Narconon Arrowhead Protest

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by patriot75, Jun 3, 2012.


Will you be going to the Narconon Arrowhead Raid?

Poll closed Jun 10, 2012.
Yes 1 vote(s) 25.0%
No 3 vote(s) 75.0%
  1. patriot75 Member

    Still learning, sorry about that.....Thanks
  2. mongrel Member

    Nice job but I didn't see the car swerve. Sign guy wasn't too concerned either, and he was looking directly at it.
  3. RightOn Member

    I din't notice a swerve either and I watched it a few times
  4. patriot75 Member

    ^^^^it is really hard to see, but not so hard to see one the 1080p AVI file. The State Park Rangers said it was conclusive enough to file a incident report, from how close he was to the center line while coming around the curve compared to where he was while passing us. The sign guy didn't react because he was shocked.
  5. patriot75 Member

    Just want to let everyone know that I will have a couple of new threads up this weekend. One for Post Game Report and another regarding my week of OSA visits at and in my house.

    I am usally kind with my words, regarding cursing but after walking in to my house last Sunday night....FUCK YOU OSA.....If ya think I'am scared, thing again......come by tonight and we can talk, sorry I couldn't hook up with you last night......KISS MY ASS OSA!

    One little tip for you OSA, your rules do NOT know me.
  6. Pique Member

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  7. patriot75 Member

    It's all good.......but not for them.
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  8. another123 Member During a planned protest of Narconon Arrowhead, the facility spends $50,000 to work on county road where rally was to take place
    Repaving a road that you don't own during a protest against your establishment. Hummm. Speaks volumes.
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  9. Random guy Member

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  10. RightOn Member

    wow! that is caaaaa-razy!
    non profit lol!!
    $30,000 a patient.
    the road cost NN approx. one patient and a half, paid by poor victims of their scam.
    yeah I know most of the money goes uplines into COS's pocket.
    when the hell are the authorities going to figure out this big brain teaser?? * shakes head*
  11. DeathHamster Member

    Wasn't it like $24,000 just a moment ago?
  12. patriot75 Member

    I am just getting back in my chair from laughing so
    Gary Smith is prob. about to stroke out right about now. He sent that NN AH PR in about 2 weeks ago. Jeanne did a little digging on at and turned it into a story. BUMP to Jeanne LeFlore and the McAlester News Capital!!!!/mcalesternewscapital
    Comments Please the citizens of McAlester are now speaking up, they need our help.....GO GO GO
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  13. RightOn Member

    I thought it was $30,000 a patient. Isn't that what some poor families have paid?
  14. Anonymous Member

    I think that 30K is the going rate in Canada.
  15. RightOn Member

    oh well whatever it is, any amount is too much for that quackery.
  16. patriot75 Member

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  17. Intelligence Member

    I'm rounding up as many as possible for the Aug 24th RAID at NN AH!
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  18. RightOn Member

    hey! will you take a freakin' break and enjoy the party?
    Unless of course you want to amuse me and take a pic with Denise? plox?
  19. Intelligence Member

    LOL - Tony and I are working a little, but YES I do have pics of,... :)
  20. RightOn Member

    Tease! tell Tony if he doesn't do a story on the Big List soon I am going to end it all!!
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