Narconon Int Snr CS "retires"

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Sep 12, 2013.

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    From ESMB:
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    Narconon Taiwan moved up from weekly, monthly number one to now World #1. This can only mean worldwide stat crash. While the locals post their celebration pictures with cake, they have the brain not to issue press releases. (They did for the previous number one's.)
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    I don't see her name anywhere on the post, where did Smurf get the name from?
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    The by line just says "Kathy" but she authored other posts and took a selfie in one:
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    She reviews a movie in one of her posts, and also reviews movie on another site using her full name and mentioning her site:
    http://@mycandiopinion Kathy Nather Thomas
    Elysium is a slight sliver of a story overwhelmed by its unrelenting brutal violence. It is dark and ugly with no redeeming qualities what-so-ever. This movie is an unexpected disappointment coming from the same director behind District 9 which was a revelation of universal humanity.
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    In case anyone missed it.

    KathyThomas - with box.png
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    Notice the date.


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    My guess is the Dr. Price may want to change his testimonial page. His current page:

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    This is the single most impressive part of that tl;dr.
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  16. DeathHamster Member
    Who the hell says "Fully Hatted" besides Scientology?

    It looks like Narconon and an evil psych will be happy in bed together--love you long time, so long as the money lasts. Hmm, I don't see any actual medical qualifications there. I wonder what his "private practice" is?
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    ^ WTF?
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    Name and Address
    Address : Marshall, MI 49068
    Profession and License/Registration Information
    Profession : Social Workers Type : Masters Social Worker
    Permanent ID # Status Issue Date Expiration Date
    6801059160 Active 08/01/1988 04/30/2016
    Specialty Type Issue Date Expiration Date
    Macro Specialty 8/1/1988
    Clinical Specialty 8/1/1988
    Complaints and Disciplinary Action
    Open Formal Complaints : None
    Disciplinary Action Date of Action
    Fine Imposed 02/06/2004
    Probation 02/06/2004
    Document Type Complaint Number Document Year
    No Images Found for record

    Good news? He is licensed. Bad news? Disciplinary action in 2004--- hmmmmm
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    Fully hatted incompetent master social worker
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    Mr. Riser was a Master Social Worker in 1988 but apparently not now.

    Specialty TypeIssue DateExpiration DateMacro Specialty8/1/1988Clinical Specialty8/1/1988
  25. The Internet Member

    Clams are retarded. There's no such thing as a "Master Social Worker." There is, however, a masters degree in social work.

    If you get a masters degree in physics that doesn't make you a Master Physicist.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    It's a license in Michigan.
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  27. rickybobby Member

    And, according to the above, his license expires 4/30/2016.

    When I get back in front of a grownup computer, I want to investigate the "Chief Clinician at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry" claim. Casual websearch didn't reveal much. I am wondering if this may be related to the claim of "Incompetence," and if so, there may be news coverage.

    My question-- what do you have to do as an MSW to get slapped with "incompetence"?
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  28. The Internet Member

    Notice the "s" though. "Master's" is not "Master." These details separate the pros from the hacks.
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    A driver has a driver's license.
    A master social worker has a master's social worker license.

    Eh. <wobbles hand>
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  30. The Internet Member

    Amongst the blue collar trades there are masters of their respective crafts. Below the master is the journeyman and below that is the apprentice. It's an error to apply the "master" label to someone with a master's degree.

    However we now have an explosion of distance learning programs, meaning less transmission of language and culture through informal conversation in traditional classroom settings. So some of the old shibboleths will likely fade with time. That's too bad because the shibboleths are a huge time saver.
  31. Quentinanon Member

    Notice that Randall Riser's date of birth is 29 November 1948. So, this year on 29 November, he turns 65. If he worked for the State of Michigan for as long as he states, he will receive a pension. Keep in mind that a 64 year old MSW does not have many job prospects except perhaps private practice, but that entails an office, an insurance policy, and advertising capitol. At his age, he was trained in old school Rogerian counseling methods and is not up on the latest evidence-based therapies. Perhaps he sees NarCONon as easy money and low pressure compared to private practice with up-front and recurrent expenses.
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  32. MDCH website distinguishes mental health services: there is treatment and there is evaluation.,4612,7-132-2941_4868_4896_62743_62746-290222--,00.html

    The treatment section is overseen by someone with "MD" after their name and are not called a Chief Clinician. Makes sense, because treating someone sounds like MEDICAL CARE.,4612,7-132-2941_4868_4896_62743_62746-290268--,00.html

    Riser claims to have worked in the evaluation section of the CFP. Evaluation is run by someone who is a "Director" (not Chief) who has a Ph.D after their name.,4612,7-132-2941_4868_4896_62743_62746-290266--,00.html

    Narconon has hired Riser to be involved in treatment.

    This is the ugly, smelly onion that is Narconon; we are watching this go down in real time. They'll call him a "clinician" which sounds medical-ish, they say he has 25 years in "treatment" [DOX or GTFO] and desperate family will think their loved one is being monitored for medical issues. They hire some retired "social worker" who has no experience in treatment, in drug-related treatment, in anything.
  33. BigBeard Member

    ^^^Is this grounds for a fraud complaint to someone in Michigan with the authority to do something about it??

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  34. rickybobby Member

    Not yet.

    MSW's (the master refers to Master's prepared) can, and do, counsel addicts. Even in upstanding facilities, MSWs have a major role on the treatment team, because the "medical" part is actually pretty minor after the initial withdrawals are managed. Almost all the shit happens in counseling. So... it is not inappropriate to hire this dude.
    If they start claiming a greater level of care than their licensed professionals can provide, we have grounds for going to the state. If they make medical monitoring claims to the families based on Mr. Riser's license, that is fraud, and if he takes that "hat" and doesn't correct it, he may lose his license. So far, what I haven seen does not even come close to rising to that level.

    I really wonder if Mr. Riser is 'poonable. He is of the age where he may not spend a whole lot of time googling things, and he may not truly understand what he has put himself at risk for. He may not know the story of Georgia Narconon and their fraudulent claims, particularly claims that they had medical staff when they didn't. He may not want to put his license at risk at this stage in his life, particularly since he has already gone through one disciplinary action. TWO actions would probably be terminal to that license.
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  35. This is what we know based on info posted from public lings in this thread.
    1. Riser licensed in 1988.
    2. Claims to have a post-Master’s “specialty” in Gerontology. [NB: Master’s degree is conferred by a university; “specialties” are usually by licensing boards. Unaware of any educational program that lets you add a post-degree “rider” to your existing degree.]
    3. Fined and placed on probation in 2004 for “negligence-incompetence.” [NB: other Riser in ling only got probation, so we know fines are not automatic.]
    4. Claims to have worked at Center for Forensic Psychiatry for 17 years. During that time, he worked in “evaluation” section, evaluating whether defendants were fit to stand trial.
    5. 1988 (licensed)+ 17 (years at CFP) = 2004. Likely disciplinary action led to leading his job as “Chief Clinician.”
    6. Claims to have administered programs for depression and assisting with other types of psychological evaluation.
    7. Now claims to have worked in private practice “offering counseling.”
    Question: notice the only “treatment” in his public background is a characterization that his “areas of treatment and administration cover” evaluations? Thus, the use of “treatment” is gratuitous and misleading.
    Guy may be a fine social worker. He may like old people. He may have learned a lot from his disciplinary action nine years ago. But why oh why are they adding him to the “addiction treatment team”? Insert speculation that the dude will be held out to be the head treatment counselor with 17 years experience in forensic psychology. Could need to inform myself on what social workers do in Michigan. In my neck of the woods, they are not performing psychological evaluations because, well, that is for psychologists to do. Per this website, social workers perform counseling by "listening and talking."
    That could be helpful. But it isn't formal treatment, or at least, isn't medical treatment, and it appears Michigan does distinguish between treatment (doctors) and evaluation (social workers) per Riser's former department.
    Well, BB, don't know about a fraud claim or how to do that. I'm not saying NYPA, but ITLTFIO (I'm too lazy to figure it out).
  36. If you spend a great deal of time fishing, are you then a "Master Baiter"?
  37. The Internet Member

    Social workers do evaluations and counseling. Problem is, these Scientology minded people don't get along with real doctors very well. So they have to shop around for a very, very special doctor to do their pre-admission screenings.

    Seeing as the Scientologists are ambitious to run their own wholistic mental healing centers, I would bet they are trying to get certain medical schools "on lines" to feed some special psychiatrists into their retarded programs.

    I know what you are thinking: No way, Scilons and psychs are oil and water. But there are like, I dunno, several hundred thousand doctors in the US. Humans being human, a few thousand of those are going to be a bit off and vulnerable to cult love bombing. And big piles of money.
  38. The Internet Member

    I'm sure no one saw that one coming from a hundred miles away.
  39. Anonymous Member

    AnonMSW lives!

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