Narconon Exploiting Patients For Free Labour

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

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  2. Intelligence Member


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  3. Anonymous Member

    The smoking gun
    Tip of the ice berg
    beginning of the end
    David Love is amazing : )
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  4. Woo Hah Member


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  5. another123 Member

    333 F.Supp. 357 (1971)
    UNITED STATES of America, Libelant,
    An ARTICLE OR DEVICE . . . "HUBBARD ELECTROMETER" or "Hubbard E-Meter," etc.,
    Founding Church of Scientology et al., Claimants.
    No. D.C. 1-63.
    United States District Court, District of Columbia.
    July 30, 1971.
    reference link:
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  6. AuntAnonymous Member

    Wish there was a 'good find' rating.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    These ^^^ Auditing/Sessions/Hours are not done with E-Meter, but dox are a few of many
    hundreds of more dox I have that ties NN to the COS in a sweet package of expose.

    What we used as Course Supervisors at NN TR, was a COS Handbook that we kept locked
    away in the student File cabinet during Objective Auditing Sessions. Would pull in out
    during Sessions to compare written and Student indicators to see if Student was "CRACKED."

    Off to an ORG Protest in a few minutes - - will post more Dox tonight - - some I received
    direct for two sources at FLAG and some from sources in Canada/ Australia.

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  8. Anonymous Member

    because she is fucking retarded.....I heard she couldn't answer a simple 10th amendment (nullification) during her campaign for Gov.
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  9. another123 Member

    Damn. :( Was hoping for some good old fashioned door busting raids as in days gone by....
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  10. Intelligence Member

    Tomorrow interview time Schedule is confimed with Victims. And interview with
    a major NATIONAL MEDIA is confirmed early afternoon tomorrow.

    A VERY busy week ahead with this ^^^ and a submission to have Quebec's Tax Status REVOKED.

    Expecting 25 page Report from Canada Government by weeks end or beginning of next week.

    With what happening in the USA and Canada right now, it blows me away! Another lawsuit was
    filed today against NN AH and should be more soon:

    Everywhere I walk, ***I SMELL & HEAR CLASS ACTION*** Jingle Bells soon :)

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Class Action settlement with gag orders built-in is how they got to Gerry Armstrong, all the pressure from the other people wanting the money settlement.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    Dox? I didn't know that any of Gerry Armstrong's cases were class actions.

    The only class action I recall against Scientology was a giant cluster-fuck for a $billion in damages that was blown out of court.
    As I recall, Armstrong signed an agreement with cash and a gag, but in return, Scientology was to take him off their radar. When they continued to harass/defame him, he felt released from his side of the agreement.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Funny how they knew exactly how much to sue for.
  14. Intelligence Member

    Another interesting item crossed my desk today concerning the USA HIPPA Laws.

    Because NN uses two patients to Drill, Train, and Audit through the entire program,
    and when an Intern is signed on, all of these patients are privy to each other's case files
    and confidential patient information; especially the Intern, who in many cases, photocopies
    much of the patient files.

    Also, when a patient is assigned a Twin, they may have one, two, three or more Twins during
    their NN Program. Their confidential patient info can and in many cases, is seen by many.

    As I have seen and experienced, this confidential patient information is sometimes used after
    the patient graduates. Doesn't appear to be a big deal in Canada, but the USA takes a much
    stronger stance.

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  15. YouSeeNothing Member

    Intelligence, does that private info make it up lines to be used later against patients or does it stay local?
  16. Intelligence Member

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  17. YouSeeNothing Member

    Speaking from ignorance here, but I don't think doctor's records--aside from prescriptions nowadays--go "uplines" to any depository?
  18. Intelligence Member

    I'm, referring to the Patient Auditing Sessions, Ethics Cycles, PTS Interviews, which contain,
    in many cases, confidential personal and medical information. If there are FLAPS concerning
    a Patient acting out or complaining about meds being taken away or not administered or they
    have an illness that THEY saay is interferring with Objectives Auditing, patient data is sent

    If a patient speaks out after leaving, all hell breaks lose with confidential patient data being sent
    uplines asap, and it's used against them to attck credibility and Dead Agent. I'm not just referring
    to my situation, but many others.

    But the real issue, is Patients seeing each other's confidential patient information during the
    program and while Interns are photcopying and filing documents.

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  19. Quentinanon Member

    Never fear to hurt another in a just cause. The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.
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  20. Intelligence Member

    And boy, is this ^^^ ever more true than some know. Especially in the "Ok to lie" realm.

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  21. Quentinanon Member

    In the Guardian Office, if you hesitated about lying to a WOG, your senior would say to you, "Don't forget about your purpose line!"
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  22. Intelligence Member


    Still waiting for a couple documents before submitting complaint.

  23. Anonymous Member

    OSA, if you are reading this thread, can you feel your balls being squeezed?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    That assumes that they have them. Clearly they don't.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    OSA got balls?
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  26. jensting Member

    nope, David Miscavige cut 'em off
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  27. Intelligence Member

    UPDATE - -

    Received a lot of input on this Intern issue over past few days and a couple meetings.

    For now, I can only say that much work will be done over next weeks to compile a
    comprehensive compilation of evidence documents, statements, and a lengthy submission
    will be delivered in due course.

    I am confident this process will effect a positive response and EPIC WINS:)


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  28. Anonymous Member

    Can I help with anything?
  29. Intelligence Member

    I don't know who this is? PM me :)

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  30. Intelligence Member

    I was going to take entire weekend off, but after watching three Netflix movies last
    night, I'm ready to Rock N' Roll and will begin drafting a detailed cover letter today:)

    Time is of the essence <3
  31. Intelligence Member

    SHIT!!! Running out of Printer-Ink AGAIN - OUCH - LOL :)

    HINT FOR INVESTORS >>> "Buy Popcorn and Ink-Jet STOCKS":)

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  32. Intelligence Member

    Hiring interns for free labor is a no-no - -


    I'm a "Friend" :)
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  33. Intelligence Member

    A pending arguement that, no doubt, Narconon may try, is that the Intern receives room and board in exchange for wages?

    IMO, this will not hold water. The State and Federal government in the USA is being denied State and Federal income taxes, the Employer (Narconon), avoids paying Unemployment Insurance contributions and Social Security benefits etc.

    If Narconon was abididing by the Law, they MUST pay a minimum wage, with deductions, then charge the Employee a fee for room and board.

    So, not only is Narconon ripping off the Employee, but also State and Federal government.

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  34. anonamus Member

    I totally admire you for your persistant effort to bring Narconon to justice, mr. Love.
    You really KSW -Keep Scientology Wane.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    WE WILL WIN - - Many, many other Anons are contributing to EXPOSE this INTERN SCAM:)

    I believe this project will WIN without a doubt.

    It is VERY cruel and Exploitive and as the Quebec Human Rights Commission stated in their milestone decision (that we are using as Case Precedent):

    Charter forbids all forms of exploitation aimed at the aged and the handicapped. The Tribunal finds that the legislation does not only address economic exploitation, but also concerns physical, psychological, and social or moral exploitation.

    The Tribunal finds that there was nothing to justify such exploitation. Even if one were to accept the argument that regular work brought certain advantages to the residents, this could not in anyway justify exploitation on the part of the employer who unscrupulously benefited from such labour without ever paying any form of remuneration.

    The evidence also showed that staff members lacked the qualifications required to work in such a centre. Mr. Coutu showed a preference for individuals and employees whose only qualifications rested on family ties. The Tribunal also finds that the residents were subjected, on a daily basis, to behaviour and situations which violated their rights: staff members showed contempt and a lack of respect towards the residents; the residents were regularly treated as if they were children and often placed into humiliating situations which did not respect their right to privacy. The residents were deprived of their rights by outdated institutional practices that were put into place and tolerated by the administration. Moreover, the violation of the residents' rights by Mr. Coutu and the complaints under his control was both intentional and deliberate.

    ***The Tribunal rejects the argument that the residents or others consented to such treatment. There can be no consent or agreement with respect to exploitation.***

    # # #

    Another Decision will be made early 2013 concerning the FIVE (5) Cases under investigation concerning NN TR et al.

    # # #

    I am extremely PUMPED about this USA Intern matter - - very EXCITED :)

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  36. Intelligence Member

    Thanks to Mary for this ^^^ :)

    Following Walling, the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) issued a six-part test to help determine whether an individual is a trainee, as opposed to an employee requiring compensation. According to the DOL, if all of the following criteria apply, the trainees are not employees within the meaning of the FLSA and need not be paid:

    1.The training, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to that which would be given in a vocational school;

    This is of interest because the training received could only be used at Narconon and not transferable to any other rehab for employment, as per what vocational school/training is for.

    Which then brings into question:

    2.The training is for the benefit of the trainees;

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  37. Intelligence Member

    As in much of what the COS does and how they operate, they quite often walk a very thin line in legal terms; often making it difficult for litigation - - especially when one must hire a Lawyer.

    However, this Intern issue would be investigated by USA government investigators and ajudicated by the State.

    Also important, is having a few individuals who were exploited, stating their case details concerning exactly what happened? In many cases, the Patient recruitment onto staff, or in these cases as an Intern, began before they even finished the Narconon Program.

    In most Interships, it is students from high school, college or university, looking for work-place experience that they can use as school credits, resume's, and real work experience.

    That said, this matter will not cost any money to file, nor will it cost any of the Complainants any money for Investigators and Lawyers.

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  38. Intelligence Member

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  39. TorontosRoot Member

    So many good dox! Keep 'em comin'
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for that, It's good to see how an internship should be managed. Makes for a dramatically stark comparison.

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