Narconon loses in Trout Run, Maryland

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. BigBeard Member

    The request to keep the documents confidential may not do much good. Most states in the US have 'Open Record' laws that mean anything sent to official bodies having to do with Public Hearings become part of the record.

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  2. Daverator Member

    Of course Kirby Delauter wants to give it an historic designation. He has a construction company in nearby Thurmont and wants to get a contract to do the renovations. He must not be aware of Hubtard's policy on bill payment.
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  3. BigBeard Member

    Rodgers shouldn't tell whoppers like that at a Public Hearing.

    Discovered I had found the answer to why SBPI stopped filing 990's after 2008 posted it to WWP way back in 2012:

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  4. anon8109 Member

    Perhaps you should let Kirby know about that.
  5. Intelligence Member

    Ya', it's ok ... nothing that OSA doesn't know already.
  6. DeathHamster Member

    Heh, he just doesn't understand Scientology. It's not a question of if they need it or deserve it, it's money! (Plus lower groups are kept sucked dry by the upper-level cash vampires.)
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    I just assumed that they'd flipped the religious switch to on to activate the cloaking device. There's too much chance of a slip-up if people can compare SBPI's 990s with the front group 990s, and SBPI hooks right into CSI.

    There are new rules where even religious organizations like CSI have to file a Form 990 on their non-core stuff. I wonder if that would affect SBPI?
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  8. DeathHamster Member

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  9. Intelligence Member

    We discussed this last night on Skype. The cult wants it designated as a Historical Heritage site,
    and little to back up such a claim. If every place in the USA where a President slept or pissed on
    a tree, was claimed as Historical, a whole lotta places would have protected everything, eh'?
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    This has been picked up by The Associated Press.

    Opposition to Scientology plan for ex-presidential retreat | KGTV ABC10 San Diego

    A plan to turn a former presidential retreat in Maryland into a drug rehabilitation center affiliated with the Church of Scientology is drawing opposition.

    The Frederick News-Post reports that the Frederick County Council postponed a decision Tuesday on a request by the church's real-estate arm to have the 40-acre Trout Run property designated for historic preservation. The designation would enable Social Betterment Properties to make changes otherwise barred by zoning restrictions.

    Several citizens expressed opposition to turning the camp near Thurmont into a Narconon residential treatment center. The program is based on methods developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    A Narconon executive says the program is nonreligious and wouldn't be used for church recruiting.

    Trout Run was a private resort visited by presidents Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.
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  11. patriot75 Member

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  12. DeathHamster Member

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  13. BigBeard Member

    Even if SBPI claims to be "religious", since narCONon continues to claim it's secular, and SBPI owns and collects rent on narCONon properties, I would think they would have to file 990's to cover that income. And income from any other "secular" fronts they collect rent from.

    But without further investigation, which I really don't have time for right now, I can't see this definatively. If someone has the time, they could call the IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Customer Account Services at (877) 829-5500 and ask. If they ask for an EIN you inquiring about, be sure to use 861067526.

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  14. Intelligence Member


    Now have the 2.5 hour video of the Trout Run video and will have YouTube clips up of important parts tomorrow evening or next morning.

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  15. patriot75 Member

    From R4TTP
    "The hearing was held on 4/7/2015 with the Frederick County Council on deciding whether to approve or not the Preservation Commission and Appeals Board recommendations for the Narconon Trout Run property owners to obtain a place on the Frederick County Historic Places Registry. The decision was postponed until April 21st so that the council could have time to digest all that was presented, stated and commented on, as well as the ordinances related to the matter.

    That meeting can be seen or heard here at these links:
    Online Video oh hearing: (starts at 10th dot mark on the video timing marker) Link to #

    Audio only: mp3:

    I must say that I was very impressed by the wonderful well informed and concerned community members who managed to get to the 4:30pm hearing and speak up against this Scientology and Narconon property getting on the County Historic Places Registry. I hope to see some visit here and perhaps join in. :)

    It may well be that the council is forced to rubber stamp the approvals made before it reached the council because the ordinance is so weak, allowing any property owner with only a minimum of one of the ten listed criteria to obtain a place on the registry. This was seemingly a surprise to all members of the council, many of whom I believe are newly or recently elected and not familiar with having to decide such a thing before. A former councilman, Kai Hagen, presented in documented form what I believe are the best specifics on why Trout Run should not get on the registry. I am hoping the council takes time to read and consider his understanding of the issue and the location enough to effect a NAY vote in the majority.

    In the meantime, we know that Narconon cannot start the process of applying for a "group Home" as they called in their application, unless they get this approval. If they obtain the OK by the council to be on the Registry, the next step, as stated by Narconon East US president Yvonne Rodgers, is to finalize discussions with the Dept of Mental Health in fitting in the Narconon program into their requirements. She stated she and Narconon have been n talks with that agency for over a year now trying to work something out. My belief is that Narconon is going to fudge an application to fit what the Mental Health agency wants to see for a group home, which Narconon will never supply. Either that or they will get in as an educationally based treatment program. It was mentioned by a community member commenter that they may try to get in as a Scientology "faith based" program ( not needing license ), but I think this is a last resort . Narconon would then be forced settle all the lawsuits against it and then go this route for all programs across the USA. I just don't see this yet.

    I think they will try to file as they managed in NV. using loopholes to make it look like a vocational life skills program. However, Maryland has strong regulations and laws protecting patients from the likes of fake rehab program and scam artists like Narconon and group homes like in other states that are running programs without any oversight. As well, out counselor requirements are excellent and I just don't see them being minimized to allow untrained counselors like Narconon uses.

    In my next comment here, I will post information to inform on the difference between the 2 agencies, their programs and their licensing requirements, including online documents, applications and COMAR law references."

    More to follow.....,12793.msg35253.html#msg35253
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Meet Scientology's lobbyist who works the halls of Congress for the church

    Read more:

    April 8 - 2015


    More dots will be connected in due course ..... tick-talk.:rolleyes:
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Not your father’s Frederick County

    Friday, April 10, 2015 2:00 am


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  18. RightOn Member

    A little off topic, but the general public should be reminded of the time that Cruise showed up to DC with a stack of books and lobbied to have Applied Scholastics put into every school in the US. I think he met with a guy named Ron Price? That may be the wrong name, I can't remember.
    I was so outraged (and scared it may happen) when I heard about that meeting way back when. I think some Louisinana schools are still teaching the study tech? This of course was after Katrina. Which is a whole new kettle of fish where the COS weaseled it's way in.
    I wonder how many schools in the US are still teaching the tech? (that weren't scilon schools to begin with)

    AND when Cruise was pushing the Detox Program with the NY firefighters after 911 and there is footage where Cruise shows purple towels. Some firefighters ended up as Scientologists.
    Now that Scientology is in the media so much, these old stories need to shine once again.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Processing video of Hearing and hope to have posted ASAP ... a couple hours from now?

    As one Anon said in a PM to me, the two hour meeting is like watching grass growing,
    especially when watching/listening to the ones representing 'LyingTology' - so I must do
    quite a bit of editing. 'Patience Garsshoppers.:p
  20. RightOn Member

    Here is the NY fire fighters vid for any who haven't seen it.
    The beginning of the vid is Cruise in his turtle neck, but then it gets to the detox program.

    wait a minute, @1:39 did they say First HUBBARD NY Detox Project?
    and he also said "no he didn't ask for permission"
    and Cruise said " here's the money let's go!"
    @3:09 mentions Government grant fro the purify

    And this vid also includes the time he went to DC and talked to John Danielson who is featured in the film and was the Chief of State and the Secretary of the Department of Education.


    Someone please mirror this vid and keep it for safe keeping?
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  21. Intelligence Member

    April 11, 2015: Frederick County, Maryland - County Council Meeting video edited from 2.5 hours long to about 11 minutes listening to concerned citizens about why the Scientology entity "Social Betterment Properties International" should not be approved to designate the property as "historical" - thus opening the back door for Scientology to open a Narconon drug rehab center. As one citizen stated: "They have more money than God" - and can do whatever they want if approved.

    The entire 2.5 Hour video link is here:

    Eleven minute video:

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  22. RightOn Member

    thanks for posting this Dave
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  23. RightOn Member

    I only wish someone brought a collage picture of the kids that died in OK.
    Visuals always help
    also would be great to sit in the front and have the sign facing the officials if possible until it is your turn.
    And mention does Maryland want to take the chance of having another death occur in another Narconon center.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    Three years ago today, Hillary Ann Holten died at age 21 - inside a Scientology drug center, Narconon. Miss Holten attended Brookhaven Community College in Dallas, Texas. Her intent had been to go on to study biology at the University of North Texas. She was survived by both of her parents: Matthew Holten and Suzan Holten. May she "Rest in Peace"

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Local residents dispute historic nature of Trout Run | The Frederick News-Post

    By Sylvia Carignan, April 18, 2015

    Some Frederick County residents believe the Trout Run retreat doesn’t deserve the historic designation it would need to become a proposed Scientology-affiliated drug rehabilitation center.

    The proposal hinges on the County Council’s vote scheduled for Tuesday to designate the 40-acre site near Thurmont a part of the Frederick County Register of Historic Places.

    The county Board of Zoning Appeals previously told the site’s owner, a property holdings group that acts as the real estate arm of the Church of Scientology, that the group would need a historic designation before modifying the property for a residential drug rehabilitation center.

    The center would be operated by Narconon, a Scientology-affiliated organization that operates drug rehabilitation centers around the country.

    Mark Long, who lives in Thurmont a few miles from Trout Run, said the site isn’t historic.

    “It’s not contributed in any way to the economy of the county; no well-known county resident lived there, like Thomas Johnson or Francis Scott Key,” he said. “It has not contributed to the culture of Frederick County.”

    Continued here:
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Thanks 'The Wrong Guy' for always keeping WWP updated and sending me updated Intel.

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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology-backed drug rehab triggers a furor near Camp David | The Washington Post

    By Michael S. Rosenwald

    In a county where political discourse can get a little weird — a council member recently declared that a reporter had no right to print his name in the local newspaper — the debate over Narconon is slipping into the surreal.

    Washington Post story lets Narconon get away with a whopper

    By Tony Ortega

    We told you recently about an odd situation in Maryland. Scientology is trying one of its sneaky maneuvers again. They want to open a small Narconon drug rehab center at an old fish camp called Trout Run that once filled in for Camp David during filming for The West Wing. But Narconon can’t move in with the current zoning; it needs the location to get a historic designation.

    Today, the Washington Post has a really fun piece about the hilarity this situation has caused. Narconon paid for consultants who are trying to convince local officials that Trout Run is a historically significant place, while locals who want to keep Scientology out are arguing that the place isn’t really significant at all. “At best…Trout Run merits a roadside plaque, inscribed ‘On this site in 1930, Herbert Hoover bagged a big one’,” said one person opposed to the drug rehab.

    That’s all great and we are interested in seeing how this fight turns out. But we were disappointed that the article allows Narconon to get away with this whopper: “Narconon officials vehemently deny the program pushes Scientology, describing it as completely secular in its approach.”

    Continued here:
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  28. RightOn Member

    can someone PLEASE send them that Narconon pic with the bridge to scientology?
    And the other pic with the arrows?
    And the pending court cases where the people complain they were being taught Scientology?
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  29. DeathHamster Member

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  30. jensting Member

    News popping up in the UK.

    Drug rehab centre next door to Camp David in jeopardy over owners' links to Scientology

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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology-backed rehab network seeks to prove Maryland site near Camp David 'historic' so that it can build treatment center that costs up to $30,000 a month
    • Scientology-connected Narconon wants to build center at Trout Run
    • Land use laws mean that it must prove site is historic in order to have a medical facility on the land in Frederick County
    • Scientology-affiliated real estate company bought land for $4.8million
    • Group contends land is significant because Herbert Hoover fished there
    • Organization has been criticized after string of mysterious deaths at centers that use saunas and megadoses of Niacin to treat drug addicts
    By Christopher Brennan For
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  32. BigBeard Member

    Cut the guy some slack. He was just doing a 'Local' story, with limited column space, on a Historic Property hearing, not an investigative reporter doing an expose on narCONon/$cientology.

    He's been contacted with information on $cientologies use of "acceptable truths", the repackaging of $cientology training material in new covers to make it "secular", and had the IRS's listing of narCONon as a "$cientology Entity" in the '93 Closing Agreement pointed out to him.

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  33. in france we never had a case like JOCELYNE DORFMANN in 1983
    this is just a bunch of big not true lies made by evil psych forces
    heloisa du barreau
    This message by heloisa du barreau has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Trout Run Property Owners Seek Approval for Scientology-Linked Drug Treatment Center | Your4State

    The County Council will vote on the designation for Trout Run on Tuesday, April 21 at 4:30 p.m. at Winchester Hall.

    If the Council decides to approve it as a listed site on the Frederick County Register of Historic Places, Narconon will still need to seek a drug treatment license through the state of Maryland.
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  36. Hedorah Global Moderator

    I am amused this happened on 4/20

    It is time to flood the local officials with dox about this front group
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  37. sallysock Member

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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

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  39. BigBeard Member

    If you have a Disqus account, comments are open on this story.

    Also, survey on whether to grant 'Historic' status is going on over at the 'The Frederick News Post'. This one may seem conterintuitive, but we need your "NO" vote on this one. Ronbots have been busy pumping up the "YES" side, which would give them what they want. Survey is at:

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