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    Slight O/T: Might also be nice if videos could be posted in a format that doesn't require a 'Flash' plug-in. Even YouTube is moving to HTML5 compatible formats that don't need it. Just saying...

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  9. From the above link

    "Yesterday two Narconon facilities held their grand opening event – Narconon UK in Healthfield, East Sussex and Narconon Europe in Ramlose, Denmark. Above, the event in the UK, and below attendees included Dr. Francesca Rubulotta from Italy and Dr. Paul Baiden-Adams from London"

    Rev. Dr.Paul Baiden- Adams | LinkedIn
    London, United Kingdom - ‎Human Resources and Management at MCSAS-HEARTS OF LOVE

    Paul Baiden-adams - | Youth Music Network

    My name is REV. DR. PAUL BAIDEN-ADAMS (DD. BSc in Youth & Family Counselling and Psychology

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  10. The facility promises to provide a highly effective setting to help individuals free themselves from the grip of addiction and at the same time train Narconon staff from throughout the UK.

    Supporters, dignitaries and guests joined Narconon staff to celebrate the opening of the new Narconon United Kingdom Rehabilitation and Continental Training Centre at its nine-acre facility on the outskirts of the village of Maynards Green.
    The renowned Narconon drug-free rehab methods, based on the researches and writings of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, will be delivered in a distraction-free environment on nearly nine pastoral acres near the village of Maynards Green. It opens during an exciting time of expansion for the Narconon network around the world.
    The President of the Association for Better Living and Education International (ABLE) was on hand to officiate the opening. “This new Narconon centre not only provides rehabilitation services but also serves as a model centre to train staff for future Narconon centres up and down the United Kingdom,” she said. “Hundreds of millions of lives are affected by illicit drugs, with too many ending before their time. Together we can reverse the evils of addiction and make the UK known around the world as the standard-bearer of a drug-free society.”
    Narconon United Kingdom Executive Director Ms. Sheila MacLean summed the meaning of the day when she remarked: “In this new magnificent facility we have the perfect environment for both rehabilitation and training of professionals who seek to implement this effective program in their communities. Now it is our responsibility to use it for the good of the community. And that, we shall do.”
    The timing of this Narconon centre’s launch is especially fortuitous during a time when the drug addiction problem is so urgent and acute in the UK.
    “The results of a national drug survey in 2014 are staggering,” said East Grinstead Mayor Mr. Dick Sweatman to those gathered for the opening. “More than 3 million people are taking illegal drugs in this country today. And in case you think it’s just a problem with the underprivileged in the inner cities, 40 percent of users are in the higher echelons of society. There are over one million problem drug users in the country right now. This is epidemic proportions.”
    Mr. Sweatman added that he appreciates that the Narconon programme is “comprehensive and covers all aspects needed to help a person get back on their feet and teach them the tools to stay on their feet and succeed. This is not just a drug rehabilitation centre delivering a highly successful programme, it is also a training centre to enlist Narconon specialists to tackle this drug issue.”
    Also addressing the guests at the Narconon opening was Dr. Basant K. Puri, medical professor at Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College London, who heads the Lipid Neuroscience Group in the Imaging Sciences Department of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Puri expressed high praise for Narconon’s drug-free approach to addiction rehab.
    “My experience and my own research have found that a holistic and natural approach is the way forward,” Dr. Puri said, “and that giving the addict replacement drugs or even additional drugs simply causes more addiction and more suffering. I have to say that Mr. Hubbard was a man well ahead of his time.”
    Heathfield and Waldron Parish Councillor, Mr. Steven Taylor welcomed Narconon to its new home on behalf of the parish. “We are delighted to have you here,” he said. “We wish Narconon, its employees and students every success for the future.”
    The final speaker was Ms. Diana Coad of the National Drug Prevention Council. “I can truly say that the Narconon success rate is second to none,” she emphasized. “I have seen so many people leave alcohol and drug treatment programmes and, through the revolving door, go right back to their original life of drug abuse. But the vast majority of Narconon graduates go on to live stable, ethical, productive, drug-free lives year after year.
    “I would love to have met L. Ron Hubbard, as he was clearly a brilliant and fascinating man, a visionary, a leader and an innovator—and the success of this programme is due to his discoveries.”
    After the opening ceremony and ribbon pull, as guests streamed in to tour the centre and learn more about the programme, Ms. Coad said, “I cannot describe how proud and happy I was to have been part of this today. The whole opening was extremely exciting—it is going to help so many people! This is the beginning of our fight against drugs, our attack against these dangerous toxins, and it will be a war that we will win.”
    A guest from London promised to “promote your rehabilitation programme that does not use drugs to anyone I speak to about the matter. It really is the way to go and even the (British) government recognizes that. The fact that your programmes are promoting this is incredible and I think the world needs to know!”
    Dr. Puri added after the event, “I think it is really important to educate and demonstrate to a variety of people that there is a non-pharma option for the treatment of drug rehab patients.”
    Another guest in attendance was moved to conclude, “Through the opening of this new facility, I can see how drug addiction will be effectively handled. I know a friend’s son who is a drug addict, and I will tell her about the centre and to bring him here.”
    For nearly 50 years, the Narconon programme has saved the lives of countless individuals who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. Its mission is to provide an effective path for drug abuse rehabilitation and to assist society in reversing the scourge of abuse worldwide.
    Narconon addresses those in the programme as “students” rather than “addicts” or “victims,” and its sole purpose is to provide people with the tools to lead successful drug-free lives. Every detail is considered to give students the stability and comfort they need to help free them from addiction and rebuild their lives without drugs.
    The Narconon programme begins with a drug-free, nonmedical withdrawal process designed to assist the individual in shedding a dependence on drugs as rapidly and comfortably as possible. It is followed by a distinctive method of detoxification, specifically geared to help drug users eliminate the residues in the body that drive cravings, while at the same time supporting the body with supplements. The final component of the programme is a series of Life Skills Courses that furnish students the tools needed to remain drug-free throughout their lifetime.

    From scientology site

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  11. What the f*** is a professor of Imperial College doing promoting this shit???
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    DRUGS IN PSYCHIATRY. by Basant K. Puri (2006)
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    I've just been having a read and lifting some rocks to see what crawled out. Apologies if this is a bit disjointed but I want to get the info out.


    Mrs Diana Coad is Councillor Diana Coad and she represents the Langley St Marys ward on Slough Borough Council. A former Conservative, she jumped ship to UKIP and was a parliamentary candidate for them in the last election. Someone really needs to tip the press off that a Ukipper's latest gaffe is expressing such gushing admiration for Hubbard.

    Now I couldn't find a National Drug Prevention Council, but Diana Coad is involved with a group in Slough called The National Drug Prevention Alliance and which seems to be linked with another group Positive Prevention Plus. I did find this little nugget on Johnny Void's blog:

    Looks like we've found out where Narconon's hoping to drum up some referrals.
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  14. "Mrs Diana Coad is Councillor Diana Coad and she represents the Langley St Marys ward on Slough Borough Council. A former Conservative, she jumped ship to UKIP and was a parliamentary candidate for them in the last election. Someone really needs to tip the press off that a Ukipper's latest gaffe is expressing such gushing admiration for Hubbard.

    Now I couldn't find a National Drug Prevention Council, but Diana Coad is involved with a group in Slough called The National Drug Prevention Alliance and which seems to be linked with another group Positive Prevention Plus. I did find this little nugget on Johnny Void's blog:"

    Thanks I couldn't find a National Drug Prevention Council either but god that woman sounds like a scientologist, too nutty for even UKIP?
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    Nothing's too nutty for UKIP but I do think the tabloids and Lord Gnome would have a chuckle at the effuse praise she heaped on Hubbard. It was really rather kind of Scientology to publish it in full in a press release. At the very least it'll give me something to troll Kippers with and I do enjoy ripping the pish out of racists.

    The whole anti-drug thing seems to be one huge racket keeping a lot of 'trustees' in jobs and kickbacks. Tony O wondered what the UK government should be asked - I'd like to see some regulation of these cowboys and their charities because that's two very dodgy American groups that National Drug Prevention Alliance has been linked with.
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  16. From,12940.msg36104.html#new

    Narconon Center Opens On Awe Inspiring Mountain Peak Atop Majestic Ojai, California

    Posted: Sep 14, 2015 8:31 PM PDT
    Spectacular 43-acre estate is a secluded jewel surrounded by vistas that seem to stretch forever, to provide Narconon’s acclaimed drug rehabilitation services to artists and leaders in society. The September 13 opening was made possible by generous contributions from members of the International Association of Scientologists.
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    If my memory serves me correctly, the fellow with the crutch on the right that the cult later shooped out was a disabled WW 2 veteran.
    Evidently that guy hoped that the cult could heal his injuries.
    I guess Hubbard thought, "He pulled it in" and "He's a downstat" and took his money.

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    "They are going to have a very rock-solid subjective reality that we have the answers and the tech works."

    In other words, the NarCONuts plan to brainwash NarCONon patients.
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    [IMG] Re: Identifying people in old pictures

    [IMG] Originally Posted by Little David [IMG]
    That's a long and very interesting letter. This quote in it caught my attention:

    "A friend of ours whose back was completely ankylosed into a question mark, so that he had to walk with two canes, after fifteen hours with my father straightened up and went back to leading a dance band. "

    I wonder if it could be the man with the cane on the right side of this photo?

    Wonder if this is in regards to Harry T. McCann, Brunswick, Ohio, involved with Scn and the HASI in Phoenix and later Phili for at least 1952-1953 per these referenced

    1953 THE JOURNAL of SCIENTOLOGY Published by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, lnc., Phila., Pa. Issue l3-G

    Twice, using all existing procedures (up to 1953), I have gotten up out of bed and walked (Continued on page 2 )

    (Continued from page I)
    without pain for about five minutes. 1 even bent my ankylosed spine which no one would believe. The ankylosis is not solid calcium as many would believe, the calcium is incidental. The stiffness is due to heavy fields of force held in place. I can feel these forces and dissipate some at these times of successful self processing. These forces are mobile in the sense that they can be moved,spread out, exhausted, etc. But the ridges build up again because the reasons (facsimiles) are stillpresent. However I get rid of them, I must depend on time until shown or understood otherwise. It may take years but I'll do it."—Harry T. McCann., Brunswick, Ohio."

    1952 Published by the Hubbard Association of Scientoloqisis, Inc, Phoenix, Arizona Issue S-G
    See his name on the List of Donors receiving GOLD status

    ~ Mary McConnell, my nom de plume
    Internet Resources on Scientology for newcomers
    Narconon Reviews Get the facts about Narconon.
    Reaching For The Tipping Point A place to keep up on what is being done to expose Scn & it's front groups, like Narconon, CCHR etc to the general public. Lots of up-to-date info. Join us
    My Scribd Scn & Narconon Legal Dox
    Ex-Sea Org Helpline "...leaving the confines of Scientology is a process, not a single event."

    4th January 2015, 04:06 PM
    Little David
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    [IMG] Re: Identifying people in old pictures

    [IMG] Originally Posted by AnonyMary [IMG]
    Wonder if this is in regards to Harry T. McCann, Brunswick, Ohio, involved with Scn and the HASI in Phoenix and later Phili for at least 1952-1953 per these referenced

    1953 THE JOURNAL of SCIENTOLOGY Published by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, lnc., Phila., Pa. Issue l3-G

    1952 Published by the Hubbard Association of Scientoloqisis, Inc, Phoenix, Arizona Issue S-G
    See his name on the List of Donors receiving GOLD status
    Thank you for a likely name for the deleted man. The first posting of the photo with him in it on wwp and OCMB, and noticing he had been removed from the commonly used version of the photo were made by me about 2 years ago. So far you have potentially made the biggest contribution to solving this mystery. Someone who knew or is related to Harry T. McCann may be able to help us further. He may have left Scientology when he realized LRH and Scientology weren't helping his "ankylosed spine" and he might have been carefully removed from the photo at that time. The original version of the photo with him in it may have accidentally leaked out or have been used before that.
  20. Maybe someone can post a separate thread on this?

    Please help us stop this. Contact the BSA National Service Center Contact in charge of Youth protection,

    Boy Scouts of America Adopt "Truth About Drugs" Educational Tool Developed by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World

    Foundation’s Southeast Regional Director, Joshua Benk, Leads Effort for Troop Use

    By Margaret M. Jones (Open Post) June 23, 2015
    The Atlanta Dental Center

    At their annual national meeting in Atlanta last month, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) unveiled a new drug education tool to help a million volunteers and 2.5 million Scouts nationwide to learn the truth about drugs.

    BSA executives officially recognized the Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s “Truth About Drugs” educational program for use by Scout leaders and troop volunteers to help their Scouts reach their Second Class rank.

    Next steps involve volunteers, working with the Foundation’s Southeast Regional Director, Joshua Benk, to deliver the “Truth About Drugs” prevention education tool into the hands of tens of thousands of Scout leaders throughout the country. A volunteer for the Foundation, Mr. Benk leads the delivery team and their efforts to facilitate the launch of a BSA-endorsed program that could reach Scouts nationwide with information that will help them stay drug-free. Mr. Benk is employed as the Administrator of the Atlanta Dental Center located in Midtown Atlanta.
    The BSA’s adoption incorporates a condensed version of the full Truth About Drugs prevention education line-up of lessons and materials, which include a curriculum comprising 18 lessons supported by The Truth About Drugs DVD, 16 TV public service announcements and 12 posters with matching “They Said, They Lied” themes, and a classroom/troop set of Truth About Drugs series booklets.[..]
  21. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Thank for this, Narconon Critic!
  22. Hi there.
    (my brother and two cousins were eagle scouts..)

    So, here is the direct connection between Mr. Benk, $cientology and Boy Scouts--

    It does appear that he is using his role as Regional Director in an inappropriate fashion by trying to merge Scientology with Boy Scouts.

    Mr. Benk is employed by the Atlanta Dental Center....
    (there is a good chance that he is a Scientologist or has completed some courses)
    Scientology has a management scheme which targets Dental practices called "Sterling Management" which is a division of WISE.

    Good luck to you.
    Here are some links and info which may help.
  23. BigBeard Member

    More to the point, the pseudo-scienctific material presented by "Truth About Drugs" has been completely discredited. Which is more to the point in this instance than WISE being a con wrapped in a cloak of legitimacy.

    Links to material showing the inaccuracies of 'TAD' would probably be more useful thank links about WISE.

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  24. BigBeard Member

    As a start, "Truth About Drugs" presents essentially the same material the "narCONon Drug Prevention Program" was pushing in California schools before the got the boot. The report that got them booted out of CA schools can be found at:

    The same deficiencies apply to the 'TAD' material.

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    Received this two days ago. A 1995 Isuue - More to this story to come of how I received it and from whom.

    Celebrities piss me off... Talking about what they know nothing about and influencing the unwary.


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    I really, really, hate the way they use kids to push their scams on the unwary. Hate it.

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    Don't know if this was posted. Dutch Narconon success rates - or lack thereof.

    For Narconon Zutphen (Dutch city where they are located) the results are as follow. Over the years 1987 - 1992 155 people were in the Narconon centre. For all of these people the percentage of who kick drugs altogether is 25. Taking only into account those who were in the program for at least two months or longer this percentage is 56.

    Not sure, but looks to be from Dutch parliament. Can't find it in the proceedings however.
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    I'm in contact with someone about this and another matter today.

    Take a look at these 'PADDED' Reviews on 'Serenity Point' .... the languge used and the dates
    of the glowing comments smell of someone just posting partial student Success Stories, with
    only 3/4 negative comments (including mine).

    This ^^^ is a like a warehousing type scenario like NN TR and NN AH. Are they out of their Fking minds having
    22 patients in the DETOX WING?

    Negative Comments:

    David e L.
    If this is the rehab operated by Per Wickstrom with a pschistrist named, DR. TED ZUNINI, on staff? I suggest that before attending this rehab, ask if they use L. Ron Hubbard's Narconon books? If they do, stay away.

    Michelle E.
    HORRIBLE communication with family...never return calls! Never notified of a leaving situation. Only seen a counselor once in over 3 weeks. Very under staffed...can not handle the amount of clients and families in need. Trusted them to help, and only made things worse. Very un-professional staff. Laid back security....WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND! There are other places that you will get the help you are promised.

    Jane L.
    Horribly understaffed from kitchen staff to security to classroom facilitators! Inconsistent treatment of clients by the Ethic's Dept and administration. Program lengths are determined by insurance NOT by the client's needs. Counseling is limited to 30 minutes per week with little or no family counseling. The majority population is extremely young and juvenile who treat the program more as a summer camp than a safe place to concentrate on recovery. High emphasis on Scientology curriculum. Be forewarned!!

    James F.
    Kind of amazing but the one negative view of this Scienctology based treatment center has been removed from this website,how ironic is that??
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    Did you catch the Nicky Hopkins endorsement? The copyright date of this "the truth about drugs" pamphlet is 1995 to the osa front group "friends of narCONon international".
    One little problem with that: Nicky Hopkins died at the age of 50 in September of 1994, well before the pamphlet was published. In the late 20th century industrialized world, 50 is a young age to die. Hopkins died from surgery complications from lifelong Crohn's disease. I guess scientology could not help him with that.
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    Let's find out, Anons!
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    And here's a book about Nicky Hopkins written after he died. Wonder if NN is mentioned? of Nicky Hopkins by Random House, Inc.
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    From the minutes of the Lakeshore Regional Partners meeting in Muskegon, Michigan in March 2015:

    7) License Applications – Mark Witte
    a) Update on District 10 Health Department application
    Mark received the formal application and the provider received the license.
    b) Application from Serenity Recovery
    Amber Howe is the COO of Serenity Recovery Incorporated, a residential rehabilitation center, located in Marne MI. Serenity is a private facility that offers person centered treatment plans with multiple approaches for an individual’s treatment plan. Serenity offers the 12 Step Program, Smart Recovery, Evidence Base Therapies and MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) programs. They also offer spiritual components, such as a Secular version, Native American, Catholic, and Christian with New Life Recovery Bible. Serenity believes that nutrition and health are important aspects to recovery and offer personal trainers and a full gym with yoga or martial arts training. They have a relationship with programs like habitat for humanity and local animal shelters, which are available for clients to participate in.
    Serenity would like to be licensed for 172 individuals; 150 residential and 22 individuals in the detox wing. There will be no more than 2 patients per room.
    They track their clients for one year after they graduate the program and leave the facility, with consent of the client. They help with the after care of clients, such as, sober living homes in the client’s home base area.
    Ms. Howe discusses that most of their marketing consists of the internet. She states that there are 3 facilities altogether throughout the United States.
    Dr. Kerry Simon is the medical director and addictionologist. Dr. Ted Zunini is the consulting psychiatrist. There are 3 case managers and 4 nurses hired as of now and the goal is to have a ratio of 2:1. Another of their objectives is to be designated as a CARF provider.
    Members of the board have concerns about sending a letter of approval to LARA regarding the Serenity application. The concern is, not enough staff with a clinical background and/or experience in SUD. The members also discuss that the program is being set up to quickly with too much of a business mindset and not enough SUD knowledge.
    Ms. Howe explains that as the number of clients grow so will the amount of clinical staff. She also explains that there is a medical and clinical director.
    Lakeshore Regional Partners Page 2 of 5
    Stan Stek asks Mark what qualifies the board members to make a decision about potential applicants and what standards should be used by the board members in the decision to send a letter of approval to LARA.
    Mark discloses that the law is not specific and there is no criteria to apply other than local review and comment. There is no guidance or a detailed standard for making the recommendation.
    James Storey asks how much influence the OPB has regarding the decision of licensing prospective providers. Charles Nash also states that he does not feel comfortable sending a letter of approval.
    Mark discusses that an approval letter to LARA is a recommendation and according to law, LARA is required to take into serious consideration the comments of SUD advisory councils, now the OPB. The only opportunity to make comments is at the initiation of a license. LARA does make the final decision for licensure. Mark would like a record of the current board consistently sending in recommendations. He would like to make sure that the new employees at LARA are oriented towards listening to the community input including waiting on giving a license to a prospective provider until the OPB has given feedback.
    The board members discuss sending an approval letter to LARA with no comment or not sending in a letter at all. The board members decide to make a motion with a roll call vote.
    MOTION – To send a letter to LARA in support of licensure for Serenity Recovery, Inc, but without comment.
    Yes: 10
    No: 5
    8) Committee/Workgroup Reports – Mark Witte
    Andrew Brown suggests that the OPB define what their position is on the approval process and communicate that with LARA.
    Stan Stek suggests subset of the board that could be more reactive when a license is up for approval.
    John Campbell suggests that this is added to the agenda for the March meeting. He also suggests that the OPB adopts a neutrality position on all license requests until there is a standard put into place.
    Mark makes the suggestion that one of the jobs of the Bylaws Workgroup would be to effect at a local level, public policy around the way licensees are licensed. The board members agree with Mark.
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