Mousavi requests video subs in English

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I have no access to that page or I could do that
  2. can you get it here?


    if not, let me know, I'll DL it and provide a link to a direct DL or FTP, if that's what it takes.

  3. I think the goal is to re-up the video with english subs embedded, as opposed to just a translation. I can figure out how to embed them if you can translate and give me rough timestamps... anyone else want in on this? The request comes directly from Mousavi's facebook page, and there's still no one that's done it as of now, just a bunch of people jerking each other around in the comments... I have no idea what the content is, but he obviously wants the world to see it, so let's get on it.
  4. Just found this translation:

    I, Mir Hossein Moussavi, decided to enter the political scene, because I found the current political, economical, and cultural direction of the country distressing. I have come to protect the people... Read Mores decency. I have come to protect freedom of thought and speech. I have come to fight for the peoples right to know how the country is being governed. I have come to re-establish the reputation, authority, and honour of the Iranian people. I have come to eliminate the differences and enhance the relationship between Iran and the rest of the world. I have come to accompany you towards an independent, free, thriving, modern and fulfilled Iran. I have come to plainly and clearly support national production. I have come to put honesty and integrity into the daily processes of the government. I have come to be a devotee of the deprived, the one whose back is broken by inflation and whose self-reliance is hit by improper internal policies.

    I have come to build a cultural government to support those who have different cultures than that of the present government. I hope that the outcome of the future, which is to build, aid and support all the respectable people of this country - men and women and all supporters of different opinions, races, and ... Read Morereligions - to be a plausible response to the trust of those who find me reliable for this task. I am sure that any decent citizen of Iran is following intelligently the recent events and will participate in future elections to accomplish their national and religious tasks. (a sentence from Quran).

    Anyone confirm?
  5. Yep, the translation is Mousavi in the first part of the video
  6. OP here, I realized I have no youtube access or way to add subs and upload; can someone else please do this and post a link on Mousavi's FB page and twitter it? Please post link here, sorry, buried at work and I simply can't do it until late tonight when I'm at home... Thanks, if anyone can help...
  7. Video here:


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