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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, May 14, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Thanks. Trying to be extra safe and making additional "Back-Up" arrangements
    to the already arranged "Back-Ups" for dox and evidence,..., LOL,..., :)

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I'll bet they wish that had just paid you the salary and benefits you were owed, instead of trying to haggle it down to save themselves a few hundred dollars.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    David - I know I asked before, but I forgot when is your court case. We are eagerly looking forward to it.
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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ...and we're not afraid to use it!
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  5. Intelligence Member

    No date is set yet. May have news soon. New formal investigations to begin soon. Just putting dox together tonight after work:)
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  6. Intelligence Member

    NN TR Director, Marc Bernard, is not the sharpest pencil in the box. Yes, they could have settled this wee problem flap a few times, but instead "played with themselves.":) Too late now OSA, all the dox and evidence will be presented in a court of law and the guilty will be accountable.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Thank you:)
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  8. Intelligence Member

    We are now 13 plus months into the first Case with the Human Rights Commission.

    The second Case was filed on February 9, 2011. So they have 15 months from this Date for this Second Case.

    The first Case should prcoceed to Court soon?

    Then we still have the Superior Court Civil Case (At least one)

    We're going to be at this for a few years yet, but I'll still be here, battling One Case At A Time:)

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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Just signed another years lease on my Beautiful Mansion, LOL, so I'm not going anywhere till we get results:)

    I don't know what's more dangerous, the COS or the Beautiful Hood I live in, LOL. At least no gun fire noise tonight,..., YET:)

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  11. Anonymous Member

    I think you can take this opportunity to learn some French. I was actually thinking about going to Quebec to take some French classes. It's too bad that they speak with a horrible accent.
  12. Intelligence Member

    French? Well I did think about it one time, but for now I'm still try to learn the Anoneezze here on the Forum, and
    the COS jargon,..., LOL.

    It took me 6 months to finally figure out what the heck "<3" was and I still don't know what "FIFY" is :):):) (maybe it's French)

    seriously, it would be great if I could speak and understad French while here in Quebec.
    Mostly, it's not a problem not knowing French, but when it is a problem; especially when
    confronted by a Québecois person. Some are adament that ALL Canadians should speak French

    And when a Stubborn Quebecois and a Stubborn Irishman lock horns, it can be contentious,..., LOL.
    So usually back off and respect the predominant French Canadian Province now live in and their
    rights to only speak French if they so chose.

    It was a culture shock when I first arrived, but now it's no problem. I am learning a little bit of French
    and most of the people can speak both English and French.

    At Narconon Trois-Rivieres, nearly all the Patients are English only speaking. Once in a blue moon,
    a French only Patient arrives, but has problems doing the program unless there is a Twin who speaks French.
    Usually, they scurry for a French speaking Staff Member to help.

    Pretty strange having an English Rehab Center right in the middle of a city that is majority French ONLY speaking.
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  13. Triumph Member

    your gonna need a bigger file cabinet
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  14. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., Still working on what to do as another back-up for Dox. I now have over 10,000 friggin pages, not including the ,more than 6,000 emails. Most of these are not essential, but there are a thousand or so pages that are essential. The wheels of justice moves slow, so I'll put as many wheels as possible in motion, heading down the road to Victory.

    And we're going to have one hell of a lot of wheels turning before the end of July.

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  15. Intelligence Member

    This is the Release and Discharge I refused to sign. They demanded $5,000.00
    every time I spoke about Narconon/scientology, and BIDING on my Heirs (Family).

    LOL,..., I probably would have owed them a tidy sum by now:):):)

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  16. Triumph Member

    Hell Hath no fury like David Love scorned

    David you are a hornets nest of epic proportion
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  17. Anonymous Member

    David - I still google IANAL, or IMHO and I actually had to PM somebody to ask what <3 was. So you're not alone, haha.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    David you are, without a doubt, too cute! ;)
  19. BigBeard Member


    FIFY = Fixed It For Ya

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  20. Intelligence Member

    Draft Form Only - Will be CC'ed to other Police Agencies, Including FBI and Political Entities.

    Very lengthy and comprehensive.

    Nearly done and ready for proof and edit.

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  21. Intelligence Member

    Cute? Now? No, I'm too old to be &quot;Cute&quot;

    But perhaps this image from my Dox Archives back in 1952 is &quot;Cute&quot;,..., LOL,..., :):):)

  22. Intelligence Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    You haven't changed much from that picture, LOL.
  24. any chance of getting all this rerishious sauce in one downloadable file plox?
  25. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., Ya think so eh?:)
  26. Intelligence Member

    What does "rerishious" mean? File "plox"? C'mon you young "Whipper-Snappers", speak Irish English,..., LOL.

    Well, yes, there is about 1,200 pages stored online and will be released to every corner of the Internet
    if I should meet an untimely demise, but I must be care what and when I post certain Dox right at this moment.

    You will see and have access to much more by end of July 2011.

    Can't comment much at this very moment. Trust me, when I say I am just as impatient as many, and
    would Love to post it ALL, but that would be a huge mistake right now:)

  27. rerishious is what scooby doo says when he means delishiuos as for plox i had no fekken clue aye!
    just drop me a line when they become available for d/l and good luck with everything. you're awesome.
  28. Intelligence Member

    Was just on the phone with my Lawyer. The Case to be filed in the Quebec Superior Court
    has been narrowed down to and be focussed mainly on "Medical Malpractice" against
    the Entities.

    Expect mid August Court Filing. Two Lawyers are working diligently on this complex case, dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's.:-

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  29. Intelligence Member

    Decision is made. I have struggled with this more than any other thought. Spoke to my lawyer today and this new case will take a long time. So I will split my new book into part one and part two. First part: life leading up to Narconon, time at NN, and the adventure and work up until we file in Superior Court. Part two: the threats, intimidation, harassment, the court battles, and the "behind the scenes", complex legalities and strategies that I could not discuss in part one. Hope to have part one ready to go by this Fall: subject to lawyer approval. Hang onto your socks OSA, AND perhaps you should consider concentrating your "EXPANSION" on a larger RPF and let go of expansion of Narconon in Canada:)
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  30. Anonymous Member

    This is great news David. I'm looking forward to reading your books.
  31. Intelligence Member

    Thank you; it certainly has been a long haul and only a small percentage of dox and story has been posted here. Behind the scenes intelligence has been incredible. Anonymous is part of my battle successes, which will be in the book. I hope I can portray the reality of how important Anonymous is and the affect it is having against the cos. I think I enjoy writing more than any other thing in life,..., well almost everthing:) ,..., must keep an open mind and remain flexible to possible future enjoys (no pun intended:))
  32. Anonymous Member

    Received the relay message, but was unable to reply directly due to high winds damaging the only tower in the district. Shipment arrived but am having some trouble with the lorry due to the cold weather. The Commander has promised a loaner for tomorrow. We can get to the facility without taking to the higher elevations, but it will take a bit longer. The local concoction of homemade and off-sale fends off the cold quite well: I don't know how you people can stand those long winters -- I am going to need a month on the coast after this run. Anyway, keep up the good work we'll be in touch in a few days over the normal channels.

    Do you have a French Consulate nearby? They may have a language program. Even though, I am not in a former French Colony, the Consulate offers courses in conversational French.
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  33. Intelligence Member

    Here is bunch of old Coms between SCILON LAW FIRM and Myself.

  34. Intelligence Member

  35. Intelligence Member

    This Com was in response to Com I wrote to a certain Staff Member who's Stable atum was iffy:)
    They were in fear of this person sending me more emails that would further Tarnish NN TR's reputation,..., LOL.

  36. Intelligence Member

    Annonymous Intell is AWESOME!

  37. Intelligence Member

    A BIG WIN DAY :)

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  38. Intelligence Member

    Disgusting - People Viewed as Products!

  39. Intelligence Member

  40. Intelligence Member

    Yes, They Did Prove To Be Important :)

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