My Deposition

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by formerlyIN, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition


    If FormerlyIN were a scam artist, she's so good I'll pay her for the entertainment value. If she's OSA, then I hope that seeing a bunch of evil anti-social personalities care for someone who's in need just might help open another crack in the Truman Show.


    Apologies. This thread is just so good.
  2. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Someone said something earlier about transcripts. Yes, they told me I will get somethng in the mail, and I can do down and read the transcript. They encouraged me to do so, to make any correction in the taking down. I cannot change me answers. No one said anything about getting a copy, but after I talk to Mr. Graham, I will ask him about it. He was traveling yesterday, I went to bed early, and we are on 2 different time zones.\

    I have nothing to lie about. I could have walked aaway quietly, instead, I decided to go to the authorities after many email with one of the girls from ESK. I went to a protest, and for me it was liberating.

    Sometimes I talk too much, and it gets me in trouble over here. It's just the way I am. I'm nobody special, just me. I would probably change places with most of you, but it is what it is, and I can sit here and worry for the next 10 years, or go do what I thnk I have to.

    There are 2 people who know of what the content of most of the deposition was, and oif they want to talk about it, that's their business.

    It is the internet, and I understand someone being causious, but hells bells, do you really think I would go back and forth for months complaining about fair gaming, make up depositions for attn? That's attn I never wanted, trust me. It cost me my marriage.

    I gave Killawaog a gabcast to post but it never got done. I stopped placing the messages on gabcast. I do not know how to upload them. I'm not playing stupid, I am internet stupid and I never made any bones about it.
  3. subgenius Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Make a copy of the transcript. Find someone who can scan and post it here, even if you have to mail it to one of us. I would volunteer.
    There has been a question of the truthfulness of this story. This would answer that, and it would be very useful in the movement.
  4. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition


    Are you kdding me? I will contact Mr. Graham, and follow an atty's instructions. I didn't go through all this to blow the case to prove anything. If Mr. Graham isn't available to help I will get a local atty that some of the Anons here sugested. I will go through my testimony with an atty, and one Anon I trust. I will not post the transcript until the Gvmt says it's ok.

    I thought we all had a common goal? So I should tell the CoS what I said, what they have?! Are you for real!

    I don't care if you believe me or not. I'm not asking for cuddos or anything else. I'm not going to undo what I did for the sake of pasifying a few who want everything in black and white. There are people on here who know what it is all about and that's about as far as it's going to go, until I'm told otherwise.
  5. themadhair Member

    Re: My Deposition

    ^ As much as I would love to see a copy of that deposition wouldn't posting it harm any potential ongoing investigation? If contact is been made with GB then he'll verify for us.
  6. Optimisticate Member

    Re: My Deposition

    No no no! We said "ship the documents to the feds, not rip the documents to shreds!"
  7. DavidFreehug Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Don't rise to the bait. If suspicious Anon don't believe you then that's up to them. Obviously you'd be daft to tell all to unknown people on a messageboard if the Feds etc. have already warned you to keep things quiet. From what you've said I think you've done a lot of good here and deserve praise and encouragement.

    Well done for doing this!
  8. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition


    Thank you! Last night Mr. Graham was traveling and I was tired, and I tend to ramble when tired, so I will contact him today. We are in different time zones and HE will verify and decide what is OK and what is "out of bounds". I didn't go through all this to blow it at the 90 yard line!

    When I left yesterday, I was given things I could talk about and things they asked me not to, except with council. That's what I plan to do, talk with council. I will tell Mr. Graham when I speak to him he can decide what is releaseable, and do so at his choosing. I'm legal stupid and not going to blow this by opening my big mouth and saying too much.
  9. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Good for you, you do us all a great service and I hope others will be inspired by your example.
  10. themadhair Member

    Re: My Deposition

    That is all.
  11. Anon1720 Member

    Re: My Deposition

  12. the_cloak Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Formerly IN: You are awesome for doing this! And as I've seen discussed on the local boards you use, I know you hate the lable "ex-sci". I don't consider you an "ex-sci" but instead a once again free citizen of a free nation. Rejoining the real world, that took courage and strength. Going up against your former captors despite their political and thug power? Even better. All others like you need to do the same. The cos can't attack you all at once. We've proven that with the Anonymous movement. They can't shut us up because there are too many of us. They could namefag us all, and we would still roll right over them. We've got you former members (and now free citizens) covered, do the right thing and follow formerly in's fine example.

    scientology PI's and Thugs. I know you guys read this. Remember my warning several months ago? You should have heeded it. In case you forgot, I suggested that you start talking to the FBI yourselves. Not about us, but about your masters. Cooperation may help reduce your sentences. If you don't, well, guess who gets thrown under the bus first? I think even the most inept of you PI's can follow this line of thought. Time is running out guys. It might already be too late.
  13. Re: My Deposition

    Brava! Good work!

    May I suggest you see if there is an Angel Food Ministries near you?
    Angel Food Ministries

    They are good people and a lot of us need a helping hand from time to time. There are no restrictions or forms to fill out. Good luck!
  14. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Well done formerly, your doing great. Balls of steel? Ovaries of titanium! give the cult what they deserve, a hard time and reprocusions. remember that others can use your case to aid themselfs and help reform/dismantle the cult.

    go with the advice in here, it's sound.

    Oh and good luck and good job. you're doing us all proud.
  15. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Honestly FormerlyIN, I don't want you to tell anything else that happened in there. It happened, you did your thing, its up to the government now. Don't tell anything else, I don't want the case they are trying to build getting a footbullet.

    Suspicious Anons are just that, let em be, they are just trying not to fall for some ruse or OSA thing or whatever if their tin foil hats are on too tight. Don't let them questioning you get under your skin. They are just being skeptical cause what you have done is HUGE! So huge in fact that some people would have a hard time believing its true. It's almost too good to be true. Which is why its soooooo awesome. Its exactly what was needed to happen.

    RSK tells anon its time to tell FBI, FormerlyIN does, gets meeting with them and SEC with tons of delicious evidence she cant tell us. All in a week. Even if its a lie (which I don not believe at all), it shows it is deff time to call the Feds with all Co$ issues. It verifies what RSK posted. End o story.
  16. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I Pm'd Boris before I gave the was scheduled just days before RSK came out with his announcement. Boris gave me some decent advise.

    I have no idea what the Gvmt has cooking. All I know is that they are building something.
  17. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Just remember, Anon..........LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!
  18. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    hehehe, well, we ARE tyring to sink the Faiwinds. :)
  19. Re: My Deposition

    Thanks for doing what you have already done. If everything works out it'll be for great justice.
  20. themadhair Member

    Re: My Deposition

    To all federal authorites - this was intended metaphorically.
  21. Re: My Deposition

    LOL no! Ongoing investigation is ongoing. Apparently, mods need to edit out the mentions of the agencies in this thread.

    If formerlyIN is trolling us, I'd give her a 10/10. And even with a tinfoil hat on I can't imagine this being an OSA op - I don't think it's in OSA's interest to encourage ex-Scientologists to go to the authorities with evidence, and OSA would not want to suggest a serious investigation is ongoing...that's kinda bad for the CoS and it further encourages people to come forward and provide evidence. Really bad for the CoS.

    Congratulations and best wishes formerlyIN, you've taken charge and done the honorable thing. Definitely ovaries of titanium. There will be many more people stepping up to give testimony. This is the start of a cascade.
  22. An0nand0n Member

    Re: My Deposition

    This is OSAs worst nightmare made flesh. Ex scis going to the authorities? This is what their fair gaming is meant to PREVENT.

    Good for you formerlyIN. People like you are a huge asset to the movement to dismantle the cult. Well done!
  23. themadhair Member

    Re: My Deposition

    [size=+2]<[/size]insert shoop of a manly Graham Berry with funny and relevant caption here[size=+2]>[/size]

    I hate being at work.
  24. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: My Deposition

    thank you, formerlyIN.

    There are funds available in some states for crime victims, after fact.In the meantime, the suggestions made here for financial aid are good ones; alos local food banks may be able to help. Your local Anons know you, and hopefully they can help you and be incontcat wiht others who can as well.

    thank you for encouraging other to be brave, leading by example.
  25. Anon_1HG Member

    Re: My Deposition

    So proud of you formerlyIN. Your story is an inspiration.
  26. anonymous299 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Time for a SEC check.... AMIRITE?
  27. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    well,sorta. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than when they skuttle that boat because Co$ is defunct and no one will buy it. Ok one thing, if when the cult falls they use the Super Power building for the world's most state of the art mental health care research and treatment center. THAT would be the best eva!
  28. chickpea Member

    Re: My Deposition

    fuuuuuckiinnnn ^^^^ THIS!!! When I have my nervous breakdown in the US cos its all just too big for me to take in, THAT IS WHERE I WANT TO BE!
  29. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Exactly right. It is quite possible that the Feds have the power to order you not to show it to anyone (except your lawyer), when you do get a copy (which I'm confident you will). You must follow their legally enforceable requirements to the letter.
  30. ChilliTime Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Wow. Just wow.

    formerlyIN, you are truly awesome. I take my hat off.

  31. avatar2008 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Actually, keep the mentions of the agencies involved. Enron scandal started similarly, first with trickle that turned into a flood.

    @scientologist reading this,
    If you are having doubts, now is no better time to make a break for it. The world has taken notice of the plight of ex-scn and critics. These government agencies are beginning to take notice the well-hidden discrepancies of Church of Scientology's deeds vs. its claims.

    It is your decision to be a federal protected witness or another accomplice on trial further down this road.
  32. Re: My Deposition

    Wow - I'm not sure if this is Epically Wonderful or Wonderfully Epic! :hooray: I've got to admit, I am really curious as to why the SEC is interested in the COS. I can understand FBI, could easily see DOJ, IRS, or maybe Homeland Security on immigration stuff, but the SEC? The COS isn't a publicly traded company, and as far as I know, neither are any of their front groups. FormerlyIN, I know you can't reveal anything, and please don't. I don't want anything to compromise this investigation. But there's no reason the rest of us can't speculate.

    I know the COS is involved in all kinds of financial wrongdoings, but as a private organization I think they would be under IRS jurisdiction. The only possibilities I can come up with for involving the SEC are either some sort of stock manipulation scheme or insider trading.
  33. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Just trust the authorities are doing a good job. It will be worth the wait. Sorry, I will not comprimise their case....
  34. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I'm sure they have a laundry list of corruptions. ;)
  35. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Just a short update. I have conversed with Mr. Berry and he will be handling my case from here on out. This way I will know that the transcripts are looked over properly, and I will be represented when this goes to trial.
  36. AnonLover Member

    Re: My Deposition

    << gets up & does the happy dance at graham berry /b/ackup news >>

    fI thats is totally terrific news!!! hot diggity dam, hear that sound in the distance? << imagine implosion soundbite >> i hear me some massive stats a crashing!
  37. Re: My Deposition

    Congratulations, FI.

    That's great news.
  38. amaX Member

    Re: My Deposition

    <3 FI
  39. Anonyphunt Member

    Re: My Deposition

    FBI & SEC investigation, worker in $cilon acquisitions drops 108 dox...

    lol cults fucked
  40. GrogStat Member

    Re: My Deposition

    That's the way to do it. Curiosity will just have to take a back seat. We get to be just as surprised as David Miscavige.

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