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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 15, 2011.

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  2. slobeck Member

    No, they're not, but they do recommend courses of treatment, and you have to do that from some educated point of view as to the methods employed by the places you refer people to. If you're really as ignorant as you say to the specifics of different treatment methods then you have NO BUSINESS in the field of addiction recovery services.
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  3. slobeck Member

    Apparently, your user name seriouslywronginformation is apt because you seem to have very little information about drug and alcohol recovery and treatment methods.

    If you did, you would be fully on the TC bandwagon and off this batshit insane homeopathy/naturopath BS.
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  4. xenubarb Member

    To be fair, she is being cautious. I'm sure she knows everything about their particular treatment. I bet if you were seeking help for addiction she could tell you all about it. Still, a counselor isn't in the position of giving evaluations or medical advice, so I could see why she might want to be careful about putting herself in a position where she might be seen as giving medical advice.

    But then, there are a lot of other reasons why this coyness might be employed, so who know?
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  5. slobeck Member

    OK, but I still think she's playing naiive about what the places she refers people to actually do to their clients. I'm calling BS on that. I spent nearly four years (over 2 stays) in a "therapeutic community" and for a brief time was trained as a counsellor. I was FULLY aware of what the local treatment options were and what exactly was the difference between them... medical, homeo/naturo, psychiatric, therapeutic community, incarceration. I understood the methods that each option used. Not as well as a doctor, but well enough to make qualified referrals.
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  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

    As to the imagine part, that is largely what they need to do as reality is not a part of their daily lives. Imagine that 95% of the world can't get pain killers. How many commit suicide due to the pain, how many can never leave their homes and live sheltered lives? I don't have to imagine that vitamins and saunas do nothing to help because it is a known fact, they don't
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  7. Intelligence Member

    And this is where the CON is - - they don't work and it is a scientific fact. That being said, and with the
    dangerous toxic affects from Niacin and other vitamin cocktails, I'm heading to the "Ideal ORG" in Quebec City
    this Saturday to protest, expose, and file Formal Complaints to the College of Physicians concerning the
    Narconon First Step Program in the Ideal ORG.

    "Practicing Medicine Without a Licence" will be my "First Step", then a "Second Step" with a Formal Complaint against the attending physician, licenced under the Quebec College of Physicians. Then my "Third Step" to the Human Rights Commission for exploitation. Then my "Fourth Step" to Revenue Canada and Quebec City to have their Land Tax exemption revoked.

    Did I miss a "Step" ?

    Oh' yes I did - - then the "Fifth Step" will be in Alberta - - - this one's going to be a "Beauty indeed" :)

    We "Walk our Talk" - - :)

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  8. HellRazor Member

    Mike Kawada's name comes up associated with domain name


    Date Registered: 12/09/08
    Date Modified: 11/01/11
    Expiry Date: 12/09/12


    1215553 Ontario Limited
    Mike Kowanda
    255 York Blvd.
    Hamilton, on (CA)
    L8R 1Y7

    Administrative Contact

    Allegra Print & Imaging Hamilton
    Mike Kowanda
    255 York Blvd.
    Hamilton, on (CA)
    L8R 1Y7
    View attachment email.pgif?md5=18a96c056eb306d10349325e0d49d634&am

    Technical Contact

    Allegra Print & Imaging Hamilton
    Mike Kowanda
    255 York Blvd.
    Hamilton, on (CA)
    L8R 1Y7
    View attachment email.pgif?md5=18a96c056eb306d10349325e0d49d634&am

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  9. HellRazor Member

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  10. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^ is awesome! Anyone have info on a "Tammy" over at Turning Point?

  11. Intelligence Member

    Shit, I had to juump on the bus and didn't finish this^^^^^ post,..., LOL.

    The reason why I need the info on Tammy, is to see if there IS a connection with the Director of
    the Alberta Narconon. I have me this director and just sent off an Intell reques to few of my NN
    contacts in Alberta. Should have data back tonight?

    I have written about their bogus Truth About Drugs before and now I will finish a few videos to get up
    online to give the REAL truth about The Truth About Drugs and will be exposing more on their Fake Referral
    sites online AND in my two days of tesimony next month.

    This Thread reaped far more than I expected, thank to Anonymous. If we can get some Data on Tammy, I will
    take care of what and who to give the Data to.:)

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  12. Intelligence Member

    Getting a little Nasty over here,..., LOL:) - wonder who shelbluc is?

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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Whoever it is, I can only find links to videos on the channel.
  16. Here's a look at a list of members located in Quebec:


    #22 is on a second page and its location is North Bay, Ontario, not Quebec.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Here's Tammy:


    Tammy Francoeur

    Owner, Turning Point Detoxification and Rehabilitation Centre
    Toronto, Canada Area
    Individual & Family Services
    Tammy Francoeur's Overview


    • Guest Speaker and Title Sponsor at Living Clean, Living Well Show
    • Co-Founder & Owner; Director of Peer Support at Turning Point Detoxification and Rehabilitation Centre
    • Positive Role Model at Community
    Co-Founder & Owner; Director of Peer Support

    Turning Point Detoxification and Rehabilitation Centre

    2005 – Present (6 years) Hamilton, Ontario
    Canada's Only Authentic Holistic Bio- Psycho- Social Addiction Program with a 2 year after care.
  18. Narconon and the "co-founder" with Tammy Francoeur of Turning Point:
  19. Intelligence Member

    Brenda or Tammy have still not answered this question; a most important one indeed.
    Perhaps fear of the College; they may just claim "Trade Secret" or some other shuffle answer?

    Still waiting for Alberta sources to reply with requested info, including,........

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  20. Intelligence Member

    I worked with Nick Hayes when he was a Temp Registrar at NN TR. Last Intell (email in), he was
    hooked up with the ex-NN TR Legal Liason (this Legal Liason was previously hooked up with an ex-NN TR Patient
    and they had a child together) - - On or about January 1, 2009, the ex-NN TR patient was handed a gun from the balcony
    of the NN TR staff apartment complex and he later shot himself. Very sad. (one dead)

  21. Intelligence Member

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  22. Intelligence Member

    I haven't had this ^^^^^ much fun since Marc Bernard (case supervisor at the time), called me
    on my cell phone "telling" me he expected me to run a patient on "False Data Stripping" the next
    morning at NN TR. I argued, that no, I did not want to do it, nor did I feel qualified.

    (have dox):)

    Little did Marc know during that during the call, that I was sitting with Aline Proulx, the ESTO Officer who was
    the highest power at NN TR. Marc didn't find out who I was with until he wrote me up RE: KR,
    (Knowledge Report) against me. It was quite the hallway scene the next morning with the ESTO Officer calling him
    a liar and me throwing down the document onto the floor in front of Eduardo from Narconon International,
    with me calling Marc a liar,..., LOL.

  23. Anonymous Member

    Wait, so is this Hamilton, Ontario detox a stealth Narconon, or is it a squirrel tech non-CoS entity? Is there an actual facility in Hamilton or is this just a referral to someplace else? I iz confuzed.
  24. Sounds like Turning Point was a Narconon facility and now they are using Narconon BS but are trying to distance themselves from the Narconon name, the article is from Aug. 2009.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Brenda said it's a satelite office for referral???

    And I just received this,..., LOL - - I knew it:)

    A patent recipe,..., LOL. Well the patients who were there will know and so would the
    Alberta and Ontario College of Physicians, should there be a Formal Complaint.:)

    A small fish ^^^^ , but could lead to a "School."

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  26. Intelligence Member


    Defamation by writing such as in a newspaper or a letter.
    Verbal or spoken defamation.

    1. This defence also allows the fair and accurate reporting of those statements in the media, like newspaper reports of a trial. People must be able to speak freely in our justice and political systems, without worrying about a lawsuit when they do so.
    She has her law backwards,..., LOL>


    The most common defences, if someone sues you for defamation, are:

    • Truth - A statement may have hurt your reputation, but if it was true then anyone can say it and have a good defence against a lawsuit.
    There will probably be a published article to the Media Company I work for within about
    two weeks or so concerning some of the aforementioned. (will pass it by my editor first).


    Fundamental Freedoms

    (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
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  27. Anonymous Member

    All of comments have been image captured and archived.
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...s1.htm John Vereecke&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca (Odd how his page vanished from Narconon's site.)
  29. Intelligence Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Patents are not the same as trade secrets. If they in fact have a patent, then anyone can look it up in a public patent database online.
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Intelligence Member

    A "Patent" "FORMULA" is not that easy when different Elements are simply physically mixed together.
    But if they had a scientist or lab produce a compound, which can only be broken down by chemical means,
    perhaps then this could be patented?

    I'm not even going to attempt to search for this, but if it is a Patent, one would probably need
    to know the name of it registered?

  33. Anonymous Member

    They probably don't have a patent. Companies that have patents usually tell you what their patent number is. If they won't tell you it's probably because they don't have one.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    If you didn't know that Crave Life-Drug Free was actually Narconon, then you're too gullible to be in advising the public. I suspect that you're not that gullible, which means that it's even more important that you not have contact with the public.
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  35. grebe Member

    Hello Poison Control? Yes, I'm here with a three year old who just took about 10 tablets from a bottle labelled, "Purif." Seems to be vitamins. What vitamins? Several... niacin, calcium magnesium... How many milligrams of niacin? The bottle just says, "Fuck off you wouldn't understand."
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  36. Intelligence Member

    ROFLMAO! :):):)

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Says Shes a "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" Practitioner

    Scientologist seem to gravitate towards these types of Alternative quacks-as Fresh Meat for the Happy Fun Club

    Google NLP Brain Washing Mindcontrol and quackery

    Neurolinguistic programming is known as a discredited and pseudoscientific subject
    with concepts and claims that go way beyond any research, and involve a large collection of neuro-mythologies.

    its bunk without scientific basis

    The Scientologist would probably consider NLP as squirreling

    but its seems they see NLP Practitioners as Raw meat as a screwball fringe group to infiltrate as converts

    I'm starting to see the title NLP Practitioner in Association with people and Narconon here and there

    a perfect snack for Hubtards Goons.

    If someone claims they are a Neuro-Linguistic Programming" Practitioner steer clear of them they are pimping bullshit

  38. Anonymous Member

    NLP Hypnosis Bullshit
    this a site were people like Brenda heep praise to their favorite snake oil salesman in this case the quack Steve G Jones
    like 99% of all NLP gurus
    its all about fabricated achievements and fake degrees and self inflated pr

    NLP is a means to separate the gullible for their money and replace their set of problems for another


    these guys Take the piss out of phony Steve G Jones

    entertaining and educational

    it has alot of parallels to Scientology

    NLP Practitioners are the perfect screwballs to lure into their Happy Fun Club

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