Narconon loses in Trout Run, Maryland

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 3, 2015.

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    YES! And please post videos!!!
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    Wouldn't the proper course of action be to close the loophole?
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    Looking for horse and tree now, then slide the loop tight.

    Should be an interesting meeting today and tomorrow. COS has already arrived with pamphlets and I have my dox and Tone 40 aftershave on. : )
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    Tone 40 aftershave lol!
    I bet the clams would buy it.
    Shhh! don't give therm any ideas.
    Or would they not buy it because Hubster didn't like any perfume or cologne?
    At any rate, it sounds like a money maker to me. :p
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    Long meeting over now with local and national media there. Me very tired, MUST rest up for more filming tomorrow and visit to Trout Run. Many options available to stop NN from operating.
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    Group speaks out against Narconon's plans for Trout Run

    By Sylvia Carignan, The Frederick News-Post


    David E. Love, a former Narconon student and staff member, addresses a small group of opponents of a proposed Narconon drug treatment facility at Trout Run during an event Tuesday at the Urbana Regional Library.


    Local residents seeking information about Narconon's plans for a drug rehabilitation center near Thurmont got more than they asked for at a public meeting Tuesday.

    A Facebook group, "No Narconon at Trout Run," had 230 members as of Tuesday afternoon. Its local members organized a meeting Tuesday evening at Urbana's public library, attended by about 20 people.

    Thurmont residents and group members Kai Hagen and Mark Long spoke about a drug rehab center planned for a 40-acre site named Trout Run, off Catoctin Hollow Road near Thurmont, that Narconon wants to open.

    Narconon, an organization that provides drug rehabilitation programs, uses methods developed by the Church of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

    "We do not want Narconon in our community, or any community, for that matter," Long said.

    To establish a "residential drug rehabilitation center" at Trout Run, Narconon will need the site to be added to the county's historic register. The County Council has closed the public record and is not accepting further comments, although it has yet to make a decision on the historic designation.

    "The one big issue we have is ... the community is clamoring to have an impact," Hagen said.

    Members of the "No Narconon" group invited former Narconon student and former staff member David E. Love to speak about his experience at a Narconon center in Quebec.

    "It's all deceit and a lie, it really is," Love said.

    The "pseudoscience" used to treat Narconon clients does not rely on doctors, nurses, therapists or counselors, he said.

    "It's not going to help Frederick at all," he said. If the Trout Run center is approved, he said, people who are treated there are more likely to come from outside the state of Maryland than the Frederick County area.

    Karl Bickel, a former candidate for Frederick County sheriff who lives in Monrovia, attended the meeting. He was concerned that Narconon and the Church of Scientology are an unusual threat to those suffering from drug addiction because the organizations have been accused of being involved in human trafficking, but there was little talk of those accusations during the Tuesday meeting.

    "I didn't learn a whole lot here," Bickel said.

    According to Sylvia Stanard, deputy director of the Church of Scientology's National Affairs Office, Scientology "supports" Narconon, but the only connection between the church and Narconon is that church members can donate to help buy property for Narconon.

    Her husband, John Stanard, the church's national director of social betterment programs and policy, said the Narconon program uses some literature that "could be found in materials in the Church of Scientology," but spiritual and religious references are removed from them for Narconon students' use.

    Love said that the literature used in Narconon is taken "verbatim" from Scientology teachings.

    Social Betterment Properties International, which owns the Trout Run site, is the real estate arm of the church. The company and Narconon have requested that their Trout Run property be added to the county's historic registry.

    The Frederick County Council last discussed the proposal April 21, when it voted for the second time to postpone its decision on a historical designation for Trout Run.

    Under the site's current zoning restrictions, Narconon's plans for a group home for 12 live-in clients — referred to as "students" in their proposal — would not be allowed. Instead, the Board of Zoning Appeals decided to allow the organization to make changes to the site through a special exception: The County Council must add the site to the Frederick County register of historic places.

    If Trout Run is designated historic, changes made to the structures will need Historic Preservation Commission approval.

    The commission "will expect architecturally-sensitive and historically-appropriate responses to any handicap accessibility or life safety modifications to the site or structures," county planner Denis Superczynski wrote to the Board of Zoning Appeals in 2013.

    Kimberly Mellon, a Cascade resident and community activist, is a member of the "No Narconon" group who attended the meeting. She said that County Council members should still listen to residents' concerns, even though the record has been closed.

    "It's my hope that they are learning about it," Mellon said.

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    It has moved a bit since you posted it.
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    I see Sylvia's still running around spouting her lies. Her nose must have grown at least 6 inches with that whopper.

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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Damn you are awesome this is meticulously researched
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    Round two today at Trout Run, another meeting..... perhaps with national media that will post some dox?
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    Mega GB of video is being processed and edited and will post asp.
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    Circus Day at Trout Run with 4 Sheriff Cruisers.



    We were asked to sign this and we said no!!!


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    Notice on a small building near entrance to Trout Run other buildimgs.


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    I really like Frederick. ... maybe move here?
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    Were you asked to sign blank trespass forms?
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  21. Such a quiet, tranquil place. This sign isn't weird at all.
  22. Intelligence Member

    Just out of meeting, and Maryland folks have a great battle plan. Off to Colorado and Vegas next. Me feet are killing me. ... I need one of those oil sessions at Super Power. :)(
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    What was the story with the cops? Were they waiting on you when you arrived? Did you call them or did NARCONON sic them on you?
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    This is the oiliness table theme music. If it's not creepy, it's not Scientology®

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    Scion Goon in car called them. Supposedly told cops we were Anonymous protesters there taking pics and maybe trespassing.
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  26. The Frederick News-Post: 'No Narconon at Trout Run' gaining steam

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    By Sylvia Carignan

    A group opposing Narconon's plans for a drug rehab center at Trout Run is gathering support.

    The group, which started on Facebook as "No Narconon at Trout Run," met Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening with Thurmont resident Mark Long moderating questions and a presentation by former Narconon graduate and former staff member David E. Love.

    About 20 people attended each meeting. The group started discussing a plan of action Wednesday night.

    Members of the group are concerned about Narconon, an organization that provides drug rehabilitation programs that uses methods developed by the Church of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

    Narconon's proposal for a “residential drug rehabilitation center” at the 40-acre Trout Run site near Thurmont hinges on the approval of the Frederick County Council.

    "My focus is to make sure the council votes no," Long said.
    Love told the group at both meetings that Narconon's drug treatment program would be a detriment to the county.

    "You do have a very evil entity coming to town," he said.
    Love and two other former Scientologists at the meeting said the Narconon program left clients with post-traumatic stress disorder and broken families.

    Craig Tyler, a Frederick resident and member of the "No Narconon" group, wanted to take action.

    "What do we do? How do we stop this?" he said.

    "That's what we're trying to figure out," Long responded.

    County residents who attended the meetings included psychologists and people with experience in drug rehabilitation services.

    Jim Lamott, a clinical neuropsychologist based in Frederick, said he has been familiar with Narconon for about as long as it had been around.

    He was concerned that the language Narconon uses obscures its actual practices from clients. The program is "abuse masquerading as rehabilitation," he said.

    The property owner has submitted plans to convert Trout Run into a rehabilitation center for 12 live-in clients, referred to as “students” in the proposal.

    The center would have five more beds for treatment and withdrawal and would accommodate eight staff living on-site and eight staff living off-site.

    Patient programs would last for about six weeks, according to the plans, though Love and former Scientologists at the meeting said the program may take three months or longer.

    According to Narconon's website, the saunas used in their treatment purge toxins from the body that may have built up after a period of drug abuse.

    Narconon Eastern U.S. Executive Director Yvonne Rodgers said their program "has been studied and or reviewed scientifically and objectively for 40 years."

    She referred to a paper presented at an Environmental Protection Agency conference in 1998 detailing Hubbard's detoxification method as applied to victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, where people were acutely exposed to radiation and lived in a contaminated environment.

    Twenty-four male subjects received the Hubbard treatment, which was a daily regimen of 30 minutes of jogging and up to 4 1/2 hours of alternation between a "moderate temperature sauna" and a cool-down. Vitamin and mineral supplementation was also part of the program, according to the paper.

    The researchers concluded that "in spite of its robust regimen, there is an absence of negative health effects."

    The Narconon program is secular, church representatives and Narconon representatives have said, and welcomes people regardless of faith or religious background.

    Rodgers responded to Love and others' claims that Frederick County residents would not be treated at Trout Run.

    "Of course Narconon Trout Run would treat residents from Frederick County as well as anyone else who needs our help," Rodgers said.
    The corporation that owns Trout Run — Social Betterment Properties International — is itself owned by the Church of Scientology, Rodgers said.

    The corporation "owns properties which they have leased to two or three different Narconon centers," Rodgers said.

    The "No Narconon" group is planning a meeting in the near future to find out what action may be taken to oppose the organization's plan to settle in at Trout Run. The Facebook group has about 230 members.

    Follow Sylvia Carignan on Twitter: @SylviaCarignan

    Trespassing reported at Trout Run

    According to Deputy 1st Class Amanda Hatcher, spokeswoman for the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, authorities received a call at 12:27 p.m. Wednesday for four people trespassing at the Trout Run site on Catoctin Hollow Road.

    Three deputies responded, she said, but they determined that those four people — all of whom were members of the "No Narconon" group — were not trespassing.

    Kimberly Mellon, a member of the "No Narconon" group who was at the Trout Run site at the time, said four deputies responded, not three, and there were five members of the group at the site.

    The caller was a representative of the property owner, Hatcher said.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  27. Intelligence Member

    No Narconon at Trout Run in Maryland

    May 12 - 13, 2015: Two Frederick Town meetings with concerned citizens and a visit today at Trout Run in Maryland. Scientology entity, Social Betterement Properties International called police and Sheriff cars arrived for a chat about not trespassing onto the sacred property.

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  28. patriot75 Member

    ‪#‎Scientology‬ ‪#‎Narconon‬ at ‪#‎TroutRun‬ goon squad ‪#‎OSA‬ is working hard in ‪#‎Frederick‬ ‪#‎Maryland‬
    Attendees noticed a silver Hyundai with‪#‎Virginia‬ plates WVZ 8930 circling the Urbana Regional Library from 5:15-5:35. The car would circle the facility, stop and park for a few minutes, then circle and park again in a different spot. This pattern continued in both upper and lower parking lots. Attendees began to follow the vehicle. At this point the vehicle sped out of the lower parking lot onto Amelung Street. It then went through the roundabout onto Spring Street and picked up Urbana Pike. At this point, the vehicle speedily exited onto 270 North.

    The community meeting lasted from 6:10 PM to 7:50 PM. The Frederick News-Post was at the meeting.
    As it got dark, a NN@TR member left the community meeting at approximately 8:20 PM and proceeded to drive north on I-270 and then north on Route 15. Guest speaker David Love was following the NN@TR member’s vehicle. The NN@TR driver was alert in knowing that Narconon/Church of Scientology may follow the two vehicles based on their confirmed presence at the Urbana Regional Library when they distributed “The Narconon Program” brochure as well as the earlier incident at 5:35 PM in the parking lot. Love also communicated he had been harassed and followed by Narconon/Church of Scientology after similar events in other cities and countries he has visited.

    The NN@TR driver, still on Route 15, decided to stay behind a truck that was moving at approximately 55 mph. The driver maintained this speed knowing that most cars on this stretch of Route 15 will pass a vehicle driving at that “low” speed. Several cars passed, but two cars stayed far behind in the same lane.
    The NN@TR driver decided to turn off of Route 15 and head east on Biggs Ford Road, knowing few people use Biggs Ford Road at that time of night. The NN@TR driver also thought it would be conspicuous if a vehicle(s) immediately turned off Route 15. However, the two tailing vehicles turned off Route 15 and headed east on Biggs Ford Road following the NN@TR driver’s car.

    The NN@TR driver turned south on Fountain Rock Road, with Love following behind. Both tailing vehicles turned on Fountain Rock Road.

    The NN@TR driver turned west onto Retreat Road, knowing it to be isolated and that it loops back to Biggs Ford Road. One of the following cars passed the Retreat Road turn, the tailing vehicle turned onto Retreat Road. It stopped hastily and then backed out. The NN@TR driver continued, still leading Love, until they were out of sight near the railroad tracks. They stopped and conversed, deciding to doubleback to Fountain Rock Road.
    Upon arrival at Fountain Rock Road, the driver saw the other tailing vehicle sitting off the road It was to the south at the bend in Fountain Rock Road, sitting off the right shoulder with its lights on facing a position perpendicular to the road.

    The NN@TR driver turned toward the tailing vehicle, accelerated fast, and flipped on high beams. The tailing vehicle pulled out heading south on Fountain Rock Road swiftly, heading toward Route 194. The NN@TR driver caught up to the vehicle as it stopped at Route 194 at approximately 8:51 PM. The NN@TR driver identified the tailing vehicle as a tan Toyota Sienna Symphony with Virginia license plate WMC-3388.
    In time, the NN@TR driver and Love made it safely to their destination.

    Upon arrival, the NN@TR driver compared photos taken before the community meeting at the Urbana Regional Library began with photos taken during this incident.

    The NN@TR driver found evidence that the tailing tan Toyota Sienna was at the Urbana Regional Library throughout the course of the evening and had, in fact, attempted to tail the vehicle and guest speaker David Love.

    img_0301.jpg img_0319.jpg
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  29. RightOn Member

    the fact that she is saying anything proves that Scientology is Narconon. Why would they even get involved if they weren't.

    To David and all involved,
    you guys did a wonderful job and it will save many from Scientology, health problems and lives .
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3
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  30. BigBeard Member

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  31. Intelligence Member

    DA diatribe is all the ronbots can do .... along with others loving their brown envelopes. They are always a step behind and always will be. Now, back to editing last book chapter and deciding if Vegas or Colorado Narconon is next? Per Wickstrom has a special place in my thoughts.
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Scientology and private investigator dirty tricks in Frederick, Maryland


    May 14, 2015: "Goon squad OSA (Scientology Intelligence - Office of Special Affairs) is working hard in Frederick, Maryland." -- "Scientology spokesperson Sylvia Stanard and Karin Pouw are trained to handle media with what this organization calls an "acceptable truth" - not necessarily the real truth." -- "This convicted criminal organization, Scientology, faces off with a very intelligent and determined community of citizens in Frederick, Maryland - a large group that is growing each and every day. This being a battle of truth versus lies, good versus evil, Robert F. Kennedy comes to mind in a famous quote."
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    Tim Lomas, with OSA EUS, now claiming to be with ABLE for the Ontario Narconon attempt, might be someone to keep an eye out for.

    In 2012:

    In the 90s:
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  34. RightOn Member

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  35. Intelligence Member

    I'm on the road still in a Mobile office, but once settled, there will be more Names like Sylvia Stanard and Karin Pouw in the Narconon news stories. Good morning David Miscavige, Hubbard, Cruise, Alley, and Travolta .... time to get the hell out of "Dodge" (Frederick) or face continual EXPOSE.
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  36. RightOn Member

    was Frederick ever shown the copy of the Bridge to Scientology from Narconon cover or the COS pic with all the arrows coming from the org?
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  37. BigBeard Member

    A link to the picture was included in one of the comments at the Frederick News-Post. No idea if anyone got a hard copy or not.
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