My Scientology Movie - Louis Theroux documentary

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yarrr, my exact thought too Alecto, it is like meh right outta the box... hm, wonder if he has watched any of Sweeny's 'interview' with Tommy D. :p
    Hmmm, in retrospect maybe he should approach Louis Farkenwhat-eva as he is never at a loss for moonbattery *shrugz*
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  2. mip Member

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  3. Perfecto Member

    Ogs, the cos will want a list of questions in advance and any deviation from the list during interviews will be swiftly bypassed by the scilons. It's never going to be a piece of hard hitting journalism or anything remotely like it, and Louis Theroux needs to know what he's getting into. Seeing how they handle him will be the money shot is my thinking.

    If Louis Farkenwhatisname was interviewing them there's a chance it will come close to shaking the interviewees up, as you say he's more able to deal in moonbattery and just might give them a run for their money.
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  4. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh my yes! I'd derp'd the Tommy 'Mr. Foot-bullet' Davis' depo, a page right outta Miscavige's playbook 'I don't understand the question....durrr....'. My guess is that any spokes-hole that LT finds will be fully hatted in Smoke & Mirror 'tech' ala dead windbag Lron, getting the truth out of any of the cultified is near a fool's errand imho.
    That is another great read from The Bunker ( )
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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

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  6. Incredulicide Member

    If it's anything like the last time he met the Nation of Islam, he'll be wasting his time:
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  7. failboat Member

    Tony posted this today.

    Not everyone who has left Scientology is starting a new family, of course. And some of them remain quiet about leaving. But a few, like former Class XII auditor Karen de la Carriere, make a lot of noise. We’ve been hosting a lot of her videos here at the Bunker, some of which featured recent Sea Org defector Jillian Schlesinger. Those videos in turn got the attention of filmmaker Louis Theroux, who is making a feature-length documentary about Scientology and spent considerable time recently filming at Karen’s Los Feliz house…

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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Times like this I hads smiles...


    Jillian is such a beauty *sigh*
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  9. Karen is WAY HOTTER than Jillian. Hands down.
    This message by karen>jillian has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  10. Random guy Member


    On a serious note: This documentary looks promising!
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  11. thesneakster Member

    Randy Smith, who has been a professional Scientology(no tm) auditor for decades, was interviewed by Mr. Theroux and gave a very favorable report about him and his crew on several Indie Facebook channels. According to Randy, Mr. Theroux seems to be genuinely interested in doing an honest inquiry to the subject of Scientology. Too bad the Co$ OSA PR department wouldn't even give Mr. Theroux the time of day, so he has to go to "bitter, defrocked apostates" to get practicing Scientologists' viewpoints.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  12. [IMG]
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  13. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lol, mini-drama-llamas, bwahahahahahha! (opinion)
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  14. Is Karen de la Carriere still an independent practicing Scientologist?
  15. thesneakster Member

    So, any more reports regarding Mr. Theroux's project ? Evidently this is a sore spot for the poor OSA Internet Unit. ;)

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  16. incog712 Member

    Well did you evah?
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  17. Twinkle Member

    Unexpected item in bagging area.
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  18. Sore point for OSA Indie as well it seems, as Michael Hobson is back to WWP posting defending Indies.

    Care to address Davit St. Lawrence article, Hobby?
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  19. Random guy Member

    I love this! The level of failure is so momentous it's hard to find words! Come on, /b/ is dead, haven't you done your homework?

    The most funny thing is how they reveal themselves so utterly! Why on earth should we worry some posters here can be doxed? Its not like hanging around here shooting the breeze and taking pot-shots and the clams is a crime. Heck, if someone doxed me and told my boss I'm a Channologist anon I'd probably get a pat on the shoulder. The only people who think being a Channologist is something you can be black-mailed with are the CoS.

    Of course, being doxed could potentially be inconvenient if the CoS decides to target you, but these days the cult only has oomph to go after the very largest fish.

    Stupid fail is stupid.
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  20. sallysock Member

    So the post calling out censorship was removed. For as long as I can remember, derail posts such as this were moved and mods made note of it with a post and a link to the derail graveyard. It helped to make sense of the thread. See post above^^^^^^
    Derail over/
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  21. White Tara Global Moderator

    That particular post and a couple others of similar format and message have been posted over and over across multiple threads, thereby making it plain old spamming up threads. The 'Scary dox guy' thread was created to give them somewhere to post without spamming multiple threads. In those circumstances I think removal is warranted. Better to report the repetitive posting of those messages as spam rather than responding to them.
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  22. thesneakster Member

    Best you can do is dredge up something from October 2012 in a desperate attempt to derail this thread, OSA chump? That matter was thoroughly hashed out back then and got Domed, IIRC. The deliberate misspelling of Co$ enemies names to prevent your comments from being found using search engines is a signature behavior, BTW. Too bad you can't ever deviate from your book of "Successful Actions". :p

    Louis Theroux had to go to the Indie Scientologists to get any information from practicing Scientologists(no TM) because you slaves of David "Darth Midget" Miscavige can't actually wear your PR hat and make friends for Co$. Your total failure to do your job of dealing with the greatest enemy Scientology has ever had - your boss - shows the entire world what useless crap you really are.


    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    Addendum: the Oct 2012 comment leaked from Karry Campbell's Indie Scientologist Facebook group clearly names David La Croix, (the owner/operator of Scientolipedia) - not David "Old Auditor" St. Lawrence.
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  23. nice

  24. sallysock Member

    I reported them as derails. I just was missing the mod note that they were moved and where they went to. It wasn't typical spam. It was a message of sorts.
    Edit: Where did the post go to? It was about doxing anons. Link plox?
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member


    First look at Louis Theroux’s BBC film on Scientology: ‘Stairway to Heaven’ | The Underground Bunker

    Filming was still going on just a few weeks ago on the Louis Theroux BBC feature about Scientology, so we don’t expect it to be in theaters for some time yet. But now we do have a glimpse, at least, of what BBC Films says its movie is going to be about.

    In an online catalog, a complete two-page spread is devoted to Theroux and his documentary, which now has a title: Stairway to Heaven: Louis Theroux and the Church of Scientology.

    While the media has been focusing on Alex Gibney’s HBO-produced documentary about Scientology, Going Clear, which is premiering this month at the Sundance Film Festival, we pointed out that Theroux and the BBC were also working to make a feature-length movie and seemed to be talking to some of the same subjects. But now that the two works are getting closer to release, we’re beginning to see how different they might be.

    Gibney’s film is partly based on Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book Going Clear which was extremely harsh about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and put a sharp focus on allegations of abuse that the church subjects members to. Gibney’s team is being pretty tight-lipped with the description of its film — “Going Clear intimately profiles eight former members of the Church of Scientology, shining a light on how they attract true believers and the things they do in the name of religion.” But HBO has already signaled that its film will be a devastating takedown of the church, and HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins told the Hollywood Reporter the network has 160 lawyers ready to deal with what they expect to be a harsh Scientology legal offensive.

    Theroux joked on Twitter that his film only has two attorneys on its side. And now, we get a small hint as to what his movie might be like.

    Continued here:
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  26. Great to hear this is finally coming to fruition. I have no doubt that it will be very different from John Sweeney and the BBC. However there is a mention in John's Book "The Church of Fear" where he meets Louis Theroux in a hotel on Sunset Boulevard, just as he is getting increasingly paranoid about being followed. And is telling Louis all about the cars following him "When I came back to the hotel reception you (Sweeney) were telling the whole story to Louis Theroux, who by chance was there"

    I cannot wait to see Louis's take on this.
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  27. Multisanti Member

    Louis is a top man. This should be excellent.
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  28. Anyone know if the scilon celebs have opened their gobs yet about the upcoming films?

    Haven't heard a cheep from Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirsty Alley or Bart Simpson so far.

    Any Black ops against Louis Theroux?
  29. Its an interesting title for this doc...

    "There's a lady whose sure that all glitters is gold
    And she's buying a stairway to heaven"

    Geeky fact of the day
    Of course Jimmy Page who wrote that iconic song owned Alistair Crowley's house once upon a time. Crowley was not only an inspiration for hubbard but also for Page
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  30. incog712 Member

    The remaining "celebrities" seem to be remaining fairly low-profile. Lately, Miscavige appears to be more focused on using them to turn up at various sci public events and offer little pep talks in a vain attempt to stem the exodus.

    It would seem that even HBO and Theroux have little to worry about, save for the occasional Whackadoo PI looking busy on the cults behalf. What remains of their in-house legal staff has been reduced to a heap of fail and they no longer seem very willing to hire outside legal assistance even for the occasional cheap C&D.

    Anyone interested in making their own "explosive" cult documentary had better get a move on. If they wait much longer it's likely that the only options left open will be more along the lines of post-mortem historical references.

    Cult of ugly, near empty buildings is...
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Excellent commentary, but the video link is dead... :(
  32. incog712 Member

    Thanks for commenting! Not sure what's up with the video link, seems to be ok from here. Either way, it's just a YouTube'd audio recording of the Buzzcocks "Hollow Inside". A little earworm that often pops into my head whenever I pass by the local org.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Here's a link that works:

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  34. anon8109 Member

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  35. RightOn Member

    I would imagine it would be harder to publish a docu about the COS in the UK with all their laws?
    Going Clear the book nor the film is available there.
    How much can the BBC lawyer up? 'Cause we all know that the COS is going to hit hard and heavy and claim that the docu is bigoted and all that good bullocks
  36. Well, Sweeney and the BBC survived to tell the tale,....
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  37. RightOn Member

    How come it was called "Stairway to Heaven" before and in the recent interview he said it hasn't been named yet?
    Did Led Zep call their lawyers? LOL!!!
    It should be called The Bridge To Total Freedom?
    COS would love that

    and BTW!!
    is not taken!
    I can't believe that one!
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  38. Orgsclosed Member

    "The Bridge" is taken since 2006:

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  39. RightOn Member

    I am going to have to watch that again, it's been a while
    Creepy film was creepy
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  40. Really getting sick and tired of old, unactionable accusations of adults being jerked around. Wake me when someone has the balls to expose the child sex abuse files of the cult in Hollywood. Or the kids that were used by the CIA for trauma based mk experiments at Delphi.
    I don't like mondays
    This message by I don't like mondays has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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