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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by ronnon1246, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. ronnon1246 Member

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  2. Durga Member

    I'm sure someone will be around shortly to make fun of your lensflare, ronnon, but welcome to the party.

    Do you have any of these available in higher quality? These are alright for website displays but they're a little small if anyone is looking for video and flyer material. You may also want to consider posting your source files so that people can modify, expand upon, or create new works with what you have here.
  3. Anonymous Member

    You might also try incorporating some more original or more interesting text.
  4. Dragononymous Member

    No offence to both, but I can't see this getting used for flyers
  5. WMAnon Member

    I think she may have been looking for a nice way of saying "don't post tiny shit." I've used some weird things for videos and flyers, you never know.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Dragononymous Member

    Same, but at the moment you start designing something, you should think about how it looks, what "feelings&thoughts" your design creates for/by the person who sees your design and omfg I'm starting to sound like Nick.. Quick, Hit me with something
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  8. WMAnon Member

    /me slaps dragononymous with a large trout
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  9. Anonymous Member

    maybe you have to check your monitor

    the color misfit hardly

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