My Friends have been shot! (videos)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by God Help Us !, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. To all the brave protesters in Iran , from a mother in Scotland , my thoughts are with you.
  2. I am not from Iran but I read many forums and news about the situation there. Also, I spoke with my iranian friends and they are on the opposite sides.
    I want to say that uploading dead people here is really frenetic (a movie where student dies), you have to show some respect to the dead people- I am not sure if he would like his death pictures to be on the net. It is all heredity of exhibitionism&voyeur internet culture. The person who uploaded such clips could instead that to report us what was going on there instead posting someone's privacy- Death is a kind of private thing!
    Also, my dear iranian people be sure that you are completey alone..Here many USA&European people said they are with you but where there are? On the net, in virtual reality my dear friends!
    Don't allowed your adrenaline and romantic behaviour to prevail! Don't allow your young people to die and lose their life! There is NO other chance...
    Keep calm and ration so you can do something for real! And don't expect anyone to help you-it is your turn! I wish you all the best!
  3. The point of putting the picktures/movies on the net is to show the world how bad the situation is. And to not let them die in vain.

    I do not see how anyone can support the other side. They are voilent, use fear to controll the people, exstrem religious. And if the people want a change, it will happend. One way or another.
  4. i am willing to die for freedom and to say what i want when i want. Controlling the masses does not work. They will win. The revolution in Iran is close.

    And when someone cheat in an election, there will be angry people. They will not give up this fight after the first kill of a demonstrant.
  5. I want to show my support for the brave people of Iran.

    The videos of people being hurt make me sad.

    But what touches me most is the footage of the protests.
    To march in silent protest is something so powerful, and dignified a corrupt government cannot undermine it.

    The whole world can learn from the people of Iran.
  6. dark_alucard Member

    I'm Venezuelan and I'm with you!!!!. Don't let your country fall like ours!!! Do not fail to yourselves...
  7. dark_alucard Member

    I hope that you can get a new goverment fast!!! I hope i can do something more for you =(
  8. This is crazy

    thats all I have to say.

    My thoughts are with you all.
  9. Black/White

    Hello Iran,
    Why cant we live in harmony
  10. [ame=]YouTube - The Soundtrack to my Revolution (Iran Protest Anthem June 2009)[/ame]
  11. Everyone who needs to post a video, start using - Redefining the Media instead. They do not filter, and do not have "copywrite" protections. More videos seem to be popping up.

    Good luck, stay safe.

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