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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    LOL - - DUH!!!

    Thank you Brenda, for posting this. Please PM (private message me your email and I will contact you.)
    I hope for your sake, now that you have expressed your opinion of them being a "Cult", that they
    do not Fair Game you as they have with many on this Forum. <>
    David Edgar Love

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  2. Intelligence Member

    I am going to say this one last time. I don's give an Irish rats ass if anyone is a scientologist, a Free Zoner, an independant
    rehab center, or simply a small Narconon in an Alberta house that only holds a few patients.

    If ANY of these ^^^^ are administering toxic doses of NIACIN and other "Quackery", not recognized in current
    medical literature, they may be facing scrutiny from their Provincial College of Physicians in the very near future.
    Quebec has already made their July 2011 decision; Ontario College is now investigating, Alberta is next, and the Quebec
    City org (where I will be at this Saturday - - maybe even a stop at NN TR), is next on a Formal Complaint to the Quebec
    College of Physicians.

    If ANY rehab (I don't care if the NAME is "Charles Manson Reincarnation Rehab" - - whatever), they WILL be held accountable
    for endangering patients health and safety in Canada. Period!

    Who the hell do these people and organizations think they are - - above the law??? NOT!

    Get a grip and use common sense and review professional, scientific and current medical literature on the dangers of
    the Purification Rundown and toxic doses of NACIN and other vitamin cocktails.

    What L. Ron Hubbard wrote in the 1950's and 1960's is absolute outdated rubbish and quackery, written by a
    Schizophrenic, paranoid, madman, who died addicted to Visteril; a psych drug. A patholigical, proven liar who
    sold and conned people into buying "A Piece of Blue Sky."

    The COS in Vancouver, tried to have me questioned and arrested for Hate Crimes at an ORG
    protest in Vancouver recently. The irony is; I don't hate "them" - - I actually feel sorry for many of them. But I do detest what harm is caused to vulnerable victims and their families. "Hate" is a pretty ugly and strong word and I must be careful not to allow this to enter. I am a person with strong beliefs in treating someone with dignity and compassion; something that seems to escape the thought patters of those who are indoctrinated into the scientology realm.

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  3. Intelligence Member

    In my opinion, I don't think there will be a "defined" answer to my post on her Youtube vid. (could be wrong)

    "Sometimes nothing said, is far more powerful than what is said"

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  4. Anonymous Member

    When the Scientology corporation gets desperate to torpedo one of its "enemies" it will often use someone pretending to be sympathetic, pretending to be against Scientology, pretending to be a friend of the intended target, to gather secrets and information from them *glances over at David Love*.

    A little healthy skepticism is called for in the case of anyone suddenly trying to befriend Mr Love, especially someone who in the past publicly supported the Scientology corporation or its front groups. It's not paranoia, it's experience. Off the top of my head, there's Gerry Armstrong, the SouthPark guys, Paulette Cooper, and some high-level ex-members in the '80s.

    It would be surprising if the Scientology corporation did not try this trick with DL given the damage that he might do.

    I want to believe that SeriouslyWrongInformation is who she claims, and that she wants to help. But caution is warranted.
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  5. QFT and;

  6. Intelligence Member

    This^^^^^, I agree 110% with you post here^^^^^!

    Although my "inside" intell informs that some NN TR are freaking out a little; it really is now out of their
    hands and they have shut off all Com lines to media. Too many Foot Bullets that OSA now regrets:)

    I am just going to stay focussed and not let any derails pull me away from the direction I am in.

    Seriously, they are in a Shit Storm that will go on for quite some time. I am not paranoid whatsoever, but am well aware
    of what they are capable of and what to expect.

    If they (OSA), is thinking I may confide in someone becuase I need additional documented evidence or witnesses, they are DEAD wrong. We have enough to bury them.

    We have Powerhouse, credible witnesses from accross Canada willing to testify and substantiate our evidence:)

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  7. Triumph Member

    yah.... keep that game Face On David....and knock some heads together
    kick em in the cockweights where it hurts

    your doing eet right...
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  8. Intelligence Member
    WTF is this? Do they call them "Students" too? The Duck is "quacking" loud tonight:)

  9. Intelligence Member
    Dr. Carissa Doherty and Dr. Shelly Linehan

    These^^^^ are the physicians they use?

    Are these physicians supporting the Vitamin regime to remove toxins from fat calls?
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  10. Intelligence Member

  11. Naturopaths. Rhymes with psychopaths. Moonbats pretending to be medical doctors.

    Before I close the file on this Brenda Herzog, I expect to see many, many dox. Until then, I'm not buying any of it.
  12. Triumph Member

  13. ND = naturopathic DOCTOR. But there are no Ph.D. designations whatsoever.

    I class this kind of shit as Credentialist Fraud. LRH didn't invent it but he thoroughly indulged in it.
  14. Triumph Member

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I know what an "ND" is now,..., LOL.
    In my opinion they use "ND"'s because no licensed MD would approve the Purif if it has a regiment
    of 2,600 - 5,000mg of Niacin. (their licence would be on the chopping block by the College)

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  16. Triumph Member

    Leave No stone unturned
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  17. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^ ALL stinks really bad:) - - ???

    If she had not of given her two cents worth on this Thread, this entire matter may have just died?

    Someone is NOT "At Cause" here and something/someone is "At Effect" causing "Charge" somewhere,..., LOL :)

  18. Intelligence Member

    I'll Bury those "Cock O Roaches",..., LOL:):):)

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Oy naturopathy. It is a deep and disturbing rabbit hole going back to pre-war Germany, a belief-based health system emphasizing cleanliness, the purging of toxins, and homeopathy. Hitler promoted naturopathy as more "volkish" than modern medicine, which he felt was "too Jewish."

    The purif is a naturopathic treatment.

    Hulda Clark might be one of the more famous naturopaths. A Scientologist, Dr. Ayoub, in partnership with an investigator, Tim Bolen, defended her vigorously before her death a few years ago. Some info here:

    If you go after Narconon doctors in the US, you will encounter Mr. Bolen.

    You cannot underestimate the political sophistication of the naturopath network, which is supported by very deep pockets (o hai Prince Charles!).

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  20. AKA "Cork Suckers!" ;)
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  21. Intelligence Member

    I underatand the "Deep Pockets" you are talking about here^^^^, - - however, the "People" of our
    great democratic nations, shall rise up and speak their mind - -

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  22. Intelligence Member

    For now, I'm going to leave this Thread; as I have formed my own opinion.
    As the subject person has not responded, I now assume they have no bonifide
    response; thus the "Preponderence of Evidence" points a positive note to many
    affirmations of posts referring to guilt of questionable practices.

    I must recuse myself from here and move on to productive stat making projects,..., LOL.
    Must remind myself of Thursday 2:00pm and contribute to "Stat-Crashing" endeavors.:):):)

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  23. Intelligence Member

    "Cork"? I first read it as "Co*K" suckers,..., ROFLMAO,..., :)

    You Anons have me in smiles and laughs every day and night! I LOVE IT:)
  24. I think it is fine for you to take this thread off of your "watch" list.

    Why not you carry on where the project is taking you?

    Anons like me will watch this thread and if credible evidence appears that exonerates the very questionable entity, you shall be informed of it. Deal?
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  25. Yup. "Cork." And let's never forget the "Fargin' Iceholes!" :)
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  26. Intelligence Member

    This brought back memories of the real "Co*K" suckers at NN TR. Literally! The staff member was fired.
    Then my Police Report sent the Police to interview the Ex-Staff member. I then received an email from
    the staff member, asking me not to involve them anymore. Sorry, not going to happen Babe - - "I don't
    hold back evidence from the Police or investigators and I'm not here to make friends - - I'm here to see
    that justice is served and hold those accountable for crimes against vulnerable patients."

    The evidence that will be given in Court, may be embarassing to many, including myself, but I will NOT change
    my testimony to prevent "Red Faces." (even mine)!

    Besides, it's a little too friggin late now; the Human Rights Commission already has "most" of the sexually explicit
    emails and other evidence. Geeezzze, I wonder if the Trial will be open to the public? Some of the credible evidence
    is right out of L. Ron Hubbard's sexual fantasy world of perversion.

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  27. Hello Anonymous, Jacky Blue Note and Intelligence, as my final response
    to this blog, I welcome all of you to email or call me at the address or phone number
    you posted above. I am willing to speak with any of you and answer your questions.
    I am confident that when/should you take the time to thoroughly research me and my business
    practices and ethics, you will come to know I am nothing nor will ever be
    the individual or part of any organization you so valiantly seek to shut

    When I came to realize what Narconon and Scientology were I removed myself
    from any association with their cult. I quit my work with Crave Life and
    moved on to work with a rehab that I could trust, knowing they had nothing
    to do with Narconon or Scientology. I trust that when you know who I really
    am and what my beliefs are, and those of Turning Point, you will retract this entire blog Could This Be
    One and clear the accusations that have been made in error towards me,
    Helping Hand Counselling, ACADA Services, and Turning Point which is the only
    program of it's kind. It is not affiliated with any other Turning Points, Narconons
    or any Scientology beliefs or practices.

    Intelligence I completely understand the need for caution and only wish that
    it had been used before any of this blog was posted. Knowing that my email
    and phone number were accessible, a call or email could have cleared up the
    assumptions that have been posted regarding myself or the credibility, protocols and practices,
    of the Addiction Team of Turning Point that have been referred to in this blog.

    I look forward to hearing from any or all of you.
  28. Intelligence Member

    Someone please point me to her email address? As I expected, she did not respond to a "DIRECT" question

    So I will ask her directly in an email, with "all due respect."

    Some of these yockers may be able to avoid answering direct questions on this Forum, but they won't be able to avoid them with the College of Physicians, government investigators; AND definately NOT in a Court of Law!

    If they want to "Piss up Wind"; prepare for the evident and self-fullfilling stench.

    I'm having Soooo much fun writing my new Expose Book - - quite theraputic:)



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  29. Intelligence Member

    The messages from nearly 2,700 on my Facebook never stop,..., LOL:)

    A few minutes ago:

    They now have enough to keep them going for quite some time:)

    I wonder what language his site is in - - I have no clue what says,..., LOL :)

  30. More proof:
    $cientology makes people stupid!

    EDIT: the blog appears to be German, or Austrian, or something like those.
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Mmmmm, in todays information available on the Internet, a prudent and quick search (especially 2009), would certainly
    show anyone performing their &quot;Due Dilligence&quot; in researching a rehab center they were invited to for a &quot;Live Grad&quot;, would most
    certainly indicate caution when one sees all the critical Narconon information available?

    A simple &quot;Narconon Trois-Rivieres&quot; Google search on the first page:
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Ya', now you can create a Home Page or Blog on Facebook - - I don't really like Facebook, but it serves a
    purpose to those who I am in contact with and would not come on here.

    I keep getting a popup box that says, "There is a script running and may slow down your computer performance; do
    you want to stop running this script?" Pisses me off and really slows down or freezes my Windows!!!

  33. Not anywhere near good enough for me.

    I demand to see documentation of communications with scientology & narconon, disavowing any association that you have ever had with either of them. And, I want to see documentation of replies of compliance with your disavowals of association with narconon & scientology from those entities.

    If you can supply these kinds of material to me and the other members of this WWP forum, I will be satisfied that 2009 and whenever else was just a passing fling for you.

    And FYI, this isn't "a blog." This Is A Forum. And everything is archived, and I do mean everything. If you want your proven innocence to be on the record here, deliver the goods. WWP doesn't have to prove anything. You do.
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  34. Intelligence Member

    There are two Turning Points?

  35. Intelligence Member

    Just replied to an email a minute ago:

  36. These are mailing addresses only for eastern Canadian and Western Canadian clients there is no Centre in Alberta it is only a satellite office. If you would have emailed or called I could have answered this for you.
  37. Intelligence Member

    A "Second Final" response? You asked us to ask; we have now asked; please answer our direct questions.

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  38. Intelligence Member

    No answers? "Game" over:)

    Do we have avoidance or flee?

  39. Intelligence Member

    Oh' well, even with having to scratch an "itch", I was still able to accomplish set goals
    for tonight.

    And with that said, time for bed:)

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