulos vs Narconon case wrote:

    As an initial point, it should be noted that negligence per se is not a separate cause of action, but a method of establishing the duty and breach elements of a negligence claim. Munda v. Summerlin Life & Health Ins. Co., 267 P.3d 771 (2011). Furthermore, as previously stated, faith-based healing is exempt from the licensing requirements of N.R.S. Chapter 630.


    In other words, they are by their own admission a scientology faith healing. This need to be spread far and wide to journalists.
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  37. Intelligence Member

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  38. Random guy Member

    Thanks Dave!

    These are extremely relevant dox, and should be given to any journalist asking about why Narconon is connected to scientology. It isn't connected, it is scientology!
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  39. Intelligence Member

    Professor Stephen Kent said under oath that (paraphrased) "Nothing that is is in the 8 Narconon books is not 100% Scientology."

    There is appoximateky 2,800 pages in all of the NN books. Not only have I read all of these books
    umpteen-dozen times (explains WHY I'm caracked at times - LOL ) - but I've also, courtesy of
    Narconon giving me a $700 box of COS books, compared the the NN with COS books several times.

    "Narconon *IS* Scientology, always was, and is administered and directed by the Sea Org and
    Office of Special Affairs to not only ensure LRH's Tech is delivered, but also to siphon off any
    funds not required for minimal operations at Narconon. Scientology is much worse than many think
    and their Narconon drug rehabs are dangerous and deadly above what most could ever imagine.
    Countless ex-Narconon patients have gone on record, stating they were far worse off after being
    at Narconon, than before they went. Many do not and can't talk about this deadly Scientology
    drug rehab because they are dead, directly related to not being treated while at NarcoCON." D.E.L.
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  40. Intelligence Member

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