Narconon employee exchange - LRH and Native Americans?

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by AnonKiwi, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. AnonKiwi Member

    Narconon employee exchange - LRH and Native Americans?

    Hi folks. Been exchanging mails with a New Zealander who was involved with a Narconon front here. She's not a Scilon and has been out of the org for a large number of years, but I thought her bit about the Native American sweat-lodge was interesting.

    Any /b/lackup to that claim? It's a strong attractant to NZ'ers working on Maori health issues. Dox would be nice!

    Anyway, the exchange for your interest:

  2. gaza Member

    [I suppose I am not much help. Gary left NZ in 1998 to live in Australia where he got married I believe he was still with the church for awhile, but from what I could gather Scientology stuffed up his marriage so he left the church when he and his wife split.

    Damm I hope that someone can back this up. if they can ,I'll gladly beat the shit out of the person who did this to me. What would happen to me "prison" naa not in this country. I do have a idea on who could do that to me.

    Come on put your money where your mouth is

  3. JOE Member

    Re: Narconon employee exchange - LRH and Native Americans?

    The reason that Ngati Arohanui used Narconon was that there were no drug program that help with:
    1. Glue sniffers
    2. No program took on the fact that the person is indegenous person with all there own believes etc..
    3. Didn't give the person more drugs!!!

    Ngati Arohanui looked world wide for a program to be used here in Aotearoa. They ended up looking at two programs. They chose Narconon due to the Native American component of "Chiloco".

    A team of 4 people flew to Chiloco to train on there running of a Narconon program. These 4 later run th Narconon program here in Auckland. Betty Wark of Ngati Arohanui didn't care where the program came from. She once said I don't care if the Hare Krishna wrote it. She only thought about giving people a better life.

    Nagti Arohanui did ask a couple of the Native American's if they would like to come to Aotearoa and see how the Maori live and how we intereacted with white people. Native American's were teated like shit by most, if not all Americans that's also counting the Scientologest who used a Policy called "fair enchange" to get all the "True Ameicans" to work in the kitchern as bus boys. None came as they had no money and all had crimanal records (visa problems)

    Betty used Narconon for her own ends.

    Hay you try to walk in Betty's shoe's. She would try anything that might help. That was what was so great about her.

    There's so much wriitten about Taffy Hotene who ended up doing some real evil shit. Do you know how many guys have killed and raped well living at under the care of Betty's!!!!. Taffy was not the first. no where near it. Betty looked after some of the most dangerous men in Auckland. These men were dumped on her by Probation. Taffy was such a man.

    I'm no great fan of scientology. I am a great fan of Betty's work
  4. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Narconon employee exchange - LRH and Native Americans?

    Bullshit! I've worked / observed in iwi / kopapa based programs or hadn't you heard of the Maori Renaissance and the Iwi's beginning to take back the reference point of healthcare to one based in the phakapapa and te tangata whanua! How hard did you look "ALL OVER THE WORLD" to find something? There's a Hawaikiki version at the Community Health Center of Waianae on Oahu. WTF sort of "search" did you do? How about "Hombres Nobles Buscando Balance" by Jerry Tello and Roberto Carrillo for Latino/a's and Northern Mexicano/a indigenous tribes like the Pascua Yaqui?

    Don't try to tell me the ONLY choice for Ngati Arohanui was NarCONon or that it was even the BEST choice. You just walked into my home turf in a whole lot of different ways. Go figure out what the whanau has actually done with sovereignty applied to healthcare, then go look up multiculturalism. Just because the US' "Matrix Program" did absolutely nothing and was thrown out of Aotearoa in 1996 DOES NOT MEAN there weren't other culturally appropriate approaches to apply way back even then.

    You don't know wtf you're talking about. My friends on West Coast would be laughing their asses off if they thought of Ngati ARohanui Trust actually thought what you seem to. You got suckered by Pakeha coz.. fuck's sake, suck it up and admit it. You should go read Elizabeth Rata's "Neo-tribal Capitalism" for on whys and ways Aotearoa should place national economy before "quaint and humble burial rituals and the like."

    Only a jafa would swallow the line that there wasn't an alternative. That where you from mate? Wot's yer iwi, coz?
  5. JOE Member

    Re: Narconon employee exchange - LRH and Native Americans?

    What the FucK ar you on about!!! You sit behind your keyboad and tell other people what they should do. Tell me, I take it that you did your 1 week work in helping the poor Maori and felt some sort of "feelin good for yourself" or maybe you are a just a well read fuck wit who know nothing of the real world.

    Only some sort of wanker insults me, not on my race/iwi but on the area I live in. How fucked up is thay? What about they kill all jaffa's (thats a person that lives in Auckland) would that make you feel better??? Naa I know we kill all people who disagree or upset you. You ask me what's my iwi (tribe), yes I know my whakapapa (family tree) ohh shit I know it back to Kupa. No this does not make me better then someone who does not know their whakapapa and I have met lots of Maori that have no idea of who they are or what their iwi is. Does that make they less of a Maori, it does by your yard stick in you atemp to make me a less of a person. You speak like a white person. To make you right you have to be-little me
    P.S. If you wish to write Maori words please spell then right

    There has been no other group like Ngati Arohanui. It was never a SOG (State owm group) or under there contorl so it had the ability to look around for programs that were not labeled as the norm. The begining of Betty's Ngati Arohanui was some 40 years ago in the slum area of Freemans Bays so they have been in the front line since then. What other group can you name that has been around that long?

    Ngati Arohanui did use local made programs, but they fell short in trying to fix an imported problem such as Drugs and Alcohol. When I said they looked all over the world you do understand that I don't mean that literary you do understand that. NO Maori that did the Narconon program got into Scn, not one Did Ngati Arohanui have a 66% sucess rate, hell no maybe 10-15% would they still be using that program. That I don't know. We did find program that used a sweat lodge run by Tami iti of Tuhoe under their group Men with nga moko against violence (something like that) You see Ngati Arohanui was always looking for something better.

    These other program you wrote about such as "Hawaikiki version at the Community Health Center of Waianae on Oahu" came on they have only in the last 10 years started to speak there own lang. I spoke with people that were over they this year for Maori TV. They were doing a big program on the them. Speak to people or go to the coal face ask them whats going on, you'll get a diff story them. Life there is not so great for them they are doing good things, but have along way to catch up to Maori.

    Look I'm not here to get into a debate on whose right or wrong anybody that works in that field gets a pat on the back.

    P.S Ok my spelling and gramma's not that great I'm not a unversity train person, but it's still not bad for a person that left school at the age of 13 or a jaffa
  6. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Narconon employee exchange - LRH and Native Americans?

    Joe I appreciate your insight into NA, and I have no doubt that Betty Wark worked tirelessly to help Maori blighted with drugs and crime. However, Scientology is a criminal cult and itself works tirelessly to infiltrate other organisations. It has billions of dollars to spend on this task, I doubt Betty and NA ever saw much of that cash though, right?

    If we've come across as overly critical of NA here on the forums it is because we had been unsure just how badly the Scientologists had coopted the NA leadership. I think we were pretty close to the mark. Not all of NA we into Scientology, but Scientology appears to have been able to exert a good deal of influence over NA.

    We would more than welcome correct and up to date information on the status of NA so we can inform our government and council contacts if it is not currently employing the completely flawed Narconon techniques you seem to think are so great.

    Please keep in mind that we're not trying to get rid of NA, we'd be happy to get rid of Scientology's influence in NA though. It is not an exageration to say that just about everything Scientology touches turns to crap, it would be great if NA didn't.

    Returning to the topic of the program, you make a few fundamental mistakes that I think Betty must have made. Settling on Narconon as an program supported/developed by Native Americans is a plain factual error, one you can easily read about yourself simply by searching these forums for "blackfoot" and "hubbard". The Narconon Exposed website talks about this as well. I accept that the volume of information about the evil, racist little bastard that Hubbard was probably wasn't as easily available now as it was when Betty set up NA, but now is not the time to bury ones head in the sand.

    As for the idea that treating a drug problem with more drugs is somehow implying that all drugs are equal. If that's the case, I'm seriously pissed off that my Panadol hasn't been giving me any awesome trips! If you ask me you're in danger of falling for Scientology's propaganda about that evils of all drugs.

    More than happy to keep discussing this topic here or via private message or via email (andrewnonynony (at) gmail (dot) com).

    Also, curious how you found us??
  7. snippy Member

    This is an interesting discussion. And this terrible man (who I never heard of) is history as of 2009:

    Any Kiwi Anons recall this thread?
  8. My name is Andrew I lived at 8 hopetoun st with Betty from the age of 16 for a year and again when I was 18.
    I did the Narcanon program the second time I was there.
    Betty was a great lady, she was hard but fair, I truly believe she had peoples best interests at heart.
    As for the Narcanon program, the only word I could use is CRAZY BULLSHIT.
    From sitting in a sauna for 5 hours strait to reading insane textbooks and taking huge amounts of vitamins twice daily, it was just nuts.
    As for Betty the only mistake she ever made was leaving the trust in the hands of lil who squandered all the funds and destroyed everything Betty had built in a very short time.
    <Mod Edit: Email removed>
  9. Welcome.

    I hope you are doing well now. Be advised those vitamin bombs are bad for the liver so if you have a doc, have that checked out.

    I'm sure there are others with questions for you:). There is also a site for people who have gone through similar experiences called Reaching For the Tipping Point. Please consider doing their Narconon survey.

    Good luck!
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  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    May I suggest you register an account here. this will allow you access our personal messaging system. In the meantime I will remove your email address, as I think having it here on an open board may be inviting harassment from lurkers with unsavoury motives.
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    not a good idea to use your actual name
    for safety reasons, register with another name
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