Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

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    Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Narconon Dangers and Health Risks - Part One

    It is not a matter of “if” another person will die, it is a matter of “when.” Narconon is a dangerous rehab center and the health risks and dangers to the Canadian public must not be tolerated any further.

    Narconon Dangers and Health Risks - Part One


    PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 15, 2010 – PART ONE of a Two Part Story

    Narconon Patients have become extremely ill, rushed to hospital emergency in Trois-Rivieres, and may have died without the professional, medical attention from the emergency care physicians.

    After searching for addiction help on misleading Narconon websites, which promise a 70% success rate to those who pay their $23,000.00 fee, the vulnerable patient speaks to a well-trained Registrar. A Commissioned sales person of convincing attributes, luring the unsuspecting victim into the evil clutches of Narconon-Scientology. A handsome ten percent commission to the Registrar for each new Patient.

    I was employed at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, as a Registrar.

    The Patient arrives at Narconon, usually disoriented and many times drunk or still high on their drug of choice. They are taken up to the Registrar’s office where several pages of contract documents are presented for the Patient’s signature. Even though they have no mental capacity to form intent, their wobbly signature seals the contract agreement and the Patient is then taken to the Narconon Withdrawal Unit.

    The Scientology Indoctrination Begins:

    Following a strip search, luggage-go through, and urine test, the disoriented and many times frightened Patient, is assigned their room. There are usually several other patients already there and can be seen going through the “Drills.” Scientology Doctrine drills which seem strange and foreign indeed to the unaccustomed.

    Some are seen on massage tables receiving what the term in Scientology is called “Assists.” It is not a massage, but rather a science fiction writer’s quackery, written by L. Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology. As the person lays there on the table, a staff member touches various points on their body, saying, “Feel my finger”, and the Patient responds, “Yes.” And this process of “Feel my finger – Yes”, goes on and on, non-stop, until the staff member is finished the “assist.” Sometimes a tired Patient simply falls asleep. There are variations to these assist techniques.

    In another room, two people can be seen staring at each other; not moving a muscle. Sometimes with their eyes open or they may be closed.

    Then there is the “Locational Drills.” The Patient is commanded to “Look around the room and find something that is red, (or green or blue, etc) This drill can go on for hours and frustrates the Patient to no end.

    The Health Risks and Dangers:

    When the Patient arrives at Narconon, they are not examined by a physician or seen by a nurse or any other government certified medical professional or councillor. Treating drug addicts or alcoholics without a medical examination, is dangerous and a high health risk concern.

    Seizures may occur in up to 25 percent of alcoholics in withdrawal and they generally do so in the first 24 hours after alcohol use stops, but they can occur up to 5 days later. Alcohol withdrawal can be a dangerous process without the appropriate medication, such as Phenobarbital or other ant-seizure medication.

    Drug addiction withdrawal also presents dangers of seizures; especially in Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, and Methadone withdrawal. There is a danger of death in withdrawing from these substances when not under appropriate medical care. “Feeling someone else’s finger touching your body will not save you”, as when Assists are given.
    I have witnessed Patients being rushed by ambulance to hospital emergency in Trois-Rivieres, after having a seizure at Narconon. Some remained under professional medical care for several days before being discharged from hospital.

    The Narconon Trois-Rivieres staff members in this Withdrawal Unit, have absolutely no government medical qualifications or licence whatsoever to care for vulnerable and very ill Patients. The only training course they take is at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, which they receive a certificate for. The main theme in their training is vitamin regimes and Scientology Doctrine “Drills” and “Assists.” This is an “In-House” training, with a Certificate designed and printed off their computer.

    Some of the “Feel my Finger” Assists became far too close and abusive for some female Patients receiving Assists from male staff. These poor, vulnerable people, after placing their trust in staff, were touched inappropriately and abused. Two male staff members were fired, but nevertheless, the damage was done and no professional counselling provided for these abused victims. In one case, photos were taken of a very ill young lady, under 90 pounds, and she was abused.

    The emails and stories these Patients and witnesses have submitted are very disturbing and it has affected them psychologically.

    These incidents were not reported to police or any other government authority by Narconon Trois-Rivieres; just hushed-up and not spoken about.

    Toxic Doses of Vitamin Regimes:

    A staff member hands the Patient a small cup full of pills called “Drug-Bombs.” No other substance for withdrawal at Narconon is used; only the drug bombs and other vitamin concoctions. These vitamin regimes cause diarrhea and the dehydration begins. They do not administer any medicine which would prevent this and some Patients suffer through several weeks of this dehydrating diarrhea to the detriment of their health.

    This toxic vitamin does not end in the Withdrawal Unit; it continues and increases when the Patient enters the Sauna Program in Narconon.

    After being in the Withdrawal Unit for about 4 to 12 days or so, and on occasion longer, the Patient is driven an hour and a half to see their Scientology doctor in Montreal. Dr. Pierre Labonte sees the Patient and performs a quick examination. Then off for blood tests in a Trois-Rivieres Clinic.

    After Dr. Pierre Labonte reviews the blood test results, he qualifies the Patient to enter the Sauna Program. When high liver enzyme counts are evident, entering the Sauna Program may be delayed until further tests are done. But this is not always the case and Patients have entered the Sauna with high liver enzyme counts and other medical health risk complications.

    Narconon is a health risk concern to many non-scientologist physicians, who know all too well, the dangers that await these vulnerable Patients.

    David Edgar Love
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Narconon Dangers and Health Risks - Part Two

    Narconon Dangers and Health Risks - Part Two

    It is not a matter of “if” another person will die, it is a matter of “when.” Narconon is a dangerous rehab center and the health risks and dangers to the Canadian public must not be tolerated any further.


    PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 15, 2010 – The Dangerous Sauna Program:

    High doses of Niacin are administered in a toxic dosage and this is one of the health risk dangers. The dosage usually begins at 100mg, increasing to 2,600mg, and sometimes as high as 5,000mg. The medically recommended level is about 15 mg. The toxic high doses administered at Narconon, can have severe, even potentially fatal side effects, which was evident.

    The effects of the Niacin overdose, which include skin irritation, flushing, severe itching, dizziness and headache, can also cause severe damage to the liver and cause other medical problems.

    Other vitamin Mineral supplements, include calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine and potassium, and up to half a cup of pure oil. Also a solution called Cal mag; a mix of calcium gluconate, magnesium carbonate and vinegar in water is taken up to three times per day.

    On one occasion a diabetic patient entered the sauna program at Narconon Trois-Rivieres and did not receive his insulin. He became extremely ill and was taken to the hospital emergency where the trained medical staff saved his life. He spent several days in hospital care before being discharged.

    The hospital staff were very angry and concerned over how Narconon could treat such a patient by not giving him his insulin; especially while being in a hot sauna and taking high doses of niacin and other vitamin concoctions.

    Because niacin can cause hyperglycemia, dosage adjustment of insulin or oral antihyperglycemic therapy may be required in diabetic patients.

    This Narconon program is extremely dangerous to patients with active liver disease, peptic ulcer disease, hyperuricemia with a history of gouty arthritis or uncontrolled hyperglycemia. Patients with gallbladder disease, history of jaundice or liver disease should be monitored closely while on niacin or niacinamide.

    The Narconon Sauna staff members have no medical training and are not qualified to monitor toxic reactions to the high Niacin doses, nor are they trained professionals to recognize any physical or psychological adverse reactions to this treatment they are administering. In effect, they are practicing medicine without a license. They are examining the patients for physical and psychological reactions to the niacin and other vitamin concoctions, which they themselves are administering. These doses are increased according to the unqualified opinions of Narconon staff members.

    A Dangerous Scam and Quackery:

    After reviewing materials published by Narconon, University of Oklahoma biochemistry professor Bruce Roe described the program as "a scam" based on "half-truths and pseudo-science. In a 1988 report, Dr. Ronald E. Gots, a toxicology expert from Bethesda, Maryland, called the regimen "quackery", and noted that "no recognized body of toxicologists, no department of occupational medicine, nor any governmental agencies endorse or recommend such treatment.

    A report on Narconon for the Department of Health in California described the mega-doses of vitamins as "hazardous" and "in some cases lethal". Prof. Michael Ryan, a pharmacologist at University College Dublin, told a 2003 court case that the Purification Rundown is scientifically unverified and medically unsafe.

    In a 1999 French court case, five staff members of the Church of Scientology were convicted of fraud for selling the Sauna Purif and other Scientology procedures. In Russia, the Purification Rundown has been banned by officials as a threat to public health.

    Narconon Scientology Deaths and Serious Injury:

    Paride Ella and Giuseppe Tomba, clients of Narconon in Taceno, Italy, died in 1995 during the vitamin phase of the program, suffering kidney problems and a heart attack respectively.

    A 25-year-old man in Portland, Oregon died from liver failure having taken the Purif. His parents sued the Church of Scientology and the case was settled out of court.

    At Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Canada, a young man was denied his insulin while in sauna and was rushed to hospital and nearly died.

    At Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Canada, a young man suffered severe stomach pains during his time in sauna and was sent to his room to lay down. After suffering all day in his bedroom, he was then taken to the hospital emergency and admitted to a hospital ward for care and monitoring.

    Many of the Narconon Trois-Rivieres patients experienced vomiting from stomach upset and other ailments and pains.

    Patients at Narconon also experienced mental distress, angry and violent outbursts, including one man who punched his fist through the glass window in the sauna door.

    Conclusion Summary:

    I was at this Narconon as a patient and later employed on staff for a period of six months and have seen and experienced the dangers and health risks at this controversial rehab center. Many of the cases I witnessed have been documented and substantiated by other reports from ex-patients and ex-staff members from Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

    In view of the clear and obvious violations of due care to Patients and medical negligence which this Narconon is responsible for, this facility should be shut down immediately without redress. This is a public health and safety concern that the health authorities and governments of Canada are responsible for, accountable for, and of which they have the power to act and protect our vulnerable citizens from the exploitation, dangers, and health risks.

    It is not a matter of “if” another person will die, it is a matter of “when.” The time is now for putting an end to this addiction treatment center that is practicing medicine without a license and administering unsafe and dangerous doses of niacin and using other practices to the detriment of their Patients safety and well-being.

    Narconon is a dangerous rehab center and the health risks and dangers to the Canadian public must not be tolerated any further.

    David Edgar Love
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    well done....Intelligence
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Thank you. The supporting dox are now being compiled and being prepared for additional submissions to the Canadian and United states Government, Health Authorities and Politicians.

    We are also working on a video to upload to You Tube.
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Was invited to write and submit some articles about health and safety to a News entity. Sent in the job ap and waiting for them to contact me again.

    Amazing opportunity to Expose in a larger Press release type forum. Happy camper, is me :)
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Another Narconon Trois-Rivieres Tragedy

    There were guns, cocaine and too much alcohol on one very sad evening. The party got out of hand and a little boys Dad is now dead.

    Four different apartments were rented and the guns hidden in one. On the night of the death, xxxxxxxxx searched relentlessly for the guns to hide them, but to no avail. During the cocaine and alcohol rampage, a staff member passed one gun over the balcony to xxxxx, who later put the gun to his head, pulled the trigger and died instantly. Here is one short exert from one of many emails concerning this tragic incident:

    ".....Hi, Me again.
    I just thought of something else. When I heard from xxxxxx the story about xxxxx having guns and then my brother calling me about the police showing up at his work with a picture of xxxxxxx, I called them to see if they had found him because I was scared....."

    There is now a report and investigation and I'm putting the facts and dox together for this tragic and disturbing story and writing the story about it in detail.

    Narconon claims to have an "after-care" program to help students who graduate. This "after-care program" is the responsibility of the Graduate Officer. Not only were there lapses in there even being a graduate officer before I accepted the Post, but once I did, helping those who relapsed was NOT a priority for Narconon. There was more money in bringing in new students at $23,000.00 each.

    This poor vulnerable student who shot and killed himself, had gone through Narconon three times!
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    I still can't get my head around the fact that people at a rehab center can have guns
    available. Seems niacin isn't the most dangerous item at NN.
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    The safe and healthy care of people with substance abuse issues and addictions is a Human Right in our Canadian Society, and as such these suffering people deserve the best care possible, including "after-care."
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    And we still haven't addressed the minor who became pregnant and was sent away for an abortion.

    And some people wonder why my Irish Blood boils when thinking about the atrocities at Narconon.

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”.

    They seem like a formidable foe when up against Heenan and Blakie, their Law Firm, but I do dream of their fall. "Why Not?"
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Emails In From Ex-Students===================================

    xxxxxxx xx at 4:24pm Report
    I was retaining ALOT of water and they would tell me to take more vitamins, when really they had no idea what they were talking about....i did my research about all this! I actually quizzed them on it all, tool bad they didnt have answers that were correct, just the answers im sure that they made up!

    xxxxxxx xx at 4:26pm Report
    Within the girls dorm, we would always talk about richard from withdrawal, that pervert......his touch assist were a little too close for my he didnt know what he was doing!All of us girls started not going to get an assist while he was working!!!

    xxxxxxx xx at 8:54pm Report
    OMG- yes we will number is xxxxxxxxxx ......and yes i have some news about (staff xxxxx)....he slept with hit on all the girls im sure! I wanna know whats up with you and everything............

    xxxxxxx xx at 2:54pm Report
    Haha, yes i guess i am a bratt(at times) ;) ........ it happened a few times with those two, and it was in withdrawal, during an assist and i think when she returned back for the second time.....she went to get an"assist" alot,lol....if you know what a mean, and he worked there alot, if you know what i mean...........use your imagination babe. I liked those pics of the NN workers, scott is a lying piece of shit who lies to people to get them there.......counseling is apparantly offered, yeah right, liars!!!!!!!!! Anyhow- i hope they get what they deserve......and i know that they tap those phones and look at your emails, first hand,i have a couple more little tidbits if youd like...........
    Coffee when you get back here,for sure!!!!!!!! talk to ya soon! xo

    Just a tiny sample of the chaos and staff-student abuses at Narconon. Sad.
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Practicing medicine without licence
  17. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    We did a short video today at the Montreal protest about: Beware of Narconon. Should be uploaded later today.
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    News: Press Release


    Narconon – Cult of Deception

    For Narconon in Canada to retain their registered charitable statis, I suggest they be subject to a compulsory benefits test. Does this charitable treatment center benefit our society or do the harms far outweigh the good?


    PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 16, 2010 – Narconon – Cult of Deception

    In Canada, Narconon Trois-Rivieres is a registered charity with all the benefits and exemptions afforded to every other charitable organization. It claims to be a public benefit by caring and treating drug addicts and alcoholics; but is this really the case? Does it benefit the general public and society as a whole, or does Narconon really do more harm than good? The controversy continues over this rehabilitation center and with the several, recent complaints filed with the Quebec Human Rights Commission, Quebec Labour Relations Board, Canada Health, Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Quebec College of Physicians, the Canada Competition Bureau, and the Quebec Ombudsman, this controversy promises to continue far into the future for Narconon Trois-Rivieres and Scientology.

    The Narconon treatment and rehab program is Scientology, with all of the bells and whistles of this convicted, criminal organization. The eight books written for this program are from L. Ron Hubbard’s books on Dianetics, which is the basis for Scientology.

    So is Narconon a credible rehabilitation treatment center that benefits society or is it a money machine and recruitment facility for the Church of Scientology. With the majority of the executive staff and many of the other employees being Scientologists, and many of the new staff recruited from those who recently completed the program, the image is clear.

    There are no doctors, nurses, counsellors, or any other government recognised or certified medical professional at Narconon Trois-Rivieres. Nor are there any of these professionals at any other Narconon in Canada. The methods used to “cure” addicts and alcoholics for life, as they claim and promote, are not accepted by scientists, physicians, or the health authorities. In fact, many authorities claim that the treatment methods and practices at Narconon are unsafe and dangerous.

    I have written previous articles concerning the physical dangers and the damage this Narconon center exploited upon its victims and now I will touch briefly on the cult’s psychological abuse and deceptions.

    Their belief system is intensely focussed on our worlds doom and their group’s elite role in taking control over society. The church leader dominates the members and harnesses close control over all the member’s actions physically, sexually, and emotionally. They demonstrate extreme paranoia and outward fear of government and outsiders. It is scientology doctrine and policy to lie or violate laws if this will further the cause and survival of their group. With this cult behaviour, comes the dangers of abuse.

    When a cult group like this is in care and control over vulnerable addicts needing help, the focus is on their own group’s survival, not the intense health care these ill people so desperately want and deserve.

    For Narconon in Canada to retain their registered charitable statis, I suggest they be subject to a compulsory benefits test. Does this charitable treatment center benefit our society or do the harms far outweigh the good?

    With recent news media coverage, victim’s statements, and clear and concise proclamations made by health care professionals, the tax benefits this organization now enjoys could be very short lived.

    David Edgar Love

    --- end ---
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    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    more good stuff..
  20. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Thanks. Just a little prep work before approaching the Federal Government/Politicians in Canada :)
  21. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Narconon is having a tough time on Google Searches:

    narconon trois-rivieres

    They now have "Pay per Click" on top of search page 'Sponsored Links"

    WWP is on page one of search.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

  23. slobeck Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Wow. Good stuff. I am anxious to see any dox from inside narconon describing any of the adverse incidences you talk about in the piece. I'm intrigued an want to see moar.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Would you like info on other facilities or just Trois-Rivieres?
  25. slobeck Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    are you asking me? Actually any of their facilities is interesting to me. Lots of rehabs have weird procedures and rituals that they put clients through but not that send people to the emergency room.

    I guess what I'm wondering is how, with a program fraught with peril like Narconon is, that there aren't publicly available info about deaths and injuries that occur there.

    background: I graduated a "TC" or "Therapeutic Community" model rehab that models its self from the now shuttered Synanon called Walden House that to many on the outside looks really extreme. (they use confrontational -some call it attack- group therapy, things called "haircuts" for humiliation and weird punishment rituals to alter behavior. ) As extreme as that place was, no one's health is put at risk and medical supervision is utilized to full effect with anyone who needs it. But even so the place was crazy for documenting EVERYTHING that happened with clients. Which leads me to think there are publicly available reports of Narconon failures.
  26. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Further than just the emergency Room. Some were Admitted after Emergency Room examinations,....., or they may have died. Being in a Sauna at over 100 degrees, on high doses of Niacin, and not being given your Insulin,..........., Is Deadly!
  27. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Public available records? Past law suits filed should be available in the Trois-Rivieres Court House. Records of complaints to Normes du Travail in Trois-Rivieres and Laval were verified by the Newspaper Reporter in Trois-Rivieres and Quebec City. Media has verified complaints with the Quebec Human Rights Commission. I have copies of two Police Reports filed with file numbers. Complaints filed with Canada Competition Bureau and Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services have been verified on this Forum by way of email responses. There are also many hospital records that will not be available for public, plus many files I can not release yet, due to patient confidentiality. These may be viewed in Judges Chambers only with prosecutor and defense present. My lawyer has seen some of them already, plus one government official and two investigators.

    Plus many, many satatements I have from ex-patients and ex-staff members. Dox are no problem. I have thousands.

    It will all come out in due course :)


    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”.
  28. kitfisto Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Thanks David . Commencing pooning .
  29. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    I remember a conversation with Gerry Armstong several months ago. I told him I didn't know to do now? He told me to do what I love to do best and have fun with it. He told me to just keep writing and writing.

    Yes, I do love to research and look over documents and write about the events and atrocities I saw, recorded, and documented while in the cult compound. Is it fun yet? Mmmm,....., well it is most of the time, but it can be wearing on my wee brain cells, and I'm careful not to yawn, so that I avoid having to "word-clear.",.....,. LOL
  30. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    What do you mean, "commencing pooning?",...., to where?

    Please fill me in or PM me. Can I help???

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    No, I am asking Intelligence.
  32. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    YES! Absolutely, every and anything you have on other Narconons would be valuable to me and benefit others.

    We are working on a project right now and information data is the key. I appreciate the offer and help.

    Thank you. Pm or email me:
  33. Sponge Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    The grammar is 'bout perfect. Well done.
  35. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Yes, I have been a busy-bee indeed, but my Anon Friends have even been busier than me. I am literally speachless at times, (and that's rare for me,..LOL)

    I was at a protest in Montreal yesterday and was surfing the Forum and checking and responding to emails. I received an email from a Montreal Anon that was so incredible, it brought tears to my eyes. This ANON has been standing by my side for several months and without him/her, I would not be here today. This Anon has worked behind the scenes with me and the help has been very effective indeed.

    There are many, many Anons working behind the scenes to help this cause and I thank and appreciate all of them very much.

    Just In Today:

    I'm working on a nice project right now to expand the Expose, but can't do it alone. It's too big for one person.

    A Human Wiki Anon sent/directed me to this today:

    About HHS

    CDC's Healthy Communities Program - Contact List - U.S. State and Territorial Health Departments Collaborative for Chronic Diseases

    This is the info I've been searching for a long time. Thank you so much!

    Email in from a Dear Anon Friend:

    Sun, October 17, 2010 5:18:46 :

    Hello My Friend
    From:> View Contact
    To: David Love <>

    Hi dave

    Thanks for all that, my friend. I've passd on your e-mail to the Senator's office. :)

    Love your work, my friend - keep it up.

    xxxxx xxxxx

    I am receiving similar emails from more than one country, which lead to politicians with power and clout and the balls to do something about this Cult.

    So yes, I have been a "busy-bee", but most of the credit goes to Anonymous and all their hard work.

    Thank you very much for all your help, encouragement and support.

    David Love
  36. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Exploitation of a Handicap

    Working on another story about how Narconon exploits persons with disabilities.
    This is a discrimination issue under the Quebec Human Rights Commission and I intend to assist in an investigation by providing the documents required for a conviction. There is case precedent in Quebec which will be referenced.

    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms Quebec prohibits discrimination and harassment based on disability or the use of any means to palliate a handicap. It also prohibits the exploitation of persons with disabilities.

    This guide is for people with disabilities, environments in which they operate, as well as organizations that can contribute to their well-being. It will help them locate relevant information in different parts of our site.


    Formal Complaint is being written for submission. In Quebec, addicts and alcoholics are recognized as persons with dissabilities and handicap.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks


    Who is bound by the Charter?

    In Quebec, all are required to respect the rights and freedoms.

    Insofar as the Charter recognizes that all individuals have equal worth and dignity, all are required, in their social relations, respect the rights and freedoms of others.

    Are also required to comply with the Charter:

    All groups and organizations; all private companies; all services, public or private; all levels of government (provincial, municipal, school ...); the Quebec government and its institutions at all levels of the hierarchy.

    In Quebec, anyone or any organization of provincial jurisdiction can not actually escape the Charter [Section 55].

    The only organizations that fall outside the scope of the Charter are, in fact, the institutions of federal jurisdiction, for example, the federal government, banks, telecommunications companies, transportation services by air, rail or sea ...

    In these cases, the Canadian Human Rights which it applies and the Canadian Human Rights may intervene.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

  39. xenubarb Member

  40. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon Dangers and Health Risks

    Dear Heenan and Blaikie (NN - COS Law Firm)

    Check your email inbox.

    David Edgar Love

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