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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Don't miss this:

    Scientology leader in court

    7 News reporter Bryan Seymour questions the President of the Church of Scientology Australia, Vicky Dunstan, outside the Land and Environment Court in Sydney.

    Scientology is taking the Wyong Shire Council to court in a bid to force them to accept a Scientology Drug Treatment program called Narconon that they want to open in the town of Yarramalong on the Central Coast.

    The Council and townspeople fear the facility is unsafe and will adversely impact their quiet village. In The United States, Narconon is under investigation following several deaths at the Headquarters in Oklahoma.
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology tries a celebrity offer to win over Central Coast residents

    Another senior Scientologist has appeared in court in its battle to set up in a small Central Coast town.

    By Bryan Seymour, Yahoo7 News, September 23, 2015

    The residents of Yarramalong have rejected plans for a drug rehab clinic, fearing it was uncertified and potentially dangerous.

    It emerged on Wednesday that Scientology has used one of its celebrity members to try to win them over.

    Scientology's Company Director and Senior manager Michael Gordon is a figure of authority in the group. He was at the Land and Environment Court Wednesday, where Scientology is trying to overturn a decision by the Wyong Shire Council to reject a drug treatment program called Narconon, a Scientology front group that claims to treat addicts at up to $40,000 a stay.

    Continued here:
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  3. furball Member

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  4. L. Ron Hubbard was a Quack.

    Narconon is and has always been a medically dangerous money-making scam operating w/o proper medical oversight of any kind that sends millions of duped participants dollars uplines in the Scientology criminal enterprise. (Period.)

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  5. Another good government document to keep in the arsenal. See program descriptions ABLE submitted as noted in court doc.

    Tony O wrote:
    "Yarramalong wins again against Scientology’s rehab plans"
    Land and Environment Court New South Wales
    Medium Neutral Citation: Association for Better Living and Education Inc. v
    Wyong Shire Council (No. 3) [2015] NSWLEC 1483
    22,23,24,25 September 2015
    Decision date: 24 November 2015
    Class 1
    Brown ASC
    1. The appeal is dismissed.
    2. DA/781/2013 for the use of the existing buildings for a
    drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility at 36 Rose Hill Lane
    Yarramalong is refused.
    3. The exhibits are returned with the exception of exhibit H.

    [..]Maintenance shed
    The site will be used to run the Narconon program which is described in the following way:
    You can read the full document here ^^^^^.

    The descriptions are being done this way by ABLE to make it fit into Group Home regs across the world in a weak attempt to get it accepted and allowed under other guidelines than standard ones for substance abuse rehabilitation, by claiming it's an education based rehab program. Epic fail.Once again.
  6. This is real good
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Land and Environment Court upholds council refusal of drug and alcohol centre in Yarramalong

    The Land and Environment Court has upheld Wyong Shire Council's decision to refuse a development application from an organisation with links to the Church of Scientology for a drug and alcohol facility in Yarramalong. Council originally refused the DA in April, 2014.

    The applicant, Association for Better Living and Education Inc (ABLE), appealed that decision in the court. The court dismissed the appeal on the grounds ABLE failed to address concerns of residents about adverse social impacts, and the site not being suitable due to bushfire risk.

    Council said the court also noted a '’lack of information provided'’ relating to sewage disposal, flooding risks, adequate water supply, traffic impacts and the works required to develop buildings on the site never been approved.

    The DA sought to change the use of a number of existing buildings on the site, on Rose Hill Lane, in order to run a Narconon rehabilitation and life skills program for up to 20 participants.

    The Narconon program involves an initial detoxification followed by an education and life skills course spanning several months during which time participants would reside permanently at the facility.

    The program has attracted controversy as it is based on an approach to substance abuse treatment promoted by the Church of Scientology.

    Mayor Doug Eaton said the landmark decision was a major win for residents. “Right from the start the residents raised genuine concerns about the impact this facility would have on the local community and didn’t rest in their resolve to fight it,” Cr Eaton said. “We took up this fight, on their behalf, with a very strong case and belief that this was always the wrong development for this site.”

    Source, and open comments:
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  8. Quentinanon Member

    It seems to be the policy of the scientology crime syndicate that if a governmental entity does not subjugate themselves to the cult, the cult sues them.
    That's really "religious".
  9. BigBeard Member

    And oddly enough, the "religious discrimination" card always seems to get used even though narCONon invariably claims to be "secular".

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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    A nine-hole golf course, tennis court and even a WATER SLIDE: Kids' dream home hits the market for $4million after the Church of Scientology tried to turn it into a drug and alcohol rehab centre
    • A luxury four-home property complete with a miniature water park is now for sale on the NSW Central Coast
    • The $4 million home also has a nine-hole golf course, tennis court and two pools overlooking a lush valley
    • Owned by Church of Scientology who wanted to turn it into a rehabilitation centre but was denied by council
    • It is now being eyed by Chinese investors and several Christian groups who want to transform it into a camp

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