my "You Found The Card" card

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    my "You Found The Card" card

    1. In Microsoft Word, make your margins .2" and insert a table two columns wide and four rows long.
    2. Paste the following text into each cell.
    3. Make the borders light gray or invisible, and cut into cards.
    4. Distribute like crazy!


    - Why is TOM CRUISE such a fervent believer in Scientology?
    - What are the HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS of Scientology?
    - What mysterious SECRETS is Scientology hiding… and why?
    - Why are there so many DEATHS connected with Scientology?
    - Is Scientology “just a church” or a BRAIN-WASHING CULT?
    - Who is ANONYMOUS and why do they protest Scientology?

    LEARN THE TRUTH for yourself, just Wikipedia “Scientology” or “Dianetics” or “XENU”

    Go to the websites or
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