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Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Colin, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Colin Member

    I used paint to create these. I hope you enjoy them :) and i have some other fliers that I either havnt put up or are on different threads
    Easy upload through media fire. (This is the fixed one in higher resolution so you can read it)
    If you have any suggestions I would love to change them up or make requested ones :) I just love making these :D
  2. Rendering things like this at a much higher resolution would make them useful for printing on paper/card.

    As is, okay for screen display at 72 pixels per inch, but way too low in resolution for any kind of decent print quality.
  3. Colin Member

    alright thanks
  4. Colin Member

    hahah oh yea looking at it now i see i cant read the text
  5. Anonymous Member

    Legibility counts, and it helps people...
  6. Colin Member

    Yea ik thanks its just i dont know how to change the pixels per inch on paint. Does anyone know how?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Google is your friend.
  8. Colin Member

    Haha yep
  9. Colin Member

    Ok there I remade it and now its all set up. You can now download a good copy
  10. Colin Member

    if its not legible can you let me know?
  11. It's a little better for screen display, but 96 PPI is inadequate for printing.

    Here it is:


    What do YOU think?
  12. Colin Member

    That looks much better how did you do that?
  13. I downloaded it. Uploaded to an Image Hosting site, got a URL from the site and posted it into this thread.
  14. Colin Member

    oh well that looks better then my first copy by far an i have no idea how to give it better resolution
  15. It's always difficult to successfully run text over top of pictorial material, if the brightness levels are changing frequently.

    If this is the case, it introduces another kind of illegibility. It makes people not want to bother trying to figure out what the text is doing. Big time turnoff.

    I know nothing about "paint." Photoshop? Yes, but GIMP and Paint, no.
  16. Colin Member

    Yea i just use Paint and I know how to fix it. Everytime you stretch out the photo you need to re-Type any font, I think its good enough to be printed but im sticking with those little cards i made there easier to carry around
  17. Anonymous Member

    I said this already, and I'm not afraid of repeating myself: Do your work in color, transform in Greyscale. Use fonts that are broad. Don't overload the flier with pictures or text, say just what it's important!

    ...And take measures for your project. By that, I mean to take a ruler and note down the size you think it would be nice for your flier. Big as hell fliers scare the shit out of people. Tiny wee fliers will make people think that this it's really not that serious.

    Hope I help'd.
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  18. Colin Member

    Yea next time I'll make my poster huge but I didn't know what people wanted to do with it they could just size it down or something or make it bigger

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