Narconon "intel dump", evidence gathering list

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by tinfoilhatter, Mar 10, 2014.

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  2. I think I'm missing something here.

    The Residential Care Agreement provides that Jeff Paneli is to provide the housing and care. The criminal record is for a Marc Alan Wixson. Are you saying Jeff Paneli = Marc Alan Wixson? That Jeff Paneli is an alias for Marc Alan Wixson, or vice versa?

    What am I missing?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Hot, gooey shit from Miss Fortune, via David Love:

    Media Release: Narconon Per Wickstrom – lineup of mug shots and threats

    Per Wickstrom & Company.jpg

    A revealing email received early this morning, confirms that L. Ron Hubbard's 'Fair Game' and 'Dead Agent' policies are still being enforced by Scientology and a "henchmen of Per Wickstrom's evil empire," Mark Hergert.

    By David Love

    L. Ron Hubbard: "Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."

    'Miss Fortune' is the online nom de guerre of Anita Senkowski, an ADDY Award-winning corporate copywriter, consumer/B2B marketer - sent David Love a raft of requested information, and link to a criminal case record.
    Anita Senkowski (speaking from a secure, undisclosed location):

    "For a variety of private, family, and professional reasons, I chose to write under the pseudonym Miss Fortune. Although I never wanted to publicly disclose my name, my anonymity was recently breached."

    Anita Senkowski ('Miss Fortune') has received two threats recently - one by email from Mark Hergert, "We are coming for you (internet related speaking), with a 'Subject Line' - "Let's Play Bitch!" The other threat arrived in an unaddressed envelope with a hand-written note: "Miss Fortune blog needs to be shut down immediately. This will not turn out good for u!"

    Mark.jpg Mark Hergert, "a known associate of Per Wickstrom", began the harassment and intimidation tactics after Senkowski published on her Blog that: "Mark Hergert was a convicted felon based on official documents obtained from Hawaii's Third Circuit Court" Although Hergert pleaded 'No' Contest', a no contest plea will show up on a criminal record. A guilty or no contest plea entered as a judge-approved plea bargain results in a criminal conviction; the defendant's guilt is established just as it would be after a trial. The conviction will show up on the defendant's criminal record (rap sheet).

    Hergert reacted to the revelation by acquiring the domain name, "", and sending the aforementioned threatening email.

    It appears that Mark Hergert is now the Project Manager for South Bend's Tranquility Detox and the Client Financial Services Director for Wickstrom.

    Recently, infamous, Scientology drug rehab entrepreneur, Per Wickstrom, has entered into a "sponsorship partnership" with country singer Jared Blake. In stealth mode, Wickstrom has launched another website,, that promises a "no-cost 24/7 confidential referral service where trained counselors provide guidance and advice.

    Trained counselors? Per Wickstrom is named in a stunning NAFC trademark violation lawsuit along with Scientology leader, David Miscavige, and 80 other defendants. The lawsuit alleges the centers faked certifications of some of its counselors.

    For one to really understand the depths that Per Wickstrom and 'some' of the other defendants still with Narconon, will go to in fraudulently misrepresenting Narconon's qualifications, the NAFC vs Narconon: Complaint is posted here by Tony Ortega.

    NAFC vs Narconon: Complaint by Tony Ortega - LINK

    [Much more exposure of thugs at the link...]
  4. Intelligence Member

    Published Setember 8, 2014

    Narconon Per Wickstrom – evil empire of cult drug rehabs

    A phone call this evening to Per Wickstrom’s new Toll Free Hotline received only a recorded message with nobody available to talk or be interviewed. A detailed email was sent, asking several questions, but still no reply yet. We’ll try again during this week and hope for a response.

    Country singer, Jared Blake will be contacted to hear his views about Narconon’s controversial and dangerous drug rehab treatments. Also, we’ll find out if he knows the facts about Per Wickstrom’s colorful history, the NAFC lawsuit, and if knows about the deaths inside Narconon and human rights commission findings recently.
    More Here with 15 Photos:

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  6. DeathHamster Member

    And he's a special kind of idiot.
    Other sites:,,,,
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  8. fishypants Moderator

    I think that's just a PO box at the chamber of commerce. Could be an office or room within the CoC I suppose.

    See also



    GooglePlus MarkHergert/posts


    Some previous controversy or disagreement:

    Traverse City address (now out of date maybe?)
    12719 S West Bayshore Dr, Traverse City, MI 49684
    (866) 976-9922

    aka: Hergie

    He's doing some 'dead agenting' here:


    username 'proerpf'

    Probable email username 526turbo

    Phone # (from 2010 so may be out of date) 206-999-4714 (may be friend's phone #?)

    Probable email

    Court records:

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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Hawaii is a bit of a commute if he's supposed to be setting up a Tranquility Detox in Indiana.
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  10. DeathHamster Member
  11. Intelligence Member

    JUST IN:
    To: David Love 6:32 PM (9 minutes ago)

    Tens of thousands of emails, documents, and Flyers are now available
    from a couple of IAS Sources. Will post what looks saucy and you Anons can mull them over.


    In my opinion, I think this News Story *MAY* have something to do with the new Narconon???

    New NARCONON location is very close to Camp David and is a former presidential retreat.

    HERE is a few Flyers that just arrived in my Email:









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  12. Intelligence Member

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  13. Intelligence Member

    13 hours ago - NARCONON PER WICKSTROM: David Love Examines 'A Lineup

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    NARCONON PER WICKSTROM: David Love Examines 'A Lineup Of Mug Shots and Threats'


    Hergie September 9, 2014 at 10:11 AM
    Again you are posting lies & bullshit there was never a no contest plea and never a conviction why do you not post the facts ? I sent you the proof post that? Oh I get it your a fraudster. Anybody with a brain can pull up the Hawaii criminal data base and see no convictions ever.

    Miss Fortune September 9, 2014 at 10:41 AM

    The official criminal case records from Hawaii's Third Circuit Court reveal two cases, which can be found at this link:

    The cases were combined under one number: 3PC92-0-00086K and included nine counts including Theft in the Second Degree, Forgery In the Second Degree.

    The official records state that you were incarcerated for 6 months, and were ordered to make restitution to victims that exceeded $7,000.

    If you have any other comments, I suggest you address them to your attorney...or the State Police.
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  14. Intelligence Member

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  15. mark-jpg.236170.jpg
    He does have that certain; how does one say:
    ''Look at me, I'm a total douchebag'' look....''
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  16. Intelligence Member

    I dare not say what's on my mind about this MARK HERGERT - 'loan-shark-type-dude' charging massive rates
    in the car loan business, but in my opinion, his days are numbered for having to wear an Orange Jump-Suit and cuddle up with Bubba. Or, perhaps cuddle up with Per-Wicki? And partnering up
    with Narconon is going to get him lots of media, press, and blog attention that will push
    Narconon's Google searches further down the crapper where it belongs.:eek:
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  17. Intelligence Member

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  18. Incredulicide Member

    Do you have a date on the post of Criminon taking over that timeslot in the D.C. Jail chapel?! If it's recent then The Underground Bunker needs to be sent this.

    I stitched the screenshots of this together in the right order, and I think it needs its own thread.

    Attached Files:

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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    DOX: Scientology drug rehab center found deficient after a 2010 California death | The Underground Bunker

    Well here’s a shock. A patient at Scientology’s Watsonville, California drug rehab clinic, Narconon of Northern California, was rushed to an emergency room and died, the state later investigated the clinic and substantiated seven deficiencies — several of them major — and the clinic apparently suffered no penalty at all.

    That’s pretty shocking, considering what’s been happening in the rest of the Narconon system in the years since that 2010 death was investigated in early 2012. Additional patient deaths in Georgia, Michigan, and Oklahoma — where three patients died in only a nine-month period — have led to multiple government investigations and numerous lawsuits.

    The incident in California somehow managed to stay under the radar — it hasn’t been mentioned in any of recent lawsuits filed against the Watsonville facility by Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton, for example.

    We have the final report of the investigation submitted by the Licensing and Certification Division of the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, and it’s posted below.

    The most stunning allegation in the investigation, and the one that seems to concern the state agency the most, is that the Narconon center waited more than a year before it even reported the summer 2010 death, and then submitted an “inaccurate statement” about it.

    Continued here:
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  20. DeathHamster Member

    Dredging through some old stuff. I don't think David Love has posted this one:

    Parliament of Canada, STANDING COMMITTEE ON HEALTH, 35th Parliament - 2nd Session.
    Tuesday, April 22, 1997

    "Not a Scientologist But" Dian Nicholson with the National Coalition for Health Freedom. (I don't know if the National Coalition for Health Freedom is Narconon-friendly, a front-group, or if they just never met a woo that they didn't like.)

    (Note the usual confusion of NARCANON/NARCONON.)

    Wayback doesn't have it, but at one time she had this on another site:
    "Send your tax-deductible donation to:
    The College of Metaphysical Studies
    The New Age Ministries, International
    18514 U.S. Highway 19
    Clearwater, Florida 33764"

    I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure that was a fucking Scientology/Narconon address at the time (2001).

    The usual Hubbard disinformation bullcrap:
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  21. DeathHamster Member
    Good God! Can we say bogus educational institute with zero accreditation? It's disgusting that they managed to scam an .edu domain! Still at that address.

    My diploma in Metaphysical Studies from Miskatonic University is worth more than their scrap paper.
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  22. Incredulicide Member

    Norma Resnick
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  23. Quentinanon Member

    What is that a mere 4000 km West?
    You can't get much further away and still remain in the U.S.
  24. Quentinanon Member

  25. Intelligence Member

    I'm sorry, but I don't have the date(s) I think you need? The only dates I have are in this email:

    From: OT Committee FCDC <>
    Date: May 14, 2014 at 8:54:34 PM EDT
    To: [REDACTED]
    Subject: OTC Weekly Newsletter #12 from Shawn Kimmel
  26. Incredulicide Member

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  27. Intelligence Member

    Received this forwarded Email a few days ago:

    From: "Freewinds" <>
    Date: November 30, 2010 at 12:21:23 AM EST
    To: "Freewinds" <>
    Subject: Freewinds Services Questionnaire - Michael Sander
    Dear [REDACTED]

    I am here to assist you concerning arrival to the Freewinds and to make sure you have an unforgettable stay aboard the Ship. Please let me know which service you plan to arrive for in the near or far future, even if you just contemplate it or you just know that you are going to be here at some point.

    Please check here which service you like to do or would like more information about.

    New OT VIII Truth Revealed.

    OT Debug for OTs

    Basics, Congress or ACC study

    Competence and Leadership Convention

    Future OT Convention

    WISE Convention

    Music Convention

    Int Narconon Convention

    OT Ethics & Finance Convention

    OT Power of Postulates Convention

    OT Power and Leadership Convention

    OT Havingness and Expansion Convention

    OT Prosperity Convention

    OT Ability Convention

    OT Dissemination & Closing Convention

    Thank you, Michael Sander Advance Scheduling Registrar

    © 2010 CSFSSO. All Rights Reserved. Freewinds, OT, Scientology and Flag are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology with the permission ofReligious Technology Center, holder of the Scientology and Dianetics trademarks. WISE is a trademarks and service mark owned by WISE International and is used with its permission. Narconon is a trademarks and service mark owned by ABLE International and are used with its permission. Scientologist is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. Freewinds ship is registered in Panama. Printed in the USA.

    E-mail to to be removed from our mailing list or to give us your change of address

    Flag Ship Service Organization, 118 N.Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL 33755, USA.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Gary Smith has just released his pseudo-scientific theory of addiction - The Mechanics Of Addiction - another metaphor straight out of the - bodies in the shop - routines.

    There is an extensive section on the metabolites from drugs are stored in fat routine.

    I'll only bore you with a small section of his gibberish:
    I had acid flashbacks just from reading this shit.

    The PDF is worth checking out if only to marvel at the choice of headline and chapter heading fonts. Here's a sample:

    LRH Metabolites.png

    Attached Files:

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  29. The Internet Member

    Initials would be, “NAMI,” which are also the initials for the “National Alliance for the Mentally Ill,” which Scientology likes to infiltrate.

    If I were a scammer, I would create corporate names that can be confused with the names of other entities I want to investigate or loot or pretend I’m affiliated with.
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. tinfoilhatter Member

    Is there any real science behind this? I really have to read up on the statues of fraud now, and see if this could qualify. I leave the damn info dump alone for a bit, only to come back with it filled with good stuff.
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  32. fishypants Moderator

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  33. tinfoilhatter Member

    How is that not false advertising?

    By itself, it does not mean anything, however when we combine it with the current lawsuit by nsfc, it becomes possible to prove that they are out to defraud people.

    Something to keep in mind as we piece together all the different pieces of evidence here.
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  34. fishypants Moderator

    Well, quite.
  35. InShoreDC Member

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  36. InShoreDC Member

    It's a documentary from Hamburg and Berlin (Germany) from 1996 by Sven Hartung and Thorsten Neumann. "Narconon - Geschäfte mit der Sucht" (Narconon - Affairs with addiction)

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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. InShoreDC Member

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  39. InShoreDC Member

    The ODIT BLOG Website that had these NARCONON BOOKS with links, ‘WAS’ down for a few days, and other LINKS and UPLOADS were created.

    Here is one LINK to the Scam Rehab Centers Books, with upload Files stored safe.

    •Narconon Course 1, Therapeutic TR Course
    •Narconon Course 3, Learning Improvement Course
    •Narconon Course 4a, Communication & Perception Course
    •Narconon Course 4b, Communication & Perception Course
    •Narconon Course 5, Ups & Downs in Life Course
    •Narconon Course 6, Personal Values and Integrity Course
    •Narconon Course 7, Changing Conditions in Life Course
    •Narconon Course 8, The Way to Happiness Course

    Narconon: Book Two

    •Full PDF Download (Clear Body, Clear Mind)
    Part 1 25 pages
    Part 2 25 pages
    Part 3 25 pages

    Part 4 32 pages



    narconon1.pdf 9.2 MB!EY8xiaCQ!euheTjbPJTiGBwC2IVjTPK8s66WGK2Q52yXv5nNMAeI

    narconon3.pdf 3.8 MB!lRUHkQhb!MFnR294lp2AlcOrOVir93nqg7-PhRzytIaQSUnmaoj0

    narconon4a.pdf 9.2 MB!cU8lUbhS!INo25l4EyYogGJ7FP8lx9mYigi_K869UOTqAgWyHzCM

    narconon4b.pdf 9.6 MB!ZdUh2J4T!YSKAqMuWf6RayMSQfDdmSxUioYQRZH7PItIP9b5eXcs

    narconon5.pdf 7.3 MB!BJ01BbJS!aI1sAeoOFQTlnzTT44MGL4m9cs38KpT5_5GfML_su1A

    narconon6.pdf 10.0 MB!hN8nDByL!IJLrJZ-7UTcP2SupDVJkwa8YaXUA9t5IkKsA6h-rUsE

    narconon7.pdf 8.7 MB!0d0AySIC!ave5puzeOfPnKhE6PAmxKQO1v6h5BIpLuIwyaHc6o-o

    narconon8.pdf 3.9 MB!gAEiQTiQ!Z6bqNL5yljuL2RfJWzrY1ASZDK4UYoiHEYxi4kkdVEk

    Sauna Purif Pt 1.pdf 21.7 MB!1cNyRbrJ!sHpI5vdKAq_uGQADw0qxcsrsyxSdcIoXav6RiZS154Q

    Sauna Purif Pt 2.pdf 20.7 MB!dE0wHBxY!2ZUEjUqqPnTP6AoSml-ReUXud1NzfGl0m2DjwmjOQ6E

    Sauna Purif Pt 3.pdf 18.3 MB!IENVHbAT!hXEV9sOlDA4U1rFZt05hcR2ULthZAMk5rTB5xIYwIQo

    Sauna Purif Pt 4.pdf 18.7 MB!UQtHUICZ!U434OXMvT6eu5ZbYjc16J9XddecgrdchZpwm4G9zJ4w

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  40. InShoreDC Member

    Scientology Eats Their Own. Australia Narconon ED praised and commended, then fired and thrown under bus.






    Paul Schofield´s Letter

    Paul David Schofield described how Scientology was complicit in the cover-up of child sexual abuse – and how he helped them hide the truth about the deaths of his own daughters.
    The emotional heart of Paul Schofield’s letter is his account of the deaths of his two daughters – one of them while she was in Scientology’s care – and his own complicity in covering up the truth about had happened.
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