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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. sue Administrator

    WWP should now be more easily browsable using mobile devices.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Thanks :)
    Now, where's the button to use to go back to the old style? I can't seem to locate that.
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  3. sue Administrator

    while browsing with a mobile device or normally?
  4. the anti Member

    normally, I'm not on a mobile
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  5. sue Administrator

    Then you should normally be seeing the normal style, the mobile skin is only loaded on mobile devices. Or at least it should be.
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  6. adhocrat Member

    i've got the mobile version and I'm on a computer.
    Thanks for all the work, BTW.
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  7. I'm on a MacBook Pro and all I get is the "mobile skin".
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I'm on mobile and would like to switch back to desktop.
  9. sue Administrator

    Can both of you got to:
    And copy paste the useragent part into a private conversation with me?
    Thank you.
    I'll fiddle some more with it and see how to provide that option.
  10. sue Administrator

    Scroll down to the very bottom of the page, Below "sign up now!" you will see :

    Why We Protest | Activism Forum | Mobile Why | Terms and Rules

    Click on Mobile Why, it will lead you to a style chooser, there you can select "Default Style"

    Hope this helps.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I still have the regular version on my laptop. Seems the above issues are isolated.
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  12. adhocrat Member

    Be glad to help, Sue, but the method I normally use to initiate a PM doesn't seem to work. It says "This member limits who may view their full profile."
    Used to be a little rectangular box popped up with "Start a Conversation."

    I have my data, just need a way to get it to you
  13. sue Administrator

    Email to works too :)
  14. adhocrat Member

    check your mail
  15. the anti Member

    problem solved, thank you.
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  16. adhocrat Member

    Hey it looks right all of a sudden.
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  17. Strixcoil Moderator

    ...Now I will be able to mod from my cellphone.
    Awesome. I wubs u.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I tried the suggestion a few times and it never switches out of mobile style. I guess the main thing I miss is who's online at the moment and which mods are in the house :) I'll try some more later. Tired now.

    The threads are easier to read and entering text is easier. Thanks
  19. sue Administrator

    What kind of device are you using? It works on android.
  20. Anonymous Member

    A Samsung Charge. I tried the Mobile Why and the button on the top right that allows me to change styles. Both just stay in the mobile mode when I select Default mode.
  21. sue Administrator

    Are cookies enabled? Does this happen when you're not logged in or when you are?
    1. Launch the Web Browser.
    2. Press the Menu button.
    3. Select More.
    4. Select Settings.
    5. From the Privacy settings section, select Accept cookies.
      [IMG] Enabled when a orange check mark is present.

      Edit: Ok my bad, I can now reproduce the problem. It has to do with the detection being done regardless of theme selection. I'll try and figure out a more elegant way of doing this.

      Meanwhile I hope the mobile theme works and isn't too much of a nuisance.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Thanks <3

    Change is OK with me.

    Ever since you switched to https, it took a lot longer to load a page. With the new mobile format, pages load much faster. I could easily get used to that :)
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  23. Anonymous Member

    I tried using bookmarks for the first time today. It accidentlies my phone. The page won't load properly and disables the stop and back functions. I have to use the task manager to exit the browser and start over.

    I didn't really need bookmarks anyways. no big loss
  24. sue Administrator

    This might have been unfortunate timing, Some of cloudflares' javascripts were hogging up cpu for some reason, possibly an update that was being rolled out and caused some loop somewhere. Please try bookmarks one last time, and confirm deny whether the phone crashing behavior continues.

    Thank you.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I got to the bookmark page this time. I couldn't type in the boxes. The bookmark button didn't work. or the back button. I could see my phone bookmarks, but it wouldn't connect to any. I had to use the task mgr to exit the browser and start over.

    edit: I just tried a phone restart. Same results.

    When I tried to change to default style just now, it did the same thing as described above. Had to use task mrg.

    June 7th. It gives me the default screen when I go to the Dome.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Both styles work perfectly in mobile Firefox on Galaxy Nexus with ICS. Thanks! :D
  27. Anonymous Member

    I am a mobile who uses a desktop

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