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    That is an absurdly dangerous way to operate, because he can be held liable for everything. Especially if he took any amount of money for personal use.
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    "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause." L. Ron Hubbard
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Here's an oldie. Don't know if posted already? Received a PM from someone who was in the 'GO'
    way back and they know who/where/what/when about a few things with Narconon.


    This Mark Jones guy is dead now but, his wife, Ellen who was Tech Sec WW (and ED London) reference, is still alive in Los Angeles.

    Interesting that after William Benitez was released from prison, he helped open the first Narconon
    in California in 1971... the same year Mark Jones was the director of Narconon, and reported to the
    Guardian's Office.

    The First Narconon, Los Angeles, 1971. Bill Benitez is kneeling on the steps on the right:


    Back to Mark Jones:

    Just waiting for requested Photos of Mark Jones with someone in London that I don't think
    have ever been posted? Maty have to BLUR the 'Source' person out? Waiting ... :rolleyes:
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Just received this and more to come:

    Lieutenant Colonel Mark Jones is the tall guy in the center . . . this was taken at a London HASI Congress. [Source] ran (as Div 6 chief) in 1967 . . . Mark was ED at the time . . . this photo is all the staff taking a bow after the success of the event. [Source] is the guy in the light gray suit to his [Mark Jones] right, and Ellen (Mark's wife) is the short lady beside Mark on his left. Mark Jones is in the center of the photo... the only one in the photo without a label.

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  6. Intelligence Member

    Not only did we have someone at NN TR that worked for Google,
    but also one that was an NHL Hockey Player according to a NN TR staff
    member who assigned the Dorm Room numbers to students.



    Another Email:

    So SAD:(

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  7. Incredulicide Member

    Every thread on this site could be used as a KR. The sooner people in Scientology stop buying into that level of control over them and leave it the better.
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    Claude Lapointe New York Islanders (1997-2003)
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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. DeathHamster Member

    Suncoast Rehabilitation Center (previously Narconon Spring Hill) is apparently due to open a new location in Clearwater with a new company to own it:

    Category:Rehabilitation Initiatives,12819.msg35892.html#msg35892

    An interesting detail is that Florida now lists Glen Stilo as the manager. Except that until recently he was Sea Org, in charge of Flag Legal and on the board of Church of Scientology Religious Trust. Did he route out, or did they shuffle him around due to the Gracia's case??
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Google helps Scientology huckster Per Wickstrom bury a rehab patient death

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, August 18, 2015


    Once again, Google has gone to bat for someone we’ve written about here at the Underground Bunker, and once again, it’s for very sneaky reasons.

    We told you previously about how billionaire Scientologist Bob Duggan used a complaint to Google about images he didn’t own in order to torpedo a not very flattering story we’d written about him. Thanks to your help, our story about that attempt to censor us quickly became one of the top Google results under Bob Duggan’s name. Whoops — Duggan probably didn’t see that coming.

    Now, another huckster by the name of Per Wickstrom has convinced Google to bury a story we wrote about him involving a young woman who died at one of his Scientology-style rehab clinics in Michigan. And the reason this time is even more fatuous.

    On July 31, 2013 we reported that a woman named Amber Bullins had died in 2012 at Tranquility Detox, part of a cluster of facilities in Michigan associated with Wickstrom. She had originally been sent to one of Wickstrom’s Scientology-style rehab clinics, Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan. But like other patients, Amber was first diverted to Wickstrom’s medical detox to dry her out — Tranquillity Detox in Battle Creek.

    Wickstrom was once an employee in Scientology’s rehab system, Narconon, before breaking away on his own. Some of his facilities still have formal ties with Narconon, others just use Narconon materials. We’ve written previously about how things have gone horribly wrong at Wickstrom’s facilities.

    Two days after Amber Bullins arrived at Tranquillity Detox to dry out, she was found dead, apparently from an overdose of drugs. We’re told that attorneys for her parents filed notice that they were preparing to sue the facility, but then never did, suggesting that some kind of deal was worked out.

    Here’s more about what we said about Wickstrom and his Michigan operation in that story:

    Complaints are being raised about the Michigan centers that are similar to what we’ve seen in litigation about Narconon in other parts of the country — that Wickstrom, for example, operates numerous generic-looking websites that appear to offer impartial advice but actually are set up to drive people to his Narconon-based centers, and that the connection between the centers and Scientology is not mentioned until patients arrive and then are put through Scientology training rather than drug counseling.

    Per Wickstrom, meanwhile, is no stranger to litigation — earlier this year, Best Drug Rehabilitation sued several people for daring to post anonymous criticisms of the rehab center at the Ripoff Report website. Five of those suits were recently settled, and their complaints were posted on a new website,, that is aiming to be a comprehensive destination for Narconon news around the country.

    Wickstrom, in other words, has a history of trying to stifle information about the problems at his facilities.

    In this case, Best Drug’s attorneys filed a complaint with Google not about the story we had written, but about a video that appeared in the story.

    At the end of our story on Amber Bullins and Wickstrom, we had embedded a video that Wickstrom himself had produced and published at his own website showing him blowing smoke up the skirt of Cathy Rigby about his businesses. (Wickstrom is a constant self-promoter.)

    The complaint to Google said that we had published, without Per’s permission, his video on our website.

    That isn’t true. We simply embedded a video that Wickstrom himself had published to YouTube.

    But Google, without contacting us, did Wickstrom’s bidding, and has now de-indexed that story we wrote about Wickstrom and Amber Bullins so that it takes some doing to find it.

    So, as in the case of Bob Duggan’s attempt to bury our story, we’ve written this new piece about Per Wickstrom’s attempt to bury this news, and to be careful, we asked talented Portland cartoonist Chad Essley to do a fun illustration of Per, so that he can’t complain about a photo or video attached to this story.

    We don’t think Per Wickstrom should be able to bury the news with the help of Google. We’d appreciate it if you shared, Tweeted, Facebooked, emailed, and otherwise publicized this story so that if you search for “Per Wickstrom” in Google, he is reminded that Amber Bullins went to him for help, and ended up dead.

    Source, images, and open comments:
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  12. Narconon is Scientology, all of it!

    Per Wickstrom, as a long time leading operative for the Scientology / NarCONon crime syndicate belongs in jail for his many years of fraud, racketeering and abuse of NarCONon's vulnerable victims.

    Per keeps changing the names of his scam rehabs, same Scientology Woo, different name.
    Woo uld you please go to jail where you belong, Per, Per the Board of Health?

    Per, shame on you, you despicable fraud, you've been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison and restitution of multi-millions of dollars to your victims.
    Per: One Honest Judge
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  13. DeathHamster Member

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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Video: Scientology rehab salesmen — Just exactly the humanitarians you imagined

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, August 18, 2015

    After our story on Tuesday about the death of Amber Bullins at one of Per Wickstrom’s rehab facilities in Michigan, we received numerous tips from readers about the Narconon-style network Wickstrom runs. (Some of Wickstrom’s businesses are licensed by Scientology’s Narconon network, others just make use of Narconon materials.)

    The most interesting thing we received was a video that our tipster tells us was made in 2012. It features some employees for an outfit called Life Solutions, in Battle Creek. Part of the Wickstrom empire, it’s a referral outfit that takes inquiries from members of the public who are desperately trying to find a rehab center for a loved one.

    Two years ago, we showed you the kind of scripts that such boiler-room operations use to direct people to Narconon centers. They convince distraught parents or prospective patients that Narconon is their only solution. Such recruiters are also known to keep quiet that Narconon centers don’t actually deliver drug counseling but instead put patients through Scientology training. Their job is to push people to Narconon, and they typically get paid a ten percent commission on the price of rehab, which is around $30,000.

    As we’ve seen many times in the lawsuits brought by Ryan Hamilton and other lawyers, people with serious drug problems, or their desperate family members, turn to Narconon in distress. Now, we get some sense of the people on the other end of the phone who get those calls for help:

    Continued here:
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    That's not the worst part. 163 North Ave, Battle Creek is a Residential Detox location licensed by the state of Michigan.

    That address has been Tranquility Detox, Best Drug Rehabilitation, Life Solutions and now A Forever Recovery. Per Wickstrom changes his companies all the time, and no one even moves their desk. Michigan needs to smash his shell game!
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ oh and it's almost certainly the address that Amber Bullins died at, when it was Tranquility Detox, and the video was made the same year she died.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Narconon sites

    Narconon operates many web sites, some of which don't mention Narconon, all of which are designed to steer people seeking help to their expensive dangerous quack addiction program. There are many other sites not listed here, which have been created by people who receive a 10% commission on all referrals to Narconon.

    Appears to be HUNDREDS of Narconon sites published here:

    Web sites

    Domain sort_none.gif IPA sort_none.gif IP Chng sort_none.gif Created sort_none.gif Expires sort_none.gif Registrant sort_none.gif Notes sort_none.gif Tags sort_none.gif
    B.png 2014/08/16 2003/12/19 2017/02/08 Nicholas Thiel PO Box 1384 Jackson Michigan 49204 United States +1.2694208124 Per Wickstrom. Narconon Stone Hawk MichiganPer Wickstrom
    B.png 2005/01/26 2017/02/07 Domains By Proxy, LLC Per Wickstrom Per Wickstrom 2005/11/02 2016/11/02 Domains By Proxy, LLC Per Wickstrom 2014/07/13 2005/01/26 2017/02/07 Domains By Proxy, LLC Current owner says they bought an old Narconon domain
    B.png 2005/11/02 2016/11/02 Domains By Proxy, LLC Per Wickstrom
    B.png 2015/01/19 2004/04/21 2017/04/20 Domains By Proxy, LLC Per Wickstrom. No 800# Per Wickstrom
    I.png 2012/05/15 2015/05/15 Domains By Proxy, LLC Per Wickstrom
    I.png 2004/04/21 2017/04/21 Domains By Proxy, LLC Per Wickstrom. 866-445-4137. Per Wickstrom
    B.png 2015/01/19 2004/04/21 2017/02/07 Domains By Proxy, LLC Per Wickstrom
    B.png 2004/04/21 2017/04/20 Pamela Anderson A Forever Recovery 9252 West Walden DR. Belleville Michigan 48111 United States US +1.2697880496 P3 C21 Per Wickstrom Per Wickstrom
    I.png 2012/08/06 2015/08/06 samual harrington 600 church st cheraw South Carolina29520 US +1.8438587797 Per Wickstrom
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  18. RightOn Member

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  19. Intelligence Member

    Meez on the phone on HOLD with Montreal Courthouse right now... more to come :rolleyes:
  20. RightOn Member

    tease me please me
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  21. Anonymous Member

    David Love reports on an interesting on-line project:

    Scicrit, a sociologist from the UK, has published part one of a series will consist of at least eleven parts, debunking Scientology's Narconon drug rehab centers. In a comment yesterday, Scicrit said, "Well… I never realised how extensive a task it was going to be until I got started… I have one more post to go before I even finish book one. I suppose I won't run out of material any time soon."

    "It purports to offer drug rehabilitation services. What it actually delivers is, for all intents and purposes, identical to Scientology training." Scicrit has taken on a massive project to debunk all nine 'Narconon Course Books' consisting of approximately 2,800 pages.


    The Scicrit page:

    Narconon ‘Drug Rehabilitation’ is Scientology in Disguise – The Evidence – Part 1: Introduction

    There are no Narconon residential facilities in the UK at present – but the Church of Scientology operates a variety of Narconon entities which present worthless ‘drug education’ programmes in schools and lobby for the creation of a UK treatment centre. At one point, Narconon Scotland attempted to promote a dangerous ‘home detox’ scheme by mail order, costing more than £150 a week. Mercifully, their website was closed down.

    In this series of posts I hope to demonstrate that Narconon ‘rehabilitation treatment’ is Scientology recruitment in disguise, using its own literature. In each part, I will post one of the eight workbooks that are issued to Narconon clients and describe their content. It will soon become obvious that the activities required have nothing whatsoever to do with drug rehabilitation, but are actually Scientology training.

    This series will consist of at least 11 parts – this introduction, one post for each of the eight workbooks, another for the L Ron Hubbard book “Clear Body Clear Mind” and (finally) a post which covers all passages which appear in all of the workbooks.
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  22. Intelligence Member

    I laughed at his post/comment on his Wordpress website after I published his story.

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  23. Quentinanon Member

    It's called the OSAbot shuffle.
  24. I wrote this comment originally in response to Brandy Zadrozny's recent Daily Beast article: U.S. Pays for Scientology ‘Experiment’ on Sick Veterans [ ]. Obviously the same info applies to Narconon and any other Scientology program that includes the Purification Rundown. Reposted here, with thanks to the Anonymous leakers.

    As a former Scientologist trained in Hubbard's advanced "confidential" "technology" at OT 3 and above, I am appalled that the US government is actually exposing US citizens to Purification Rundown experimentation. I was among the first guinea pigs Hubbard used to "develop" this quackery in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

    I also trained in the "confidential" OT 4 Rundown, which includes Hubbard's theory about the underlying psychological purpose for doing the Purification Rundown.

    I am married to Gerry Armstrong, quoted in the 25 December 1982 Riverside News article about Hubbard's effort to gain a Nobel Prize, which the author Brandy Zadrozny links to above in this alarming article. Gerry also testified about this in Scientology v. Armstrong in Los Angeles Superior Court in 1984. See

    Hubbard implants Scientologists at the level of OT 3 with the concept that the body is infested with, indeed composed of, huge numbers of alien entities called "body thetans" or "BTs" that have to be eliminated. The famous Southpark episode about OT 3 provides an adequate portrayal of the OT 3 narrative.

    At least some of the Scientologists promoting the Purification Rundown are aware of this material, but are not free or responsible enough to disclose Hubbard's madness that "justifies" their dangerous scam.

    At OT 4, Scientologists' "advanced Drug Rundown," Hubbard provides his fundamental "theory" that there are many more BTs to get rid of that his OT 3 protocol did not eliminate. Hubbard's claimed, but "confidential, reason for doing the Purification Rundown is to process those BTs who were psychologically affected by the drugs and toxins their host is paying Scientology to eliminate. The "confidential" OT 4 material covering Hubbard's theory on this was leaked online some years ago, and is currently available on Wikileaks: (See Volume 14.)

    It is my sincere hope that responsible people involved in this program will find Hubbard's hidden theory outrageous enough to terminate this insane testing and indoctrinating of your citizens.
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  25. Intelligence Member

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  26. The following excerpt is taken from the Wikileaks leak I mentioned yesterday. (Tech Vol XIV, pp. 323-4)

    Notice the non-confidential references, including HCOB 6 Feb 78RA THE PURIFICATION RUNDOWN.

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  27. DeathHamster Member

    I got fed up keeping track of all Per Wickstrom's junk on separate pages, so I dropped a table on his page and I'm adding his locations in one place.

    Category: Per Wickstrom
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  28. BigBeard Member

    The more court cases and police reports I read, the more I'm wondering why narCONon hasn't be hit with a criminal charge of "practicing medicine without a license" yet? In particular, over unlicensed staff taking away prescription medicines from admitees without consulting a doctor at all???

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  29. Dutch Narconon Video:

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  30. Quentinanon Member

    I am not optimistic that will happen knowing the history of human experimentation by the military in the States:
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Documents and video was hand delivered by an ex-Narconon student and staff member from way
    back. Have over 245 pages of Dox with 134 pages now scanned. He made a decision to speak out yesterday,
    hoping that it will help some people... And it will.

    I have the 2007 Narconon Arrowhead video and a lengthy interview being edited ASAP to
    imbed in a News Story. The below images are screen captures of the interview at a Lake.

    Ther is so many Dox that I may start a new Thread as these pertain to NN AH only. Even though
    the students seen in some of the photos did sign a waiver to NN AH, I will blur their face due to
    HIIPA laws.

    Please be patient... I'll have a new Thread up ASAP.:)





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  32. loriisfree Member

    And.....more to come! ;)
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  33. Intelligence Member

    Seventeen minute video is processing and we is exhausted.

    Here's a 'PEEK':cool:



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  34. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ That Oklahoma Department of Health license is junk. That just means that, if they were ever inspected, the cockroaches and bedbugs didn't eat the inspectors.

    The real one that they should be showing is certification from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Initially CARF was accepted as a substitute for that, but I thought that they eventually managed to force ODMHSAS to surrender and certify them.

    Perhaps not, if they're not showing it.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    August 28, 2015: Ex-Narconon Arrowhead staff member, Jason Seipp, speaks out for the first time with David E. Love. Jason entered Narconon as a student (patient), then recruited onto staff and later became a member of Scientology. Jason explains the fraud and abuse he saw and experienced at Narconon Arrowhead. While at Narconon, he met David Miscavige, Tom Cruise and Priscilla Presley, seeing many things that should not be. Another lengthy video of footage inside Narconon Arrowhead will be published over the next few days.

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  36. Intelligence Member

    August 28, 2015: Two minute commercial by Gary Smith, director of Narconon Arrowhead as he says a few words - wiggling his eyes back and forth, reading a teleprompter.

    Very cheezy... Terrible video. :confused:

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  37. Intelligence Member

    August 28, 2015: Take a look inside Narconon Arrowhead and see how similar it is to the Scientology organization. See the Scientology Management and OEC Volumes on the shelves, the Org Board, staff lining up in their Divisions at Roll Call, and the blatant display of the fraudulent NAFC - C.C.D.C. designations. See the millions of dollars this cult drug rehab brings in.

    Might be a good idea to MIRROR the video? There was no Copyright notice on the DVD
    I ripped it from, and no 'ALL RIGHTS RESERVED' notice IN the video, but just in case?:rolleyes:

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  38. Quentinanon Member

    Gary Smith is pathetic. He always has been a loser in denial, completely unable to get a life, so he has become a lying parasite. Street beggars have more integrity.
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  39. Incredulicide Member

    Found one :)
    and in case that mirror expires here's an archive of that mirror
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