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    He's over that now.
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    Yes, of course we know that now. But as you also know, when Theroux's film was being put together, that seemed to be the case.
  3. Only to those who are easily conned and self deluded.
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    Louis Theroux explores drug addiction in harrowing new documentary series


    Louis Theroux is returning to television with a new three-part series called Dark States – Heroin Town.

    In the series, Theroux will explore America’s love affair with prescription painkillers and the resulting widespread dependency on opiates and increasing instances of heroin addiction.

    Heroin – which many Americans have turned to after a recent crackdown on prescription drugs – now kills more Americans than gun crime.

    According to the synopsis, Theroux travels to an Appalachian community in West Virginia where one-in-ten babies are born with an opiate dependency and the fatal overdose rate is 13-times the national average. There, he uses his unique interviewing style to find out more about the community and the devastation caused by drug addiction.

    Theroux is known for tackling taboo or lesser known topics, having covered street crime, superjails, swingers and most recently, Scientology.

    Last year, he embedded himself in King’s College Hospital in south London to investigate extreme alcoholism in a documentary called Drinking to Oblivion.

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  5. Sept 30th...
    He's been invited in to the homes (and cells) of cult leaders, addicts, neo-Nazis and gamblers... and some have even become his friends. But there's only one subject of his weird and wacky TV films that still haunts Louis Theroux...

    By Caroline Graham

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    So it’s ironic that his scariest moment came off screen, in a legal threat from the Church of Scientology. ‘It was when David Miscavige, the head of the Church of Scientology, sent a legal letter threatening to sue me personally,’ he remembers. ‘The Scientologists have millions and could have sued me for years. I don’t have the resources to fight that.

    He says his dream interviewee is Lisa Marie Presley: ‘She is at the centre of the three subjects I find most fascinating: Elvis, Michael Jackson and Scientology. What must it be like having Elvis as a father? What was that marriage to Michael Jackson all about?’

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    Louis Theroux's Scientology movie is on TV tonight and it's a must-watch |


    If you haven't seen My Scientology Movie, you need to change that.

    The film is centred around the self-proclaimed Baddest Ass Dude in Scientology Mark 'Marty' Rathbun - a former senior executive of the church - and focuses on alleged scenarios that people claim to have encountered in the church.

    The Church of Scientology refused to cooperate in making a documentary with Theroux which led to his team up with Rathbun. The movie focuses on the alleged violent behaviour of David Miscavige, a church leader in California.

    It's on BBC Two tonight 5 November at 9pm.

    More at
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    Done, and thanks for the link.
  8. Towards the end there's some very interesting comments about Marty made by both Louis and John Dower the director of the movie.

    Some more info,

    The controversial Church of Scientology always seemed like a natural subject for a Louis Theroux documentary.

    With Hollywood A-Listers such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta counted as members, and claims by former adherents of abuse, Scientology has ‘Louis Theroux’ written all over it.

    The filmmaker had tried, with no success, since 2003 to gain access to church members in order to make a documentary. Despite the release of other films about Scientology – most notably Alex Gibney’s in-depth, award-winning Going Clear – Theroux persevered and changed tack.
    The approach settled upon by Theroux and director John Dower was to use actors to re-stage controversial procedures that former Scientologists claimed the church used on members. To help them in this task they sought the guidance of a high level insider in the form of ex-Church of Scientology senior executive, Marty Rathbun.
    Featuring a star turn by actor Andrew Perez portraying David Miscavige, Scientology’s leader, the re-enactments of the church’s practices lends a fresh perspective on the organisation to add to the mix of other recent studies.
    In their 50 minute Q&A session at the Royal Festival Hall (above), Theroux and Dower discuss the process of getting the film made and the strategic surveillance, resistance, and hostility they encountered from the church while attempting to make the documentary.
    Extract from My Scientology Movie

    "You tell him to stop filming us"

    Louis Theroux gets on the wrong side of Scientologists. From My Scientology Movie

    Watch on BBC iPlayer

    My Scientology Movie is available to watch on BBC iPlayer until 5 December 2017.

    A version of this article was originally published in November 2016.
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    What was the name of the group that they use to try an intimidate people ?
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    The Squirrel Busters
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    Altitude, Lionsgate and Curzon win big at Screen Awards 2017 | Screen International


    Altitude Film Distribution won the prestigious distributor of the year award for their work on Moonlight, I Am Not Your Negro, Lady Macbeth and My Scientology Movie. Louis Theroux’s doc also took home the specialist film campaign of the year award.
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    Louis Theroux reveals he has a new series coming out in November after two-year hiatus | The Sun


    Speaking at The National Lottery Awards last night, Louis said: "I’ve got a series coming up, it's coming out in November. I can’t say much about it. But it’s a three-parter and it’s set in America. BBC 2."


    Louis released My Scientology Movie in October 2016 starring actors replaying some incidents people claim they experienced as members of the secretive organisation.

    Asked if he's still hounded by Scientologists, Louis said: No and I feel a little bit sad about it.

    "But they have so many enemies and so many people they perceive as enemies.

    "They don’t have time to worry about me. I don’t think I’m on their radar. But they’ve probably got me on a Google alert."

    More at
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    This is from


    For the past year I have been working on a three-part series about the novel, sometimes strange, and always very human ways in which the most intimate aspects of life are increasingly being handled in America. Now the BBC has just announced the it is going out in November of this year, starting Nov 4, under the title Altered States. There are episodes about birth, love, and death. I was privileged to work with some incredibly talented people including directors Wes Pollitt and Arron Fellows. I would tag them here but I am not sure how. D'oh! I hope to be posting a bit more about the series in the coming weeks. For now here is the BBC statement:
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    Louis Theroux Wants To Shoot Revealing Scientology Film | Trill! Magazine


    The British filmmaker’s most recent project, Altered States, premiered on BBC Two. The documentary reveals how modern America experiences birth, love, and death. But before the show even hit screens, fans were already clambering to know his next endeavor. At a recent Q&A, Theroux revealed what he hopes to undertake next:

    “I would like to get back to doing some celebrity profiling, reinventing the When Louis Met… series.

    If it was a dream list, it would probably be Tom Cruise.

    I was thinking about this. You’d have to get full access to him in his Scientology mode. You would want to follow him when he’s with David Miscavige, the head of Scientology.

    You know, he’s now got a little apartment in Clearwater, Florida. Him doing his superpower training, Scientology drills, it would be amazing.”

    More at
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