My Deposition

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by formerlyIN, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Sorry haven't responded today, been a bit busy and not feeling to good. Might be BP might be just all the stress... Teckie kid has this ancient camera up and running.

    I don't really know my neighbors and our complex is set up pretty weird... I do have new neighbors downstairs and I'm going to get to know them. I knew who used to live there and you can hear every place someone walks.

    I'm never gone for more than a couple of hours so I seriously doubt they had time to do weird stuff to food etc. I'm also not in a position to be that paraniod.

    I just have to be a little more evigilant about whats going on around me.
  2. Re: My Deposition

    Some have locksmith training, but even a skilled locksmith does not have the time (several days) to pick away at a high-security lock for surrepticious entry.
    By the way, a standard pin tumbler lock can be bumped by a person without locksmith training. Just takes a few seconds.
  3. Re: My Deposition

    I don't don't know I wouldn't take the risk TBH with you formerlyIN
  4. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Several days? You cover picking those locks on two day picking courses.
  5. Phil-Anon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Even if you don't know your neighbors too well, TELL THEM what you're going through. Make sure to emphasize that you've been broken into, and that it obviously wasn't common robbery. You want them to understand that this is literally a federal case, not tinfoil hattery. Don't forget to warn them that they may be getting black propaganda as well.

    Also, if you haven't already, make sure the federal agencies you've been in contact with are aware of this, and look into how to bring it up in your lawsuit.
  6. me57 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Formerlyin My Prayers will be with You and Your's everynight. Stay God Blessed
  7. subgenius Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Could someone post the link to the thread that explains what the depostion is for, etc.
  8. SuperChipcat Member

    Re: My Deposition

    This thread is now about the size of your lock knowledge e-penis.

    GTFO, the lot of ya.
  9. GrogStat Member

    Re: My Deposition

    No clear explanation. Don't worry about it. It's best that this be a pickle surprise for the cult.
    YouTube - Tom Rubnitz - Pickle Surprise
  10. anonhuff Member

    Re: My Deposition


    If you suspect your medication has been tampered with, contact your doctor and your pharmacist and the police (pharmacist may be the one to contact police if they are determined to have been tampered with or switched). SAVE THEM, but do not ingest them. This also clears you of suspicion of selling off your drugs or whatever if you're showing what you have remaining, tampered with or not in the end.
  11. Re: My Deposition

    You are amazing, FormerlyIN. It must be so difficult but you already took the biggest step out, which was to leave the cult of course! :hooray:

    I hope many scilons can read this and take inspiration from it

    And you're right, you don't want to be too paranoid, you've got enough stress as it is! But do keep in contact with your neighbours as the others have suggested, let them know the ongoing situation etc, I'm sure you'll have a communal support behind you, as well as from us.

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