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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. made this
    hope its helps
  2. another color way
    if anyone is interested in having it translate in arabic
    post here...
  3. تغيير

  4. RadioFreeGab Member

    Very Shepard Fairey, but a great looking layout nonetheless. Great job. There could also be other versions with the words "FREEDOM", etc etc.
  5. Tony C Member

    Nice work!
  6. i'm the original poster

    So sorry if insulted anyone.... i'm meant farsi not arabic
    it was late at night and blah blah... still no excuse, I'M SORRY WONT HAPPEN AGAIN

    thanks for the translation.... i'll upload a final more worked-out version tonight

    any other word suggestion ?
    FREEDOM.... I'll need translation for that

    what paper size should be needed; it's TABLOID for now, could be A4, A3, letter etc...
    just let me know what you need....

    also coming... the same version adapted for stencilling....
  7. The image is great and all, needs a little cleaning up

    But we can't really make him look like change when he's probably not that much better than Ahmadinejad

    It's different than Barack Obama and "change" where he was to be the first black president
  8. to previous post:
    I've to agree that CHANGE might not be the right slogan....
    even if, to iranian peoples, Moussavi might be the incarnation of it

    I thought of other ones; but i am still debating...

    I'm looking for ideas... any suggestion are welcome...
  9. whiffed rabin

    Liberalize/Liberalise/whatever you spell it?

    Also, do you have a .psd or something for this?
  10. "Freedom" sounds better.
    Also, i'd remove the red color, because it's associated with oppresive historical figures. I couldn't find the link to the article i found yesterday showed staging of historical fights between men using red clothes beating people.
  11. here's my my final version
    i choose FREEDOM for the bottom slogan, felt it was appropriate...
    will upload more stuff tomorrow... editable version , stencil ready...

  12. lol No worries.. knowledge is power! :)
  13. Re: Need your help

    Hi, I love the design!! Can I ask you to help me with two sketch designs for Neda? I have done the initial work in photoshop but I am not that good with it. I want to make T-shirts and pass them out for free. Can you email me at Let me know. Thanks.
  14. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes very nice work!
  15. Funny I had posted a similar Shepard Fairey inspired image the day before this post on twitter.

  16. Ninja Fish Member

    Hello fellow soldier,
    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me using this picture on a shirt i was going to make for a protest group at my school? It would be much appreciated if i could.
  17. ech0 Member

    You may not get an answer. Most of the "Green" artwork here is the result of collaborative processes. So long as you aren't making a buck off of it & it is used to support the "Green" cause, or highlight the abuses of the Iranian government against their own people, I largely suspect it is being used as intended.
  18. Ninja Fish Member

    Again this is for a school gathering to bring forth this problem that most upper classmen dont even have a clue about.
  19. Kruge Moderator

    I'd say ech0 is correct - go ahead and use it for a shirt.

    The only thing I could imagine would create a problem if you were to make 100s of shirts and sell them for personal gain. :)
  20. Or if you were to make any money off of the shirts all proceeds should go to groups supporting the Green Movement.
  21. Kruge Moderator

    Yah, that'd be a possibility of course. But in that case one had to take care to which group the money would go. For example: NOT to iran115... ;)
  22. kazim Member

    those are great artworks

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