Narconon Florida Turning Up The Heat

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Do not threaten her with leaks so you can get paid. Why not leak after she pays you?
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    In regards to the grants to students. We know that this facility granted students (room and board for a facility that was outpatient) so, my question is, is Narconon even legally allowed to grant individual students to further their education? I found this...
    ...and was hoping some smart anon could help me understand.
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    Not knowing USA State laws, which apparently differ from State to State, I can only comment
    on the above post in reference to Canada law.

    Calling it a "Grant" is somewhat deceptive. NN students are indoctrinated in the "Fair Exchange"
    Hubbard doctrine. These "Grants" in Canada, were called "Work Exchange" and the government
    policies forbid it under the Labour Relations Act.

    "Every working person must receive equal pay for equal work, without distinction or discrimination",
    which also treads on Human Rights Charters, which the USA doesn't have?

    The Cult is exploiting vulnerable students by having them work for no wages (Slaves).

    I think that once the Georgia and Oklahoma lawsuits are in the court room and this evidence
    is submitted, the gocvernments of the USA will be able to take a closer look and put a stop
    to it?

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    I mention "students" and "grants" only because NNAH and NN Florida both claimed to have provided grants to students--or as you noted "workers"--who decided to stay on and solicit raw meat and swab decks. As they identify these people as students in their 990 form write-offs, this can be used to show that they are making illegal grants, no? Now, in the Georgia case, they are trying to avoid worker's records being submissible claiming that the workers are patients aka "students"! Patients, students, or workers? Which is it? I think this may be a major footbullet, but would like someone more knowledgable to verify. :)
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    Narconon Spring Hill ruling came in:

    Jury rules against Hernando in rehab center case, but awards only $75,000 in damages

    Hernando county looses, but it ends with much lulz.

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    So does this mean that Scientology's Narconon is now free to expand? This is not exactly the victory I was hoping for.
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    Unclear reporting is unclear. Who won what? Can the clams expand?
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    According to the feedback on the news page, they are free to expand now. But that's all I gots:
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    From previous article that is in this forum somewhere lost amongst the megathreads from hell:

    So it appears that the issue of expanding of the facility is a done deal, and this case was just a lashback bawlsuit trying to get the country to reverse their ruling. But I'm not entirly sure on that - lawfag needed?

    County stood their ground and after this hit the federal appeals court, Narconon Arrowhead deaths hit and they tried to censure any mention of Scientology. That failed too, as did getting the claim for millions of dollars in damages.

    Inb4millions of dollars in attorney fees (yet to be decided).

    Other backstory links on case history: Spring Hill, Inc. (dba, Suncoast Rehabilitation Center)

    BREAKING: The press release from Narconon Spring Hill / Sun Coast Rehab attorneys:
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    This is no good man.
    Legalfags please advise.
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    Here's a new press release from the cult:

    Narconon Spring Hill Drug Rehab Center Wins Discrimination Suit In Federal Court - Yahoo! News

    Narconon Spring Hill, a non- profit drug rehabilitation center, won their suit when a federal jury unanimously reached a verdict finding that Hernando County intentionally discriminated against them, according to court documents.

    More at
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    Non-profit is horseshit. Narconons pump all their profit upstream like all Scientology orgs.
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    Some dox: (TonyO Dec14, 2012 - this likely has a thread in media forum where the case was discussed previously) (2011 complaint, requires pacer)
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    Spring Hill drug rehabilitation center planning expansion

    Barbara Behrendt, Tampa Bay Times Staff Writer
    Thursday, March 7, 2013 3:30am

    SPRING HILL — The controversial drug rehabilitation center that landed Hernando County in federal court has announced it will double in size by the end of the year, four years later than originally planned.
    Suncoast Rehabilitation Center on Cessna Drive will increase its patient capacity from 27 beds to 60, according to a news release.
    The release ties the need for expanded services to the federal Affordable Care Act and what the new law will do to expand health services for those who previously could not afford them.
    It is unclear how the expansion will proceed since the county has received no application for a permit nor been ordered by the court to issue a permit. But the expansion will happen, according to Diane Stein, president of JoTo Public Relations, the company that issued the release.
    The rehab center operators "are very passionate about their mission to help people overcome drug addiction," Stein said.
    Narconon filed a motion for an injunction to force the county to approve the permit allowing the expansion.
    "Based on the jury's finding that the county intentionally discriminated against Narconon Spring Hill in denying the January 2009 application, the court should declare the county's actions of June 9, 2009, and June 23, 2009, null and void and declare that special exception use permit SE0901 is in full force as of the date of the judgment,'' Narconon's attorney, Ethan Loeb, wrote.
    The county responded that the judge should not order the county to hand over a permit allowing the expansion because the court was never asked to do that in the original filing or in any motion until after the jury had completed its work.
    "Plaintiff Narconon Spring Hill now, for the first time throughout litigation of this matter, requests that this Honorable Court order a permanent injunction against Hernando County forcing Hernando County to issue a permit to plaintiff Narconon Spring Hill,'' the county's attorney, Douglas Noah, wrote in his response.
    Also, it wasn't the business operator, Narconon, which originally sought the permit, it was the property owner, Toucan Partners, "so . . . any permanent injunction requiring Hernando County to issue a permit would apply only to plaintiff Toucan," Noah wrote. "The jury found that plaintiff Toucan was not entitled to any relief on any of its claims."
    The judge has not yet ruled on the question.
    Barbara Behrendt can be reached at or (352) 848-1434.

    More at source -
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    Psst, Barbara...a word in your shell-like ear...the word is 'certification'.
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    They don't need to ask for permission--they ARE the authorities!
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