Narconon loses in Trout Run, Maryland

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  1. patriot75 Member

    Subject to Planning Commission and County Council interpretation? 'Group homes, small private' = allowed in resource conservation zones. 'Group home, large' = not allowed in resource conservation zones.
    Care of a new FB group from the local community:
  2. Intelligence Member

  3. Intelligence Member

    WOW!!! reminds me of a 1.1 SP .... Good work '75' ... You're on the ball ...
  4. DeathHamster Member

    No doubt their 12 beds is the limit for a small group home (which they'll exceed as soon as they're dug in).

    I wonder how the county definition of group home works? They'll have to have some staff living there as well, so does that come out of the 12 beds or are they just going to play fuzzy with that?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 19.34.35.png

    ... as of 19:30 hours PDT, Saturday, April 25th, 2015.
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  6. patriot75 Member

    Narconon_TroutRun SewerAgreement OCR_Page_1.jpg Narconon_TroutRun SewerAgreement OCR_Page_1.jpg

    Narconon_TroutRun SewerAgreement OCR_Page_2.jpg

    Narconon_TroutRun SewerAgreement OCR_Page_4.jpg

    More dox to follow tomorrow.

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  7. DeathHamster Member

    Nothing to worry about then; what could go wrong?

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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    This editorial was published this morning by the Frederick News-Post:

    Why Scientology is coming to Frederick, and why there’s nothing the County Council can do about it

    Is Scientology a dubious “religion”; does it have questionable practices involving bullying and coercion within a cult-like atmosphere?

    Is Narconon, a Scientology-affiliated drug and alcohol rehab program, widely disputed as unscientific? Is it criticized as a front to recruit vulnerable people to Scientology, with little success in credibly treating addiction?


    Does any of this have any bearing on designating Trout Run, which is owned by the church, historic?


    You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s Scientology on trial, if you’d watched the two hearings so far the County Council has held on whether or not Trout Run, a 40-acre rustic retreat on Catoctin Hollow Road, near Thurmont. Both meetings ended with the County Council delaying its decision. Both meetings have mired in a discussion of and testimony on Scientology’s merits, or the effectiveness of Narconon. Whether or not Trout Run is significantly historic is becoming lost in the national controversy Scientology has provoked. Even Senior County Attorney Michael Chomel took a moment to caution council members against making a decision based on the applicant’s beliefs rather than the historicity of the property.

    Some council members — Councilman Jerry Donald, primarily — seem to have been looking for any excuse to deny the designation, and in doing so are paving the way to a potential lawsuit the county will easily lose.

    Let’s step back a bit here to give some context. The property is owned by Social Betterment Properties International, Scientology’s real estate arm. The historic designation, if approved by the County Council, places Trout Run on the county’s register of historic places, and would allow Betterment to go ahead with renovations.

    On Aug. 14, 2013, 11 members of the Frederick County Historic Preservation Commission unanimously agreed the property is historic. Trout Run meets three of the 10 categories the HPC can cite to bestow their recommendation, including being representative of master craftsmanship, exemplifying historic heritage and embodying distinctively historic architectural characteristics. On Aug. 22, 2013, the county’s board of appeals granted with a 5-0 vote a special exception allowing the property to be converted into a group home facility, a designation that requires the historic listing, according to meeting minutes.

    Two unanimous votes and no objections from two commissions appointed for their expertise. The support from the HPC’s unanimous vote is particularly convincing evidence, especially if consistent with recommendations that placed the other 10 properties on the register.

    What the objecting members of the County Council need to ask themselves as they ponder this decision is, would they be objecting if it weren’t the Church of Scientology making the application? Would the objections be so pointed and vociferous if this were the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs, say, or the Christ-centered ministry of the Frederick Rescue Mission, or even a secular organization?

    We don’t believe so.

    The public backlash against Scientology is understandable and has been growing as revelations about the traditionally secretive church spread on the Internet. Then came scathing testimony from high-profile former members and, finally, adverse publicity from this year’s release of “Going Clear,” a biting and widely watched HBO documentary.

    As broad as is our distaste for Scientology’s dubious practices and as concerned as we are that this tax-exempt organization will have a foothold in the county, we can’t in good conscience dispute its right to seek a historic designation for Trout Run. Neither should the County Council, who must now choose between making the right decision or making the popular decision, one that will please their constituents but land the county in court.

    Source, and comments:
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    They might want to have a look at those unanimous decisions. The Herbert Hoover fish-story sounds a little weak.
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  10. Intelligence Member

    THIS:> The Executive has the authority to veto any decision (Section 306). Lastly, the citizens have the right to petition for a referendum on the matter; and the Council may decide when that referendum may be held--at the next general election (2018) or a special election (Section 308).
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  11. BigBeard Member

    If narCONon is "secular", how can they claim "religious discrimination" if the vote is against them?

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  12. patriot75 Member

    Do the facts such as, a few episodes of the West Wing series was filmed at Trout Run, located in Maryland, to represent Camp David and the fact a President fished their once many many moons ago deem it an official historic designation...I don't think so. State park sounds much better if you ask me.
  13. patriot75 Member

    Link to Frederick Co 1-19-5.310 zoning tables. Keep your eye on "Group Home"
    RC stands for Resourse Conservation Area.
    Principal permitted use subject to design regulations
    PS Principal permitted use subject to site development plan approval. See §§ 1-19-2.160, and 1-19-3.300 through 1-19-3.300.4
    E Principal permitted use as a special exception with site development plan approval. See §§ 1-19-8.320 and following
    T Permitted as temporary use as a special exception. See § 1-19-8.300
    X Permitted as temporary use only. See § 1-19-8.700
    SW Solid Waste Floating Zone
    A blank indicates that the use is not permitted under any situation


    link to full document:
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  14. patriot75 Member

    Criteria for designation. In considering any property for designation to the
    Frederick County Register of Historic Places, the reviewing agencies, boards, or
    commissions shall consider the following criteria:
    (1) Historic, Archaeological, and Cultural Significance

    a. The property has significant character, interest, or value as part of
    the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the County,
    state, or nation;

    b. The property is the site of an historic event;

    c. The property is identified with a person or group of persons who
    influenced society; or

    d. The property exemplifies the cultural, economic, social, political,
    or historic heritage of the County and its communities.

    (2) Architectural and Design Significance
    a. The property embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type,
    period, or method of construction or architecture;

    b. The property represents the work of a master craftsman, architect,
    or builder;

    c. The property possesses significant artistic value;

    d. The property represents a significant and distinguishable entity
    whose components may lack individual distinction;

    e. The property represents an established and familiar visual feature
    of the neighborhood, community, or County, due to its singular
    physical characteristics, landscape, or historical event; or

    f. The property is a rare example of a particular period, style,
    material, or construction technique.



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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Narconon at Trout Run: “People of the Lie”

    By Mark Long, Envision Frederick County, April 27, 2015


    I am going to say this very bluntly, but I don’t say it lightly: The Church of Scientology is a fraudulent and dangerous money-making scheme. And because it was created by Scientology that DNA is in also inextricably embedded in Narconon, which is also a fraudulent and dangerous money-making scheme. But Narconon’s sort of harm may be more insidious and dangerous, because they deal with — and exploit — very fragile and vulnerable people.

    The article ends:

    If you would like to weigh in on this with the county council, here are their email addresses:

    Bud Otis:
    MC Keegan-Ayer:
    Tony Chmelik:
    Jessica Fitzwater:
    Jerry Donald:
    Billy Shreve:
    Kirby Delauter:

    I also recommend that you copy County Executive Jan Gardner in your correspondence:

    Jan Gardner:

    No Narconon at Trout Run group page on Facebook
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  16. ravenanon Member

    I sent in another set of emails. I'm hoping the madness doesn't carry forward
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Me too sending in more dox. This corruption and evil must stop. :-(
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  18. anon8109 Member

    To win, there is no choice but to play the game by the rules of the commission that is taking the decision. Many court cases against Scientology were lost by trying to argue points that were irrelevant from a legal standpoint.

    If the decision-making body stated that scientology and narconon are irrelevant, then that should be taken seriously, and the arguments against should be based on the rules regarding when to declare a site historic or not.

    Even if the decision is the one we want, narconon can just sell the property and buy one somewhere else. To really win, narconon needs to be banned for the right reasons, namely that it's fraudulent quackery doing more harm than good. If that means passing a law in the state legislature to more closely control drug rehabs for quality, then that is really what needs to happen.
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    While the commission is only supposed to be about adding the property as historic or not, this is local politics.

    If the community gets the idea that Narconon will be a bad neighbor, you can bet that the commissioners will hear about it.
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  20. BigBeard Member

    The "800 pound gorilla" in this situation is it's not "secular" narCONon that puchased the property. It was another front, 'Social Betterment Properties International (SBPI)", which somehow got itself classed as "religious" by the IRS in 2009 so it could stop filing 990's. Which means if the commission rules against them, you can just about guarantee SBPI will bring a "religious discrimination" suit that narCONon wouldn't be able to do on it's own.

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  21. Intelligence Member

    Good point and we'll see soon enough. If SBPI did file a lawsuit, I think it 'could' be a mess from hell in
    the Bad PR department for DM. And in my opinion, I think there is more than just one 800 pound
    gorilla ... and the furry mamal(s) are not not laying down or going away anytime soon. :rolleyes:
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  22. jensting Member

    Lawyers for narCONon already appeared to argue in court saying that narCONon is a "faith based” healing program i.e. they're trying for first amendment protected status while claiming to not be a religion...

    Cited as "Exhibit 1, 12(b) Motion at pg. 23, ln. 10-11" in
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  23. BigBeard Member

    Yeah, that "faith passed" claim may turn around and bite them on the butt after all the advertising claims of narCONon being "secular". I'll bet they try and claim the lawyer who made that statement misunderstood how narCONon works.

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  24. Intelligence Member

    LOOK what you did here:

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  25. Re: Designation. Says "shall consider" NOT shall be bound by. BIG difference. Council members are free to draw any conclusion they desire AND they do not have to make any explanation of their vote. The historical groups are advisory. The applicants experts, however expert, are just giving their PAID opinion. Folks, this is really very simply. What kind of dribble is the FNP publishing? Who asked them for their opinion. Poorly researched, nay, not researched at all.
    No need to get wrapped around the flag pole or short bunched up. Council has lost sight of their role and mandate on this one. Yokels for sure.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for sharing! :)
  27. Yes Mary. It is just that simple. All these many posts are just obfuscating that simplicity for the audience and the council.
    Re: Designation. Says "shall consider" NOT shall be bound by. BIG difference. Council members are free to draw any conclusion they desire AND they do not have to make any explanation of their vote. The historical groups are advisory. The applicants experts, however expert, are just giving their PAID opinion. Folks, this is really very simply. What kind of dribble is the FNP publishing? Who asked them for their opinion. Poorly researched, nay, not researched at all.
  28. A 5,000 or 10,000 gallon tank full of $hit is NOT compatible with history. The site does not perk and a treatment plant is not allowed. A steady stream, no pun intended, of poop trucks will be needed to drain the tanks. The traffic impact of that is not compatible with the site, historic or not historic.
  29. BigBeard Member

    I'm a bear now??

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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    No to Narconon

    By Shannon Green, The Frederick News-Post, May 8, 2015

    At this point in time it is still up in the air how the Frederick County Council will vote in regards to the historical designation of the Trout Run property. Councilmen Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter seem really anxious to approve, Jerry Donald not so much, and the remaining four have been more tightly lipped. While I do not believe that Trout Run is deserving of a historic distinction, I believe that Narconon, a branch of the Church of Scientology, will eventually get their way.

    So what will that mean for Frederick County? Will we get a much-needed drug treatment facility in a state that has declared a state of emergency in regard to its heroin problem? Not likely.

    First, a little history of Narconon. This program originated in the Arizona prison system. Its founder was a heroin-addicted inmate by the name of William Benitez, who came up with the program after reading a tattered copy of L. Ron Hubbard’s “The Fundamentals of Thought.” Benitez wrote to Hubbard, who in return encouraged the program, even offering him the assistance of the Phoenix branch of the Church of Scientology. The program itself consists of some questionable and potentially dangerous practices.

    Narconon believes that you can sweat out the toxins present in your body due to your addiction, a premise refuted by many prominent toxicologists. So, if you enter this program you can expect to spend up to five hours a day sweating for no real discernible purpose. You will also be expected to ingest a variety of vitamins (niacin in particular), minerals and a special drink called Cal Mag. While claiming to be a non-religious program not associated with the Church of Scientology, you will be expected to study and learn all about L. Ron Hubbard and his teachings.

    Narconon has been the subject to allegations of fraud and wrongful death suits due to their unproven methods throughout the United States. In 2013, they had to surrender their license to Georgia state officials after complaints of insurance fraud and that the program was operating illegally as a residential unit. Three patients at the Oklahoma Arrowhead center died between 2011 and 2012. Lawsuits have been filed in all three cases. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop went as far as to say, “My recommendation about detoxification is to keep away from it. You don’t need it. I’m not sure it does what this book describes. It’s dangerous. I don’t think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world. The author’s suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your health.”

    So while Councilman Kirby Delauter may not care “what kind of drapes you have, what kind of flooring you have”, many of us do. If Narconon is allowed to operate in Frederick County it will surely be a decision we will come to regret. We need reliable, proven methods to deal with our drug problem. Not one based upon the teachings of a science fiction writer whose main objective was making a whole bunch of money.

    Shannon Green writes from Frederick.

    Source, and open comments:
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  31. RightOn Member

    9 fucking people died in NN Arrowhead.
    Does that mean absolutely nothing?
    and all the pending lawsuits?
    what is wrong with these people?
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  32. The majority of Narconon's clients are from out of state, opening a Narconon center in Frederick County will not help the county nor state in drug rehab. Someone should ask them to provide proof the percentage of clients from the state where the facility is located.
  33. Intelligence Member

    Mmm ... good time of year for Trout fishing. .. I hear there's good fishing in Maryland. But we're heading out West, not North ... could we, should we, will we stop off and say hello to the Frederick folks in Maryland before heading off to NN in Nevada and Colorado? In my opinion, Stanard, Belotte, OSA, Vickie Turrissi, Tom with Clap, and a few others who messed with my friend, Sparrow, all need a big 'Love' hug and Comeuppins in the form of some litigation/restraining order if they mess with Me or Cheryl. Cheers: -)
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  34. patriot75 Member

    No Narconon at Trout Run website is online:
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  35. RightOn Member

    *wrings hands with anticipation and joy*
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    The ol’ fishing loophole

    By Matt Edens, The Frederick News-Post, May 11, 2015

    Last three paragraphs:

    Judging solely on history and architecture, it would seem that including Trout Run’s collection of stone cottages on Frederick County’s surprisingly short local register of historic places would be a given, no? After all, no president was born or died, no epic battles were fought and no proclamations were penned at any of the eight sites already on the list (although the owner of Thornbrook, outside Thurmont, did write “God Save the South,” apparently the first song to be published in the Confederacy …).

    But history has little to do with the controversy surrounding Trout Run — or the push to put it on the local historic register. The property’s current owners, a nonprofit affiliated with the secretive Church of Scientology, are seeking the designation in order to exploit a zoning loophole that would allow them to open a drug treat center — one that’s of dubious efficacy and potentially dangerous to patients, according to opponents.

    However, while I’m not at all enthused by the prospect of the Scientologists setting up shop in Frederick County, I would caution opponents of the listing — many of them the same folks who advocate for a thoughtful approach to development as a whole — to consider the precedent they’re setting. Because if the standard is that a president has to be born or have died, an epic battle fought or a proclamation signed before a site can be considered historic, almost nothing in Frederick County qualifies.
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  37. RightOn Member

    at $30- $33K a pop?
  38. BigBeard Member

    They add enough "licensing fees", and other bull, to their 990's to make it look like they're losing money.

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  39. Intelligence Member

    I/We are now here in Frederick after a stop in DC at the Org and a few other places:




    A few Dead Agent packs started circulating this morning against me in an attempt to divert attention off
    the 'Subject' matter of why this property should not be designated as 'histororic' and how this
    Scientology drug rehab center, Narconon, will be detrimental to the community of Frederick, lowering
    property values, overwhelming the police and ambulances with 911 calls, and allowing a drug rehab
    center into their communityv with a lengthy record of human rights abuses, forced confinement,
    fraud, misrepresentation. staff trading drugs to patients for sex. Patients being kicked out and dropped off at homeless shelters in Frederick, no money, no work. and still drug addicts roaming the streets of Frederick.

    And just a matter of time before another patient dies insided a Narconon center.

    Just finishing off some dox for someone right now ... will be here for a few days to help OSA/DM
    understand they picked the wrong town of Frederick to mess with. Then off to .... :rolleyes:


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