My idea for a Youtube raid.

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by simpleton, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. simpleton Member

    My idea for a Youtube raid.

    here is my idea, i threw it out to the other place some anon's goto some times but it wasn't the word xenu it was another word..... they loved it and the word got flooded all over youtube so here is how to profit.

    1. download this zip file: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
    2. goto Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address and get a throw away email
    3. setup a new youtube account (or use your current if you want)
    4. upload the 4 videos
    5. find videos and post video replies (post like this U-N-E-X so it will come out right on the
    video response images)
    6. post print screen and video link in here
    7. ?????
    8. PROFIT!!!!!

    ps. you can also add info to the video description to point people where you wish because
    it will catch their eye, i put links to youfoundthecard and in mine


    link to the video i responded to:

    what i did was labeled the U with 1 the N with 2 the E with 3 and the X with 4 so i know what order to post them

    i hope this gets as big as the other one did have fun guys i will update my list tomorrow back to work i go

    EDIT: lmao @ the number of text comments

    (im adding the question so we can have a discussion about it so i can have it in GD)

    so what do you think of my idea for raiding yt?

    edit: i also hope i dont get in trouble for posting the same thread in 3 different sections but i think this should get maximum exposure since its fun and helps get the word out :\
  2. simpleton Member

    Re: My idea for a Youtube raid.

    here is another i just did on a break its on a cchr video:

    EDIT: here is one more


    EDIT 2: one more b4 i go back

  3. moose Member

    Re: My idea for a Youtube raid.

    nice, but re-uploading the same shit over and over again is somewhat annoying imho.
    So pls use some original video's :)
  4. simpleton Member

    Re: My idea for a Youtube raid.

    the whole point is to catch their eye with the word xenu spelled out so they click on the video and read the discription, not so they can watch a 5 second video of the letter they clicked on

    what im doing is responding to their video 4 times with 4 videos that end up spelling when people goto their video they see the video responses and see the word xenu....nevermind i thought it was pretty straight forward back to work

    EDIT: lemme try to explain this in layman's terms

    the whole point is to spell out xenu in the video response section of the video you picked to raid, people should see this and might say "oh cool someone spelled out a word in their video responses lets see what it is"
    so they click on one of your letters and in the video description of the letter they clicked on (the video you uploaded) you give them web links and info of your all you do is upload the 4 videos ONE time then go around and click on "video respond to this video" link or whatever it is and spell out the word xenu with the videos you have....

    its just a way ive came up with spreading the word more and its simple and fun (at least i think it is)
  5. Sock Puppet Member

    Re: My idea for a Youtube raid.

    Very sinister Idea! I like it!
  6. Plups Member

    Re: My idea for a Youtube raid.

    Oh, nice.
  7. LilDebbie Member

    Re: My idea for a Youtube raid.


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