Moscow Mitch, The American Republican Traitor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KittyKatSpanker, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Moscow Mitch, The Musical (Theme Song)


    Moscow Mitch, Putin’s little bitch. NRA and Kremlin cash have made him so rich. Moscow Mitch, lyin’ in the ditch. tryin’ to deny misdeeds is makin’ him twitch. Mitch McKremlin, Russia’s little gremlin; A rigor mortis tortoise gifted at dissemblin’. Representing people of Kentucky is tough. The pay you get for doing it is never enough. You need some corporations to pay for those vacations. You need to give insider jobs to all your relations. and if your job depends on help from Russian friends who says there’s something wrong with selling out your nation? To mess with our election Mitch believes is okay. He feels election fraud is the American way. To rig the whole election to him, would be perfection, disproving Darwin’s rule of natural selection. Though Democrats complain I think it’s pretty plain
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  3. Ben Folds - Moscow Mitch- LIVE on NYC Rooftop 1AUG2019

  4. Moscow Mitch The Ballad

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  5. MoscowMitch again Asks America to stop with Moscow Mitch name

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