Narconon Florida Turning Up The Heat

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. grebe Member

    The Vitamin Conspiracy unravels! Mwahaha!
    Narconon dudes be deleting their LinkedIns pretty quick, I reckon.
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Was talking to Media in Florida earlier today about a Narconon possibly being evicted?

    Are there any posts on WWP about this?

    If it's for failure to pay rent, I wouldn't be surprised if the Cult, through an arms-length
    shell company, jumps is recue them to avoid MORE bad Media and Public PR Flaps?

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  3. cheryl alderman narconon.jpg
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  4. Some start ITT, about here:
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Jump back to page 2, post 51.

    It's Narconon Florida in Clearwater. (Supposedly an outpatient clinic.)
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  6. Intelligence Member

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  7. Intelligence Member

    Appears the ONLY Narconon to be operating in Florida when the subject
    one closes, is a tiny, very small one. [soon to be gone too I hope]

    So, with NN Arrowhead "Tits-Up" sooner than they think and NN Georgia in big
    trouble, the East and Mid-West USA will be "Clear" of NN's soon, eh'?:)

    Been to California a few times and I LOVE IT OVER THERE:):):)

    Already have tentative plans, including one of my family members to join me
    in some California "Fun-In-The-Sun" times - Yahoo:-

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  8. RightOn Member

    have fun David!! take a well deserved break!
  9. Internetzin Member

    Sounds like good Love R&R and well deserved
  10. anonymous612 Member

    There's a Narconon up in North Florida somewhere too. Jacksonville, Pensacola, somewhere around there.
  11. DeathHamster Member

    Two. Narconon Gulf Coast (Destin) and Narconon Spring Hill (on the coast, north of Clearwater).
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  12. anonymous612 Member

    Thank you, Destin was the one I was thinking of. IIRC it's a pretty significant-sized facility.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    It's a converted house with < 20 beds.
    Notice that they don't say how many beds (bunks?) they cram into each bedroom.
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  14. Intelligence Member

    R&R? No-No-No there's still NN's in California that need a spanking?:)

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  15. Internetzin Member

    Tsk tsk what did we say about taking care of ones self.
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  16. YouSeeNothing Member

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  17. YouSeeNothing Member

    The only line item in expenses that approaches their 10% fee to Narconon Int'l is the Advertising Fee of ~$228k (~10% of stated $2.8M fee income) Part IX line 12. That's if these places follow the W.I.S.E. payment plan.
  18. anonymous612 Member

    Interesting.... okay not really

    She was charged with a first degree misdemeanor of this crime (see section b). She plead no contest (and I believe represented herself, stupid bint), and the judge withheld adjucation. Then...if I'm reading this correctly, she failed to pay the court and they reissued an arrest warrant, and then recalled it (presumably because she got off her ass and paid).

    No idea why it would be listed as reopened this long after, unless it's because of the new warrant issued and they never REclosed it (or at least never fixed the website).
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  19. It is super duper hot in Southern CA right now....just warning you. Also, if you are getting a car and driving around in So CA, be sure to give yourself at least 1.5 hours to get anywhere that is >25 miles because school is back in session and vacations are over (mostly) so the freeways are jammed right now with retards.

    PM me if you want additional So CA-getting around advice. We live and breathe by the traffic patterns so one gets quite good at knowing which route to take at what time.
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  20. YouSeeNothing Member

    The worthless check case from 1998 was reopened, the parking ticket case in 2008 was closed. Both of them are useless, but lulzy. Unless the worthless check case being reopened is tied in with the eviction.
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  21. YouSeeNothing Member

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  22. Internetzin Member

    So now she out she still like rubber checks
  23. Internetzin Member

    My Bad wrong Debbie
  24. YouSeeNothing Member

    Food and housing write-offs for students that are supposed to be at an out-patient facility.
    I get the feeling that this is going to turn out to be something like Narconon GA.
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Narconon FL may already be evicted. Apparently the listed address is empty and has a sign that just reads "Trim," whatever that means.
  26. DeathHamster Member

    Maybe they give them a sammich for lunch so that the students are sessionable. (Not that Narconon has auditing sessions, no no no!)
  27. Anonymous Member

    Why isn't the US Federal Trade Commission interested in Narconon? Don't they handle major cases of fraud?

    non-US Anon here
  28. I use to work for this lady she is a fraud to say the least, we never got her pay checks on time, and if I am not payed the money that I'm owed; God have mercy on her soul, since I have information that is confidential and will put her out of business, ruin her whole business, and a lot worse.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Do it.
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  30. anonymous612 Member

    Do it for the lulz, man.
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  31. Internetzin Member

  32. YouSeeNothing Member

  33. BigBeard Member

    TRIM = "Truth in Millage" and has to do with property taxes.

  34. anonymous612 Member

    Looking closer into it, I see a "Trim Nutrition Pharmacy" listed at the same address, so I would say it's been replaced, yes.

    BigBeard: Not quite.
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  35. YouSeeNothing Member

    Good news! Thanks!
  36. Related to NN Gulf Coast: Does anybody know what PCA Enterprises, LLC, is? Its filing with the Florida Secretary of State [PDF] lists Deborah Ross as the company's manager. I called the number listed, which she answered as "rehab center." The conversation was short-lived, and she didn't tell me exactly what PCA Enterprises is or does. The company was a plaintiff with NN Gulf Coast in a 2011 lawsuit against the City of Destin, Fla.
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  37. YouSeeNothing Member

    Guessing here...this is similar to Narconon Freedom Center in that they closed one rehab, use the certification from the old one to open a new one under a different name. If they answered "Rehab" on the phone when you called that may be just what it is. Let's see if they file a DBA, or try for non-profit status eventually.

    I searched their EIN (452560512) in and it doesn't come up as a non-profit.
    Could just be a for-profit holding corp.?

    Corporation Wiki data:
  38. anonymous612 Member

    Guys. The contact phone number here as well as the email address are both Narconon Gulf Coast. Called to confirm, and you can match the numbers online, too.

    Frontgroup for the frontgroup, I'd say.
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  39. grebe Member

    Still vitamins and detox though:

    Trim Nutrition, Inc has a location in Clearwater, FL. Active officers include Brent J Agin, Brent J Agin, Marian Kapusta and Don Pierce. Trim Nutrition, Inc filed as a Domestic for Profit Corporation on Tuesday, July 01, 2008 in the state of Florida and is currently active. The company's line of business includes Ret & Whol Nutrition.

    Officers at Trim Nutrition, Inc
    Click on [IMG] to the left of the name to see the Connection Visualizer.
    [IMG] Brent J Agin CEO at Trim Nutrition, Inc
    Manager at Choice Wellness, LLC
    Vice President at Daryle Jones, Inc.
    CEO at Imri Inc.
    Chairman and COO at Lean Spirits, Inc.
    Manager at Max Cutter LLC
    Manager at Precision Dietary Consulting LLC
    Manager at Precision Medical Center, LLC
    Manager at Precision Weight Loss, LLC
    Manager at Skincity, LLC
    Manager at Teaza Energy LLC
    President at Wellness Health Management Inc
    Hide other companies
    Palm Harbor, FL
    [IMG] Brent J AginChief Executive Officer at Trim Nutrition, Inc
    Clearwater, FL
    [IMG] Marian Kapusta Managing Member at Trim Nutrition Pharmacy, LLC
    Clearwater, FL
    [IMG] Don PierceGeneral Manager at Trim Nutrition, Inc
    Clearwater, FL
    Companies associated with Trim Nutrition, Inc
    [IMG] Trim Nutrition Pharmacy, LLCManager is an active role held by Trim Nutrition, Inc
    Clearwater, FL

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  40. Anonymous Member

    They don't say what the results were.

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