Narconon Application: Warner Springs

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by xenubarb, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Narconon: making its clients feel right at home by providing that crack-house/shooting-gallery/doss-house ambience so necessary in a curative environment.
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  2. BigBeard Member

    Questions regarding this non-answer response that need to be asked:

    1. Is the 'medical officer' a licensed/certified physician, nurse, nurse practicioner, EMT,, trained to deal with emergencies common to rehab facilities, or just someone on staff with Red Cross, or other, CPR and first aid training designated as the 'medical officer'?

    2. What, specifically, does the "other medical training" mentioned consist of, and is it relavent to providing medical care for those in a rehab enviroment that may need it?

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  3. grebe Member

    "Medical officer" for a non-physician seems odd to my ear. Officers give orders.
  4. DeathHamster Member

    CoS also has "Legal officers" who aren't lawyers, just someone "hatted" for the role.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Law enforcement
    Political appointee
    Self-appointed bullshit corporate title

    (which of these would cover Narconon hatting?)
  6. anon walker Moderator

    I seem to recall some licensing problems with this one?
  7. grebe Member

    In a hospital the term "officer" is restricted to physicians --e.g., "house officer."

    EMTs are a part of hospital culture. They typically receive orders by radio from an emergency room doctor. So it is confusing to talk about a "medical officer" with respect to medical emergencies when that person is not a doctor.

    Unwarranted self importance. Scientology, you haz it.
  8. BigBeard Member

    Whatever our speculation may be, someone with the power to demand answers needs to ask the questions I brought up earlier (excuse the self quote, but I've got a suspicion the answers are important):

  9. Anonymous Member

    Maybe CPR trained but apparently not all the time.
    LICENSEE NAME: Narconon Southern California
    FACILITY NAME: Narconon Warner Springs
    DATE OF REVIEW: March 29,2004
    ADDRESS: 35025 Highway 79, Warner Springs, California 92086
    Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
    Hesidential and Outpatient Programs Compliance Branch
    1700 K Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814-4037
    I LICENSING AUTHORITY: Health and Safe~ Code Section 11834.01 and Title 9, California Code of Regulations (CCR), Section 10502
    An unannounced licensing compliance review was completed at the above address by Licensing and
    Certification Analyst, Juanita A. Minyard. An inspection of the facility premises, staff files and
    resident files was conducted for compliance with Title 9, Chapter 5, California Code of Regulations
    (CCR) requirements. Ms. Kathy Dion, Program Director, was present during this review.
    It is important that the licensee complies with regulations and the instructions of this Notice of
    Deficiency. Written verification of the correction of all deficiencies or a corrective action plan (CAP)
    must be submitted to the Department.
    Title 9, Section 10572(b )(1) Health-Related Services
    Class A
    The above section states, in part, "During the provision of alcoholism or drug abuse recovery
    or treatment services as defined in Section 10501 (a) of this subchapter there shall be at least
    one person in the facility who is capable of providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first
    aid ... "
    The licensee is deficient in meeting the above regulation because there is no cardiopulmonary
  10. Anonymous Member

    As to Sunshine's question, if I understand it correctly: UA's were given randomly to staff and students to ensure that there was no ongoing drug use. These had nothing to do with sauna itself. The sauna "tech" explained that niacin is a kind of magic vitamin that will "run out" radiation, drug residuals, illness, old sunburns or injuries, etc. A person would start at 200 mgs of niacin. If they had no reaction, the next day they would take 300, and so on. Let's say one begins to react (flushing, burning, itching) at 400 mg. They would take the same dose until They stopped reacting. Then they would go up another 100 mg. The reaction is seen as the niacin busting up and ridding the body of toxins. The tech says "what turns it on turns it off." So one.continues to take more and more niacin until there ceases to be any reaction (for most this happens at 2500mg but I saw students go up as high as 5000 mg. Once the reaction has stopped, the person is considered free of all drug residuals. That is how they measure it. With a quack theory that most doctors would laugh out of town. There is no actual, scientific process for measuring.
  11. Intelligence Member

    Sunshine Summit Lodge

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  12. Anonymous Member

    I am very interested in this document, do you have more information and/or where I can obtain copies of the documents?
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    In Scientology Orgs, "Medical Officer" is a post (a job) that someone learns. A Medical Officer is not a licensed physician.

    Medical Officer is somewhere on the org board. You learn to be a Medical Officer in Scientology much the same way you become an auditor or Course Supervisor - you do a Hubbard checksheet of HCOBs and HCOPLs and get "hatted". Much of the hatting is PTS/SP tech.

    Every Scientology org is supposed to have a sign stating something like the org does not provide medical treatment, if you are sick, see a medical doctor.

    If I recall correctly, Narconon org board does not list an on-site Medical Doctor, only an unlicensed "Medical Officer".

    Sorry no dox, but hope this points you in the right direction for your own digging up of info.
  15. Intelligence Member

    Narconon: "OFFICERS" - a Joke!

    Medical Officer - CPR, first aid and other medical training (other medical training, as in taking pulse,
    taking blood pressure, assessing patient condition by visual), basically someone with minor first aid
    ticket. BUT, they do cross the line into assessing, diagnosing, advising, prescribing vitamin doses before blood
    tests may contraindicate such, etc, etc.) Just your basic hatted cos quack.

    Ethics Officer - Besides being a pain in the ass with a printed off poster that says they are Qualified,
    they are nothing more (in most cases), a recent Narconon Graduate who took a two week course in
    the staff academy to be a pretend police officer, investigator, judge and jury. Unfortunately,
    because they are under heavy pressure from uplines, many relapse and use on the job. (Have Dox).

    Legal Liason Officer - Knows very little or nothing about Civil or Criminal law - - only has COS
    law firm phone numbers to refer students to. Competent at writing glowing letters to probation
    officers and other authorities, with intent to promote positive PR in the Narconon Program.

    "Officers = Dangerous Pretenders"

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  16. BigBeard Member

    But does the person the response was addressed to understand this, or are they assuming (as I'm sure NarCONon hopes) a "Medical Officer" is in fact a trained physician or nurse?

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  17. Anonymous Member

    More about Narconon "Medical Officer"

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  18. Anonymous Member

    One last comment, Scientology definition of "Medical Officer" should be in either the Tech dictionary or Admin dictionary, which were leaked online long ago. Narconon definition should be the same, since Narconon uses both the Scientology Tech and Admin dictionaries.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Quentinanon Member

    And the Medical Liaison Officers are almost never licensed and degreed nurses, physicians, physicians assistants, or accredited nurse practicioners. When they prescribe or diagnose, they practice medicine without a license.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I see what they did there.
    "We treat people of all ages, with comprehensive, state of the art medicine. With access to both conventional and complementary therapies, we formulate programs for health that avoid the complications of drugs and surgery whenever possible. Here at the Institute for Progressive Medicine, our doctors work with you to arrive at the best possible treatment plan. We want you to have all treatment options available to you.
    Our staff includes board-certified physicians and naturopaths with extensive training and experience in nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation, herbal therapies, prolotherapy, acupuncture, natural hormone replacement, chelation, intravenous nutrient therapies, and enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP)."
    It sounds like he is describing Sunshine Summit but he's not.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    From my experience in the cult, the MLO is the one who tries to prevent visits to a licensed medical doctor.
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  23. Quentinanon Member

    Effectively. The downside is that serious health problems, like cancers, do not get treated by physicians in the early stages when the prognosis is favourable, so an inordinate number of scilon staff get diagnosed with stage 4 cancers, and end up "dropping their bodies". I even know of public scilons who attributed health conditions to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, went to scilon "naturopaths" and ended up dead from cancer or strokes. The most ethical people on the planet.
  24. RolandRB Member

    1. Medical Liason Officer (person who knows the telephone number of a doctor to call).

    2. "Other medical training" = trained to give a "touch assist" and a "bring back to life assist".
  25. RolandRB Member

    That's "accelerated natural selection" worthy of a Darwin award.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I suppose if it were, than Richard Dawkins would be a scientologist.
    Natutrally, he's nothing of the sort.
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member



    As you were.
  28. My brother was just sent to Narconon freshstart sunshine summit lodge near San Diego, CA... I'm really worried after doing research online about these places. They gave my mom a list of "success graduates" and their families to contact... no matter who is called on the list they all answer. My family and I started to freak out when we recieved a packet of information from them today and saw the link to Scientology. I love my brother more than anything and he was sent there for marijuana addiction...but looking online I see there is a Narconon facility in MI where we live, why did they not mention this? My mom called and talked to the "counselor" who of course claims there is no talk of scientology and the sauna/niacin treatments are safe... I'm a nutritionist and know that any vitamin prescribed above recommended dosage is unsafe especially to the point of seeing physical symptoms manifesting...should I be worried?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Forget being worried or not. Get your brother out of narconon asap.

    Narconon is a scientology cult Trojan Horse. They are seeking to convert any survivors of their bogus "treatments" to the cult's way of being; a way of being which destroys a person's ability to think, replacing that with Group Think.

    Marijuana addiction? Really?
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  30. Anonymous Member

    25-30 thousand $ ?
  31. yes, with arrest, stealing... lots of issues depression/suicide threat.... to send him to another place was 3000 dollars a parent obviously acted too quickly and took the best deal without doing the research... he's 24 y.o. and went willingly, he admits he needs help...smoking allllll day long became extremely antisocial.......I'm wondering if I should buy a plane ticket and just show up there..thoughts?
  32. I don't know if I should contact a lawyer or if the address they listed in california is even where he is located....apparently they listed the one in michigan to be in albion, but turns out they had the lodging in battle creek...not even remotely near each other
  33. Anonymous Member

    3 or 4 deaths in Narconon Arrohead (world headquarter) within a 365 period. The OK state BI is investigating. Just call anyone to get your brother out ASSP, who can watch him for you. One less vitamin bomb, one ounce of liver saved.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Part of this depends on what your brother thinks about it.

    If he wants to be in the narconon program, it will be very difficult to remove him.

    If he wants out, then you have the option of helping him do that. If this is the case, a lawyer would be useful.

  35. Are they all affiliated with each other? they tried to tell us they (narconon) is associated with only a few other ones in Cali. and they don't ever mention scientology to those there. I mean we had no idea we're orthodox christian..he has only been there for 1 day. I told my parents to cancel the payment asap..
  36. Anonymous Member

    Narconon is one of the front groups of the cult of scientology. Yes, all the narconons are affiliated with each other.

    I advise to you to assume that anything told to you by anyone at any narconon anywhere to be a lie.

    Good tactic if you have informed your parents to stop all payments of any kind.

    I'm no doctor but I think what you have described about your brother requires Official Medical Psychiatric treatment.

    Narconon has been a death sentence for way too many people. These people are crazy criminals that have science-fiction as scripture. Stay far far away from it. It's extremely dangerous.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    In theory cult members in each post do exactly the same thing, looking up the dictionary for every word they are not 100% sure. Watching people is the part they failed most. Most death within Narconon are discovered the next morning in bed.
  38. Thank you for your help!
  39. Anonymous Member

    Wishing you the best for your mission!
  40. Random guy Member

    Narconon will always tell you they are "completely secular". Everything in it (the "purification rundown", the TR-routines etc) are basal Scientology courses however. You will find all material being trademarked L.R.Hubbard and ABLE, who again is owned by one of the many front groups for the cult. They have been playing this shell game for years and have it down to a fine art.

    But, don't take our words for it, see for you self. You can start by browsing through a collection of Narconon documents:
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