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Discussion in 'Translations' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. All the recent statements are on Mousavi's Blog. If anyone can translate this please do so and post it here, then spread the link to the post everywhere.
  2. Google Translator

    Now, Google translator supports translating from/To Persian (which is also known as Farsi).

    <a href= ""> Google Translator </A>
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  4. Wow. Thanks a ton!
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    "Disappeared" web pages

    A lot of people are unaware of the existence of the "Wayback machine" which stores a vast array of material that has been deleted from the internet, so it might be quite valuable until a new election is held in Iran.

    Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
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  8. Ray Murphy Member

    This site has been back up for a while now.
    See the latest news plus news for each day on one of the links in the website.
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  10. Facts please

    I have been patiently waiting for Mousavi to bring up the proof that the election was rigged. So far he has presented NOTHING that justifies the invalidation of the election. But his negative attitude regarding legal channels speaks for itself.
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    He could easily prove that the voting intentions didn't match the voting count and he could easily put the voters on the streets to let them be counted, but too many of them would be slaughtered, maimed, bashed and victimized.
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  13. Ray Murphy Member

    It's up again. See daily summary of news.

    "There are reports that the Iranian Police forces
    have started raiding any house with Satellite
    television and destroying the Satellite dishes."

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    And so what's the pay like in your line of work, Mr Unregistered? It'd want to be good, I'd think. A nasty job. A bit like freelancing for the Gestapo.
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    Mousavi's website (English version) updated after 3 days.
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    Mousavi's Facebook is now out of action and his English language website has got 2nd July showing instead of the current date.

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