Most flyers suck

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by load, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. load Member

    Most flyers suck

    While I do respect and applaud everyone's effort to make informative flyers, I have to say, that most of them are quite boring. A wall of text will catch nobody's interest. What I (and I'd imagine most people) do, when they see people handing out flyers, is just ignore them. Because I see them all the time and am conditioned to react that way. " children in Africa die per day, because they don't have enough to eat" - How does that effect me? How do I benefit from helping?

    Most people didn't actually come here, because they heard of the death of Lisa McPherson or the CoS censoring stuff. "Sure, that sucks, but shit like this happens all the time - done by different organizations, governments and religions all around the world." Remember how we actually got popular? The 1st "Message to Scientology" was fucking cool and it was funny: "For everyone of us that falls, ten more will take his place" - I lol'd. There were hardly any hard facts in there besides the censoring of the Tom Cruise Video. It was propaganda. It encouraged to find some Info yourself though. I remember, when I watched that video the first time soon after it was uploaded, the first thing I saw popping up after it finished, was that "The unfunny truth about Scientology" video. Normally I would not have clicked on that, but after seeing that first cool one, I was open for more.

    We need to follow the same strategy on the flyers. We need make this look like a cool youth movement, that you will gladly tell your friends you're part of. That's what it is anyway. So, we need flyer's where people aren't so much attracted by information, but much rather by our image. We need to be "cool". A 16-year-old wannabe Paris Hilton IT-girl will not be interested in joining a political movement - she just wants to be one of the cool kids. but she'll might be interested in being part of a youth movement (and I already heard the media calling us that). We ARE popculture right now, let's use this.

    We need to be become so hip and cool, that there will actually be people, who will despise us, because the majority likes us. I'm kind of starting to dislike "funny cat pictures" because of that reason. However, the majority likes it, so it's fine. I hope you can follow me here...

    To set an example, I found this poster on the german wiki. It's awesome and original and it even manages to get a lot of facts in there. ... German.jpg

    Try to get some more V-masks on the flyers, some anon suits, etc. Be original, be funny and ask yourself, if you would read, what you just fabricated. Even if you only put one line of info on a flyer... One crime is enough to oppose this cult, isn't it?
  2. L.the.Anon Member

    So, we should trick people into joining a political movement?
    And who cares about Paris Hilton wannabes? Do they even exist? And if they do, how about we bring them down after we're done with ye ol' cult?

    That flyer was awesome though, but someone that knows how needs to do one in that case. Any volunteers? Or anyone that could translate it from German or something?
  3. MarkSherman Member

    Short and sweet. Bold text, bulleted lists. Pretend you're writing for the web, even though you aren't. Maybe there are some things out there for writing for fliers but I've only read stuff on writing for the web so please link up if you have something. If not check out :

    I may be wrong but I'm thinking the goal of the fliers is to give just enough information for the person to want to look it up online.
  4. halfdark Member

    I agree that alot of blocktext can be easy to overlook. But fewer people throw it away than you might think.
    What's most important in a flier is that it's clear, to the point, and (if at all possible) brief. something like this is easy enough to look at. It's not demanding much of it's reader. The points are short and clear and without any spin. This one I think is probably the most eye-catching, and more what you were talking about. It's kinda less information and more 'what we are doing'.

    BUT! I don't think it's a good idea to be gimmicky. Especially as this might undermine our motives at a protest. The cartoon block there is about right.
    There will be times where we need to be "boring". If we fuck up with too much self-promotion, sensationalism or propaganda they can very easily form a strong case of 'ulterior motives' against us.

    EDIT: I didn't read those last two lines you wrote! oops! ^///^;
    By the by, I'd love to see some more posters like that made :V
  5. ma1kel Member

    The original was Dutch and it has already been translated to English, it's on a wiki and halfdark linked to it.
  6. load Member

    well, flyer idea:

    [Some random fact about Scientology]

    This is blashemy!
    This is madness!

    [shooped tom cruise face goes here]
  7. anon-111 Member

  8. WhySoSerious Member

    it says anonymous declared "was" (Should be war) on Scientology. Fix that typo
  9. load Member

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