Narconon Arrowhead Gives Presentations in Oklahoma Schools Again

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. patriot75 Member

    I spoke with the Boys and Girls Club of McAlester a little earlier. NN AH visited them last week and will continue to do so with the grant they have through Boys and Girls Club of America in Atlanta GA.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    So next poons go to the Boys and Girls Club?
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Intelligence Member

    Grant? Boys and Girls Club gave $$$ to NN AH to speak?

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  5. CarterUSP Member

    Good work, poonsters.
    These narconon creeps really get my blood boiling.

    If anyone wants me I'll be in the Angry Dome.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I hit the State Dept. of Education, since obviously the school district is too busy getting snowed to know better.

    Dr. Janet Barresi
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction
    (405) 521-3301 121 (405) 521-6205

    Maridyth McBee
    Assistant State Superintendent
    (405) 521-3341 215 (405) 522-6272

    Michael Flory
    Accountability Executive Director
    (405) 521-3341 215 (405) 522-6272

    Joel Robison
    Chief of Staff
    (405) 521-4516 121 (405) 521-6205
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  7. RightOn Member

    I love you guise
    GO GO GO!!!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    in camera means in a private meeting
    on camera means...recorded
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Boys and Girls Club of America info

    Boys & Girls Clubs of America (or BGCA) is a national organization of local chapters which provide after-school programs for young people. The organization, which holds a congressional charter under Title 36 of the United States Code, has its headquarters in Atlanta, with regional offices in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, New York City and Los Angeles. BGCA is tax-exempt and partially funded by the federal government

    National Headquarters1275 Peachtree Street NE
    Atlanta, GA 30309-3506
    Phone: (404) 487-5700
    e-mail (general inquiries):

    Office of Government Relations1707 L Street, NW, Suite 670
    Washington, DC 20036
    Phone: (202) 507-6670
    Midwest Service Center
    Kemper Midwest Training & Service Center
    1590 Wilkening Road
    Schaumburg, IL 60173
    Phone: (847) 490-5220
    Overseas Military Youth Centers/Clubs
    1275 Peachtree Street NE
    Atlanta, GA 30309-3506
    Phone: (404) 487-5725
    Northeast Service Center5 Hanover Square, Third Floor
    New York, NY 10004-2657
    Phone: (212) 377-6440
    Pacific Service Center4201 Long Beach Boulevard
    Suite 101
    Long Beach, CA 90807
    Phone: (562) 490-6160
    Southeast Service Center1275 Peachtree Street NE
    Atlanta, GA 30309-3506
    Phone: (404) 892-3317
    Southwest Service Center2107 N. Collins Boulevard
    Richardson, TX 75080
    Phone: (972) 581-2360
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  10. Intelligence Member

    "Poon" sent and if no reply, will send a "POON-ROCKET" - - if still no reply,
    will pencil in 2013 "Agenda" for a visit in person - - hand FLYERS directly to
    the PARENTS of these innocent boys N' girls ,..., Grrrrr.

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Video being uploaded now that can be used for Poons and educate the authorities who
    have been duped. It's a Re-Mix of undercover reporters in Schools and a bunch of stuff:)

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  12. Intelligence Member

    October 24, 2012 - McAlester News-Capital, reporter, Jeanne LeFlore, - October 23rd 2012: "Canadian High School Principal Bud Rattan, invites Narconon Arrowhead spokesperson, John Bitinas, to give school children information that "all drugs are basically poison to a person's body." Narconon has been banned from all Quebec, California, and many other USA schools, citing the dangers of presenting false information about drugs while promoting Scientology religious doctrines.

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  13. moarxenu Member

    In nearly five years of Chanology the ACLU hasn't done jack.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    There is a very inflamatory and disgusting quote from L.Ron Fucktard on Tony Ortega's website was recently sent out by the cult's Celebrity Center by mistake. It has to do with how lazy mothers are, on how a child's education is a waste of time.

    Perhaps the Boys & Girls Club of America would be interested in hearing about this quote.....which are L. Ron Hubbard's views about mothers, educators, and child labor laws.

    Or better yet, if one of our news writers for Examiners, etc.... would email them and ask to verify whether they are providing funding and did they know about the views of L.Ron Hubbard.......

    Or an irate mother email them demanding to know why such a bigoted organization is being funded....and provide the above quote as evidence.......

    Lots of possibilities here folks........

    Here it is:



    UPDATE: Let’s put the text of that quote online so everyone can see it…
    "I, one time, asked a bunch of mothers why they didn’t shorten the school hours and so forth and make it a little bit easier on the kids and so forth. And they were shocked. And I very carefully cross-questioned them and discovered that, uniformly, these ladies had no idea whatsoever of their child being educated — that there was any advantage whatsoever in learning how to read or write or do things in school, but boy, you sure had a lot of free time there with no kids underfoot!

    Now, that’s a brutal statement, but that’s why they put the kids in school, school is a wonderful method. These people, by the way, had children in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth grades. And they were flabbergasted that I would be interested in what the child was being taught and what good it was doing the child.

    Well, finally I beat it down. They had — just by the cross-questioning: ‘We’re going to talk to the principal about it’ because it had occurred to them that the child was not being taught anything useful. This had finally come through to them. There was nothing useful in the curriculum.
    Now, after the child comes home does he shine his shoes better? Does he know how to wash an automobile? What’s the child being taught? See, I just started using all of the household operations that these women had to do themselves and would like to have done. And they suddenly realized that the state was doing them out of labor. Which of course it is, it’s trying to cut down the labor market. The only reason you have child labor laws is just so you cut down the labor market. Anybody that goes around, ‘Poor little children. They have to work and slave and they work their eyes out’ and so forth. Balderdash! Dirtiest trick you can do on a little kid is keep him from working.
    If you make it uniform that no little child can have a job, you’ve immediately consigned him to the prison of an orphan asylum. See? You’ve immediately consigned him to the onerous contribution of Papa and Mama, where he can contribute nothing back. You’ve made him, artificially, into a parasite."

    – L. Ron Hubbard, 1st American ACC, Randomity, Automaticity and Ridges, 2 November 1953

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Niko at Cushing OK:

    Tony Bylsma from Narconon Fresh Start spoke with elementary kids in San Bernardino CA. Narconon is clearly banned in CA.
  16. BigBeard Member

    Since when to 'wog' rules apply to any Cof$ front group??

    Did Tony come in speaking for narCONon, or did they use one of the 'cloaking' fronts, e.g., Drug Free Marshalls, etc.??

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  17. fishypants Moderator

    Do the media in Oklahoma know?
  18. RightOn Member

    hey teachers and parents!
    turn your freakin' TVS on!
    Another lawsuit is coming down the pike.

    What will it take to make you stop letting NN into your children's schools?
    How many deaths and and how many lawsuits does it take? 1? 2? 3? 4?
  19. Xenu Is Lord Member

    They backed up Sparrow in court. They do need to do more but they did do that.
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  20. Xenu Is Lord Member

    First off if you feel your teachers are to stupid to tell their students drugs are bad then just ask for Mr. Mackey from South Park, "drugs are bad m,kay"

    Here is the real issue with Narconon in Schools. What these kids and their parents will remember is that Narconon was some type of expert group on drugs. When a X% of the kids get hooked on drugs and a percentage will, they risk remembering that Narconon had something to do with being against drugs and they will call them. That is where the real harm begins. Yes just having Narconon in your schools talking about how drugs are bad puts kids in grave danger.
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  21. anon walker Moderator

    Sit quietly, look at something pleasing, concentrate on deep breathing. Repeat as needed. No poutine.
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  22. patriot75 Member

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  23. Intelligence Member

    Excellent ^^^ -- can we get an email or other doc verification of this? It would be nice to attach
    it to further poons to schools who haven't yet cancelled?

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  24. patriot75 Member

    I'll do my best
  25. snippy Member

    This is an outstanding summary. ***** <-- that's 5 stars!

    Sorry, who is this contact person again?
  26. patriot75 Member

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  27. Intelligence Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. patriot75 Member

    Sent a copy and paste poon from last year and some content from this year:
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  30. patriot75 Member

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  31. anon walker Moderator

    While I am sure Gary Smith doesn't party down with the inmates, if he is unaware of this activity, he isn't fit to be ED of anything. Any dox linking staff substance abuse to Gary Smith, Executive Director, would be useful if they show that he was aware of this problem and potential PR flap and did nothing.

    "Extremely proud," yeah I bet.
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  32. RightOn Member

    ^^ good
    but I don't like the fact that is sounds like if the invesitgation deems NN not at fault, that they would be back in the schools again
    Geez these people are stubborn and bone headed
    and one more thing...

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  33. Anonymous Member
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the CCHR is at it again

    CCHR Florida to take part in 2 separate Community Parades in the next 2 months!

    Christmas Holiday Parade
    MLK Jr. Parade

    2 Chances to Reach 10,000s of people!

    During the parades, we will be handing out &quot;Five Fact Sheets&quot; and wristbands with our website information on them.

    Please help us to finance the needed supplies!
    Donations of all sizes are welcome.

    Each parade draws in 10,000s of people who will know our message and who can call us for more information.


    Copyright (c) 2012 Citizens Commission on Human Rights. All Rights Reserved. Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR and its logo are trademarks and service marks owned by Citizens Commission on Human Rights International and are used with its permission.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Intelligence Member

    Grrrrrrrr,...., Grrrrrrrr,...., how about handing out food vouchers. The ones that need them
    can use them, the ones that don't need them, can give to food banks for the hungry at Xmas/

    "FIVE FACT SHEETS" ,.., Grrrrrr :-(
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Anyone get a hit from any of the poons? I have not.
  38. snippy Member

    Scientologist with a sense of humor?


    Where would the Mormons be today if Joseph Smith had been put on anti-psychotic meds?
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  39. andonanon Member

    This is a two year old video. Sorry if this has been posted before. I searched but couldnt find this mentioned elsewhere.

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