Nan McLean CTV W5 documentary from 1973

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    Nan McLean in 1973: Rare Scientology documentary goes online, and it rocks

    By Tony Ortega, April 24, 2017


    Thank you to the Canadian tipster who let us know that the W5 television program recently posted one of its all-time gems, a 1973 documentary about Scientology that featured one of our favorite old-school critics, former church member Nan McLean and her family.

    We featured Nan in our book about Paulette Cooper, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, because her story was intertwined with Paulette’s — in the early 1970s, as they will tell you, there was almost no one else who was called on regularly to talk to news organizations about Scientology, and both of them paid for it dearly.

    This particular program is especially good because it catches Nan at an early moment in her move away from the church. Her own daughter calls her out, saying that she can’t admit that she had simply been duped. Nan argues that in fact she still believed that there was good in Scientology and that she had not been duped.

    We called her up last night, and she told us she remembers the program well, and she also remembers those arguments with her daughter.

    “It took me a long time before I abandoned the idea that the tech was OK. But I was stupid,” she says now in her typical blunt style. (She’s 93 and still sharp as a tack.)

    We told her that the same argument among ex-Scientologists, whether they had been taken advantage of by a charlatan, or whether L. Ron Hubbard had made actual discoveries about the human mind that were beneficial and that were overwhelmed by bad policies (and whether that was the fault of Hubbard or his successor) continue to roll on endlessly, but today it happens in groups on Facebook and in online forums.

    “I know that. This has been going on always,” Nan says. “It is no different today than it was in the beginning. But I think it’s important that people like Leah Remini, in her show, go back to the beginning to see where this all came from. It’s L. Ron Hubbard every bit as it is David Miscavige.”

    At the end of the program, W5 brought on Scientology spokesman Bryan Levman, who was typically disastrous. All in all, it’s a wonderful program, and we’re glad it’s back online.


    The video was uploaded on April 20, 2017 by Official W5, with this caption:

    W5 looked into allegations against the controversial Church of Scientology that had just been established in Toronto. In the US it was already under investigation for records about its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

    Ten years after this profile, the Toronto offices of Scientology were raided in an investigation which eventually led to the conviction of a handful of Church members for a 'Breach of Public Trust'.
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