Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Anonymous, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I have recently discovered a Scientology "church" near Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC.
    I doubt there are any Anons that live in the area, but I'm thinking of a picket sign protest?

    Thoughts, ideas, ect:
  2. Anonymous Member

    Very nice op.
    First do a little recon take pics post them here.
    Find out local laws on protesting.
    Get some friends print some flyers go then go raid them.
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  3. krey Member

    The problem with the whole raid thing, is that out of the (I'm going to guess 100?) anons that live within 100 miles, 3 might actually be willing to show, 1 will cancel, so there'll be 3 people with no support.

    Also, its in a very secluded area, the only thing that a raid would do is put fear and cause more tension and harsher leadership.
  4. anoncaek Member

    I NEED PICS AND OTHER INFO NAO!!!! THIS MAY BE A JOB FOR NC (I guess we should just call it carolina now) anon. We are a sleeper cell right now, but we could be awakened. The best part is that many of NC anons are actually SC anons, and many NC anons are on the east coast of NC, so traveling to MB will not be difficult for anons like myself. Also, Mayfest is going on next month in MB, this may be a time of epic win!!!!!
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  5. anoncaek Member

    is there an address we can get on this org?

    EDIT: nothing is really showing up on searches, but I am seeing something saying that it is up there by the bi-lo....that bi-lo has some good sushi...... anyways, anybody from around the area could you go scope this area out.
  6. ravenanon Member

    If it exists its not listed on the cults site or I'm over looking it (which is very possible). Any chance this is a fz group?
  7. anoncaek Member

    If it is in the location that I think its in.... there is a new FBI building right near epic win.
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  8. AquaMan Member

    Crap, things like this is why I need to check the boards more frequently. I'm in SC, but on the other side of the state from Myrtle Beach, a roughly 4.5 hour drive one-way.
  9. anoncaek Member

    I could get down there if I find the time to do so.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Either it is not there, or I can't find it. That, or we scared them off already.
  11. amaX Member

    googled scientology Myrtle Beach and got this:

    St. James Square
    3565 Saint James Ave
    Myrtle Beach, SC
  12. Anonymous Member

    It's probably just some fail mission, but considering that the Carolina's had been considered org free for some time now it's certainly going to be relevant to the interest of Anons in the vicinity.

    Besides, Myrtle Beach is a nice place for lulz.
  13. amaX Member

    I only found that on one site. I couldn't even find anything in the white pages, so you're probably correct about it being fail, but since Myrtle Beach is really nice it's not a chore to go check on it. Have fun in the Carolinas!
  14. anoncaek Member

    I went to check on that addy, found it was for rent. As for now, it seems both carolinas are still org/mission free.

    However, I still want to know where the hell OP saw this org/mission, and whether or not it was in the location that is now for rent, or if it was there at all.
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  15. roboanon1990 Member

    Im from sc about 2 hrs away from the beach. i would be interestd in helpin
  16. anoncaek Member

    good luck finding it...

    I don't think it exists honestly, but if you wanna go for a look to double check me, go for it.

  17. I'm 45 minutes away! :)
  18. Lol. Don't you people have anything better to do with your free time other then protest someone's personal beliefs?

    Freedom of speech
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  19. Anonymous Member

    fixed it for you
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  20. HeirOfRage Member

    I know exactly where this "church" is and even though I live a bit away from it, I have a small collective willing to travel with me if anyone wants to organize something across from the "church"
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  21. id definatly be willing to since i only live 30 minutes away
  22. Rod Keller Member

  23. Rod Keller Member

    However, the Carolinas are not free of Scientology. These are currently active in their locator. The first is the Charlotte Mission, 8226 Pence Rd. It looks like a poor protest opportunity, it's just somebody's house.


    Below is the Greensboro, NC mission. 230 N. Spring St.

  24. AquaMan Member

    The N. Spring Street one in G-boro is the one that's been closed for years now. The locator that Sci runs is not at all in a hurry to admit that they have orgs that have failed, for some odd reason... /sarc

    I suspect the Charleston one is the same story, but as I said way back when it's not convenient for me to check out.

    (And, yeah, old post is old, but it's still not a year-long necro. :p )
  25. you ppl are crszy... omfg so crazy..
    arguing about where energy goes after death.
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  26. as he said a trip to myrtle beach would be no problem most of the nc anons :)
  27. I'm outraged by this religion and want to expose and put a STOP to their lies and torturous ways!!!!
  28. Anything ever come of this? I'm always down there cruising around. Never heard of anything like that. Didn't ask either though.
  29. I am down with you. Just let me know
  30. Go fuck yourself you turdbag
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  31. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Dwayne this is an old conversation. You can re-ignite interest in MyrtleBeach. Try taking pictures of the Scientology Rat Warren and posting them here. We have looked a building violations as well as protesting. Be discrete with the photos and don't protest alone.
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