Narconon Georgia Patrick Desmond Civil RICO Unsealed Deposition

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. muldrake Member

    After all, why move across state lines when there are national borders to be considered?

    I bet Reiser ends up in one of a very few locations:

    • A special RPF aboard the Freewinds;
    • The Hole; or
    • A hole (in the desert)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    S-L-A-M !!! Lock turns.

    "Who's that?"

    "Its Mary, Mary Rieser"

    "Oh, his Mary. I'm Jan, Jan Eastgate"

    "Is it always this dark in here"

    "Yeah, pretty much, except on Thursday when they bring the food. Some times when the the guards get bored they toss a box of matches over to Heber so he can light his farts."
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  3. Anonymous Member

    If it quacks like a duck...
  4. Mary Reiser in the Hole + Criminal Warrant = Nice Raid on the Hole
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  5. Anonymous Member

    From SocialTransparency over on RFTTP,8408.580.html
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Best. Judge. Ever.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yes, sound judge is sound . . . but . . . I hope these denials of motions doesn't open the way to further delay via appeals. Cunning cult is cunning.
  8. RightOn Member

    They should have been renamed the Cult of Scientology and Court Delays

    AND! also Missing Documents and Files
  9. DeathHamster Member

    Naw, they just throw cash and lawyers at the wall until something sticks.

    It'll be interesting to see if this is one of those 10 year fights that CoS thinks that it Must Not Lose?
  10. muldrake Member

    My guess is they try to use representation purportedly for NN INT to make arguments they can't make, due to the sanctions, through NNGA.
  11. DeathHamster Member

    And what resources for paying representation are in the NN INT / ABLE pipeline? (As I recall ABLE's funds are non-liquid.)

    It'll be tricky to see how they hide the resource pipeline. The IAS can't just write a check to NN INT's lawyers, can they?
  12. RightOn Member

  13. anon walker Moderator

    You make it sound downright voluntary!
  14. anon walker Moderator

    Perhaps she will join the staff who "cared" for Lisa McPherson, somewhere in South Africa on a vital Missionary project...
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  15. anon walker Moderator

    Can't spell "detoxification" either...
  16. DeathHamster Member

    Or one of those Pacific island-hopping "Goodwill Tours".
  17. RightOn Member

    I heard Twin Peaks is lovely
  18. Random guy Member

    Yes, yes, yes, yes! Either Harris in one hell of an educator, lining up his ducks in impeccable rows, or they have found a judge who really gets it! Or both! Fingers crossed for the 11th!
  19. Anonymous Member

    Client/Lawyer privilege.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Now I think they just fly there for the pictures and fly back home after, otherwise in 5 star hotels, all using scilon donated money. That's how they claim to "live" in some backward places for 5, 10 years.
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    On Facebook, Tony Ortega just wrote:

    BREAKING: DESMOND CASE SETTLED. Just days before a wrongful death and civil racketeering trial was scheduled to begin, we've received word that Scientology's Atlanta drug rehab center, Narconon Georgia, has thrown in the towel and settled with the family of Patrick Desmond, who died at the facility in 2008. More details as we get them.

    There's more about this here:

    Scientology’s Atlanta Drug Rehab Buys Its Way Out of Courtroom Nightmare
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  22. DeathHamster Member

  23. OTeleventy Member

    Well fuck. Dammit. I mean, good for the Desmonds, but ... just dammit. I had my hopes up for this one.
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  24. Please please please don't let them all go the settlement route. (Props obviously to the Desmond's for standing as strong as they did for as long as they did)
  25. Cudgel Member

    The threat of Davy having to be deposed.
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  26. jensting Member

    The evidence uncovered in discovery (and the sanctions entered against narCONon) already seems to have been highly informative. The family should be in this for themselves, not for anyone else.
    That said, I hope that the only limitations will be on discussions of the amount, nothing else (David Love did obtain a settlement with conditions along these lines).
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  27. Anonymous Member

    You are right as always Jensting :) you sane and rational thing you. My kneejerk reaction (oh no) above was churlish at best and I wish I had given some pause for thought before posting, humble apologies to all.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    ESMB thread:

    BREAKING: Tony Ortega - Desmond Georgia Narconon Case Settles

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  29. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  30. BLiP Member

    Bugger bugger bugger. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckitty fuck.

    <deep sigh>

    . . . love to the Desmonds, and thank you. Hope you stay around, be good to have your input into the other investigations currently on-going. Too much to hope for?

    To Scientology - get the fuck out of the drug-rehab treatment arena, you murderers. Get out while you can.
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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Today, Tony made another Facebook post about this:

    In case you were hunkered down for the blizzard last night here on the East Coast or in some other way were enjoying your Friday night and didn't hear the news, we learned yesterday that Scientology's Atlanta drug rehab center, Narconon Georgia, threw in the towel and settled its wrongful death and civil racketeering lawsuit yesterday, just days before a trial was to begin. A predictable end, perhaps, but still shocking after how much we were looking forward to this case being heard in open court.

    He has added quite a bit to the article and it's worth another look. Also, there are over a hundred comments.
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  33. BigBeard Member

    Good for the Desmond's!

    This settlement in no way affect the criminal insurance fraud investigation against NN GA, and possibly other NN's, or NN GA having it's license yanked, although being appealed, by the GA DCH.

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  34. Anonymous Member

    I had hopes re the RICO claim.
  35. RightOn Member

    Can someone explain this to me?
    Narconon paid a partial settlement of "
    950,000 out of an insurance policy"

    If they are guilty of fraud, (which we all know is true) then why would an insurance company be responsible to pay a claim like that? Or am I not understanding this?
  36. Random guy Member

    I agree with John P.'s comments over at the Bunker, it's too little too late for the cult. The amount of dox produced in this case is staggering. Mary and the rest of the crowd over over at RFTP should be covered in gold and venerated. I'll drink my beer to their honor tonight. Despite the settlement, the case has unearthed too much for the cult to sweep under the carpet. Now, there's even criminal proceeding under way with the health insurance fraud, all thanks to Harris & Co, Mary & Co, Catton and the media.

    ... and Stacy Murphy's case is still on.
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  37. DeathHamster Member

    The Desmonds gave Narconon Georgia a fatal wound, took the settlement that they could get now and left with as much solace as they could.

    Their option was to stick around in a stressful legal fight that would last years, and there was always the good chance that when it came time to pay a massive award CoS, er, Narconon would pull a disappearing act of some kind.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    The $950,000 would be paid out by the company NN had their liability insurance with. The fraud is for NN falsifying claims to their clients' health insurance companies.
  39. RightOn Member

    yes I know. But isn't there some sort of clause that would prevent an insurance company paying on a claim where there client was involved in illegal activity? In this case would it be their negligence in the care of a patient?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Yes. NN's liability insurance company has filed some action against them, re the residential scam they were pulling. I haven't heard how this affects the 950,000 the Desmond's were getting from them.

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