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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Who is Mary?
    Turning points link on her facebook page works http colon // www dot turningpointdetox dot com
    It re links you to http colon //www dot drug-detox-center dot com/

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  2. Intelligence Member

    Mary-McConnel on Here:
    http colon //forum dot reachingforthetippingpoint dot net/index.php

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  3. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Another big hit
    http colon //www dot drug-detox-center dot com/news/?tag=counselling
    John Vereecke - employee of Turning Point Detox & Rehabilitation is a Narconon graduate
    His video http colon //www dot dot htm

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  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Turning point and Tripping point LOL

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  5. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Turning Point also operating under the name
    The Natural Detoxification Sauna Centre

    Remember are pal Brenda
    On her Facebook page she links to TURNING POINT ALBERTA
    http colon //www dot turningpointdetox dot com

    9309 - 84th Street
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada T8L 3N9
    Tel. 780-628-0875 Fax 780-628-0876
    TOLL-FREE 1-888-628-0859


    Administrative Contact:
    Herzog, Brenda
    Helping Hand Counselling
    9309 - 84 Street
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 3N9

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  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Another big hit
    http colon //www dot drug-detox-center dot com/news/?tag=counselling
    John Vereecke - employee of Turning Point Detox & Rehabilitation is a Narconon graduate
    His video http colon //www dot narconon dot ca/DrugRehabSuccess1.htm

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  7. Xenu Is Lord Member

  8. Intelligence Member

    Yes, these are some of the places they have infiltrated, but there are many more. I received
    some "Insider" Intell, with a much longer list than this. From someone Credible inside.

    This has been a lot of time and work, but soon we will submit the "Connected Dots" to the appropriate
    persons in high places. There is a paper trail and I have some dox from certain Scilon Executives who
    were, at the time, blind and dumb. I think they have since been thrown under the bus.

    Our Intell is much better amd faster than theirs on this. They know a little of what I know and have,
    but only a small portion. They really have no idea. Only one Scilon knows what is on the horizon.
    It's just a matter of time,..., we're not quite ready,....., YET :) - a certain Scilon who will read this,
    knows and fears what is the inevitable.

    I must go to bed now; I've been writing non-0stop for many hours. My back, eyes, and fingers are sore,..., LOL :)

    Good night all, and thank you for all the help. It will bear Fruit; I promise.

    David Love

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  9. Intelligence Member

    Amazing! This Thread started only a day ago because of an "Insider" leak
    to me in a message. This person has Balls of Steel. It's quite the Story.
    Incredible that they will never figure it out. Never,..., LOL :)

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Was trying to sleep, but keep hearing Beeps from incoming messages from Australia.
    So I thought I may as well post this after replying to the emails,..., LOl

    We know they monitor my times on different Forums and calculate my hours of sleep
    and other stupid stuff that makes them feel smart. They must wonder how in Hell, I am able
    to get so very little sleep for days, weeks and months at a time.

    Shit, I'm me, and I don't even know how I do it,..., LOL. But as long as I get at least 4 hours,
    I can still cope and function the next day. Sometimes a friend at work nudges me when they
    see me sleepy, but then I just eat or drink something to give me energy.

    I think as you you get older, like me, the mind and body needs less actual sleep? At least it feels that way.

    But when I get 8 hours; holy moley, have I got energy and drive for a few days. Mmmm,...., maybe that's
    telling me something, eh? Ouch, now my shoulder is pinging pains from pecking away on here.

    Nighty night again:):):)

    PS. Dear Anon Friends in Australia, please let me sleep,..., LOL

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  11. Anonymous Member

    I have wandered all over the internet looking for this and can't find the relevant law. The Principals of Medical Ethics cover this situation, but its not law. Maybe it's in the Alberta Health Act.
    In the USA it's illegal to "split" referral fees. It's most likely true in Canada too.
    Maybe Tikk can find it?
  12. mefree Member

  13. Intelligence Member

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Xenu Is Lord: I need you research help:) We may be serving this person for a Court Appearance?

    It would be great if you could help me connect some dots on: Priscilla Duquet (NN TR Advocate)

  15. Hello everyone I am not sure where you got the idea that I am involved in any way with Scientology. There could be nothing further from the truth. I worked for Crave Life - Drug Free and definitely put their information for the site for promotion purposes, on one of my web pages. However, you will note I said worked for, I had to follow the owners protocol. policies and procedures. I had no idea what Scientology was at that time or that Narconon had anything to do with that cult.
    Please feel free to check me out with the powers that be in the scientology world and you will find that I have nothing to do with their cult. If a person is considered
    a scientologist just because they have worked for a rehab referral business that has sent people to Trois Rivieres you have made a big mistake. There are businesses that I have worked for as a rehab intake specialist since the time but drew the line at referring anyone to Trois Rivieres.

    If you want to know about me please ask, do not make assumptions. I am no more into the offensive sect of Scientology than you. You have a friend and admirer of your site in me, so to come across this anti-Brenda Herzog blog has shocked me. While you have done "The Trashing of Brenda Herzog", please take a moment to consider that I am simply a Degree educated Counsellor working to help families and their addicted family members get help. I am no different than anyone on this blog. I refuse to have anything to do with Narconon's anywhere in the world or Scientology. It was not until I started following this blog that I came to find out about the people that hide their involvement with Narconon's and scientology. I have moved on to work where I know that there is no connection with Narconon or Scientology. I hope the people that have been doing the research for this blog will realize that the attack on my character was an error. What is worse is bashing another Rehab Centre that has nothing at all to do with Narconon or Scientology, just because I work with them. They are not guilty by association, I can only hope that nothing further comes from this. I thank you for taking the time to read my response.

  16. Intelligence Member

    Ok, what is this all about? I went to one of the sites which this person is apparently associated with and found
    So is she a Referral site to Narconon? She seems to be concerned about being call a scientologist. I really couldn't
    care less if she's a scientologist or Xenu's sister; I care about who is referring and supporting the Narconon programs.

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  17. Just to be clear, there is a strong indication that Crave Life - Drug Free had ties to Narconon, at least Narconon Alberta, and promoted the dangerous Purification Rundown.

    Are you confirming this but saying that a) you didn't know who Narconon was at the time and b) you are no longer with that group?
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  18. Okay. Got a handy explanation for this?
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  19. anon4eva Member

    Nope, no scientology here........L. Ron who? I'm just the ethics counselor---NN always tries to distance itself from the motherload
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  20. Intelligence Member

    And who the hell is this then???


    Just trying to get my head around all this for a document submission the Certification Investigators to watch out for?

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  21. grebe Member

    You glorious bastards.
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Beautiful. I will send in a Report to the appropriate authorities to take notice of ALL and ANY persons
    who "could" be involved in the Certification of NN TR.

    Like I said, I don't care if she's a scilon, we need to know if she in ANY way supports or promotes
    ANY dangerous rehab programs or practices.

  23. Intelligence Member

    Fantasic!!! I know some of the other people who attended. Some credible intell from some,.., LOL.
    Let me find out how much Brenda did or did not support the Live Graduation. I have just the right

    "They" think they have the upper hand on Intell,..., LOL. If they only knew :)

    I think it's time to load up another 100 police officers into three buses and collect a few more
    hundred boxes of documents from all the Canada scilon offices - - - oops, I can hear the shreaders starting up now.

    No problem, "someone" probably has copies of the important ones:)


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  24. I've done a strong search for Priscilla Duquet. There may be photos on FB for PD but I don't use FB so it will need to be a FB member to access the photo page for PD. Regular Google and Bing Searches turn up nothing beyond what is in this and the other posts ITT.
  25. Yeah. FFS! September 2009 - November 2011 = 26 months ago. Hello??? Moonbat??? Are you still there/here??? Hello???
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I've got 16 mutual friends of Duquet, but there is NO photo of her. She uses an Avatar?
    Most are ok - - some lower/medium level trust and two not so good. One is a Top FSM - Fake Referral Site owner/operator.

    I left NN TR after dark on October 28, 2009 and returned with Police and TV Crew/Reporter
    on November 3, 2009. A few hours later, Sue Chubbs, NN TR Executive DECLARED me on
    my Facebook wall - "ENEMY"! The NN TR lawyer was not happy,..., LOL - DUH!



  27. Intelligence Member

    This^^^, trashing? My intent is not to trash anyone or tarnish NN TR's reputation, as I was sternly warned not to do
    by their scilon law firm. It's pretty hard to "tarnish" something that is already far past the tarnish state and bordering
    on rotten to the core, scientology evil, that exploits and abuses vulnerable victims for the love of money and the
    "Betterment of their Scientology Group"!

    Tarnish? Trash? Hey', if the shoe fits on the "Quacking" duck - - glazed duck under glass sounds good to me,..., LOL. :)

    Lets have a Clam Bake:)

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  28. LOL you're really stirring your metaphors! Don't forget to sleep Dave. <3

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  29. Intelligence Member

    The College has the names of these three &quot;Quackers&quot; - - :)


    Sleep? I'm just making supper now. Delicious (not duck).

    I work crazy hours, but it works out great. Day job from 1-9pm and this enjoyment/justice/work
    until about 2am or so:) - I've cut out working till 4-6am - - wasn't getting enough good sleep.
    So if I fall asleep by 2:15am, I get a good sleep until 9am (7 hours). AND still have a couple hours to
    work before I go to day job:) Wonderful and rewarding. I'm very blessed.

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  30. And I raise a Glass Of Bushmill's in your Honor, Sir! :)
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  31. telomere Member


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  32. xenubarb Member

    Hello? Someone taking my name in vain?
  33. Intelligence Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    too any noobs reading
    do not click on the the links to "Turning Point" in the posts

    can some mods defang some of those posts or post a warning? They are not editable any more
    Or is it not needed?
  35. I welcome any of you that are working dilligently to find out about me to call me. You have supplied my number and I will speak to anyone that is willing to call.
    Perhaps your intell could search into when I got out of referring to Narconon's anywhere. You will find that my association with Crave Life - Drug Free was the end
    of referring anyone to a Narconon program. I did not know until your people did the research that I was still listed with them as what Narconon calls an FSM (never did find out what an FSM was) as of today I have contacted them and demanded the removal of my name from whatever form of database they have. I can with a clear conscience say that I do not use Narconon's for helping people that contact me. I trust your researching can find data that shows that I have not used a Narconon since quitting my job with Crave Life - Drug Free. I should add that the phone numbers you have shown for Crave Life - Drug Free belong to the owner of the business and are in no way numbers that belong to my business ACADA Services. Helping Hand Counselling was the first business I started until today I have not been on that website for years. I invite you to go to that website and peruse the information I provided long before I started working in the Addiction field.
    Again anyone that wishes to call me I will be more than happy to speak with you.

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  36. Glad to hear you are no longer involved with Narconon.

    FSM = Field Staff Member.
    Basically, they considered you to be a tool for recruiting Scientologists.

    If you have any documentation from Narconon indicating they assigned you this title they would be interesting as it further challenges the claim that Narconon is not primarily a Scientology recruitment mechanism.

    Additionally, any information you have that was involved in your decision not to have anything to do with them any more might also be useful in the attempts to shut them down.
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  37. slobeck Member

    gratz. and gj.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Thank you Brenda, for posting this. Please PM (private message me your email and I will contact you.)
    I hope for your sake, now that you have expressed your opinion of them being a "Cult", that they
    do not Fair Game you as they have with many on this Forum.
  39. Intelligence Member

    I know how easy it is to be taken in and deceived by this cult and I sincerely hope that Brenda
    is legit in her responses. Time will tell.

    I have had a couple of Op's try to infiltrate, seeking info over the past month, so I am very cautious
    at this time:)

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  40. She can't PM Anonymous.

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