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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, May 14, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    No NN TR Leased from Thetasoft - here is the story on this: (we purchased all 88 pages of Land Title dox)
    NN TR only has Federal Charitable Status, which I have already asked the Commission to investigate
    and revoke. That's why I made a 2nd trip to Senator's office in Ottawa.

  2. Zak McKracken Member

    I was kidding about the being a church/not being a church,
    but do they still manage the same sort of tax exemption?

    Or is "Federal Charitable Status" not as broad and as generous?
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  3. Intelligence Member

    This doc here is the Quebec Health Agency cover page of Inspection. Must wait until
    NN TR's Appeal time limit has expired - then Confidential may be moot. Will seel legal
    advice before posting, but I think it's in the public interest to see the entire picture, including
    all the Dox I submitted (about 3,700 pages - but only about 1,000- to 1,500 of interest).

  4. Intelligence Member

    Sorry, my mind is so DOXED right now, I simply reply on Auto-Pilot,..., LOL :):):)

    No all ORGS in Canada do NOT have Federal Charitable Status because there are not recognized as a religion in Canada - ONLY a convicted organization. But the Cities and Communities have given them proerty tax exemptions and school tax exemtions as a "Church". I am opposing this along with an Ottawa Senator:)

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  5. Intelligence Member

    It's a massive place way out in the middle of nowhere - hard to get to for protest, but working on it.

  6. Intelligence Member

    When dealing with government Formal Complaints that I submit, I NEVER file ALL the
    Dox in my first submision - only enough to warrant an investigation. The defendant receives
    a copy of my complaint and responds accordingly. Then the government allows me to submit
    a "Rebuttal Response" - - this is a great system.

    It allows catching them in lies and CRUSHING them with an overwhelming rebuttal to their "Resonse"
    document that I receive. Take a look at the following to my initial complaint:

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Posting in epic thread.
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  8. Intelligence Member

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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Seriously, NN TR didn't stand a chance of being Certified/Accredited by the time
    we inundated them with the Rebuttal Dox that referred to everything that they
    submitted in their "Response" to the original Formal Complaint.

    I should be able to post the entire 204 pages soon, plus the Original complaint.

    And before the 204 page Rebuttal was submitted, I hand delivered about 550 pages:

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  11. jensting Member

    OSA might think that's close enough for journalist use, but a court of law might equally well have a different view :)

    Best regards

  12. jensting Member

    I'm liking what I read, here
    We will indeed. Let's hope it goes to court and the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology tries with the excellent "evidence" submitted in the Paris fraud trial (receipts in euros .. from before the introduction of the euro - oooops!).

    Best Regards

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  13. jensting Member

    "Like" is just not adequate to describe how I feel about this post.

    Best Regards

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  14. RolandRB Member

    For me, this confirms the link with Narconon being controlled by the CoS.
  15. RightOn Member

    that pic of Narconon being the bridge to Scientology is gold too
  16. RolandRB Member

    Fake receipts could come in useful if you have copies.
  17. RolandRB Member

    It is not as good. It could be that some guy got the wrong idea and it got overlooked and got published. It does not come near an IRS submission.
  18. RightOn Member

    never said it did. I just said it was gold
  19. Xenu Is Lord Member

    The ABLE connection is right on, also I love this pic so much. It shows Narconon comes from a Central ORG, with the caption "Central Organization, responsible for every sector of Scientology across the entire geographic zone". This means Scientology sees Narconon as a "Scientology sector" and that the ORG is responsible for it. So much for separate entities.
    It furthermore shows that Scientology does not see Narconon any different than the Volunteer Ministers, Dianetics or the Way to Happness.
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  20. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Also Narconon is the only one displayed 3 times in that photo, if is is an acurate depiction of the video, it means to me that they see Narconon as more Scientology than any of the other programs.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Each piece of evidence builds on the others and when it's laid out in a gradient to
    governments and authorities - - each piece plants a "Memory Marker" in the readers mind.

    I didn't just submit documents by mail and email, I went right to the offices of the Canada Competition Bureau,
    Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ontario College of Physicians, CSST, CAVAC, the
    Senator's Office in Ottawa twice, and several visits to the Quebec Human Rights Commission - even
    spending two full days there under oath, giving statements.

    When I first sat down with QHRC, the invesitigator didn't or couldn't believe what I was telling her. To her,
    it was incomprehensible and she had trouble understanding the first day. It was the documents that
    backed up and proved what I was saying was true, was the most important thing. One QHRC staff who
    is no longer on the case, was nearly in tears (as was I), one day and we had to take a break.

    Any Cases to do with the COS is a trying ordeal and explaining on a Gradient is crucial - - otherwise
    it's simply too confusing and overwhelming to them.

    I won't be posting very many more dox until end of May. I'm pushing to have my book
    finished by then and hopefully published in June sometime? Working around the clock
    right now.

    Investigators are aware of this ^^^^^ schedule and also know that they better get their ass in gear
    because some things in the book will certainly cause concern:)

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