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  1. Lynx Member

    In the unfortunate event that you have lost contact with somebody during the revolt please Post in this forum.

    Thread Titles should be as descriptive as possible .

    Suggested Formatting :

    FirstName Lastname - Gender - Age - Date of Birth - Last Seen : Date - Location

    For example :

    John Doe - Male - 18 - June 16 1991 - Last seen : June 14 - Tehran

    Post contents should contain as much as information as possible.

    Francais :

    (If anybody can translate this, it would be Highly appreciated.)
  2. ARC Member

    We should also put some links to established missing persons systems. What is the Persian Red Crescent dependable for this?

    The Red Crescent's website is down right now, at least inaccessible from outside Iran, but until or unless the international red cross committee or the internaitonal association of red cross and red crescent societies open a site for it, these are the addresses to the national Red Crescent and the local ICRC:

    Tracing Office
    Address : Building of Peace, Corner of Rashid Yasemi St., Vali Asr Ave.
    Phone : + (98-21) 886 62618-19 , 882 01082 , 882 01180
    Fax : + (98-21) 882 01052
    E-mail :


    ICRC Delegation (note that this is not the same as the local Red Crescent foundation. The ICRC deals with prisoners of war, and such matters. If you do not trust local Red Crescent, then maybe you trust ICRC instead.)
    No.75, Taban Sharghi st., Africa ave.
    Postal code: 19176
    TEHRAN / Islamic Republic of Iran
    Tel.: (+98) 21 8 878 67 23 / 55 03
    Fax: (+98) 21 2 878 33 70

    Here's information about IRANIAN RED CRESCENT SOCIETY Tracing office

  3. karluf Member

    Hi, I'm Persian/British and can help for translation, please contact me for anything I may be able to help.


  4. Karluf,

    Translate the text, post it here. Someone else will take it from there.
  5. Might be a stupid question, but where can we record missing tweeps? There's a few people I am worried about - one account even "doesn't exist", meaning that either the owner deleted it, but more likely, something else.
  6. French translation

    Si vous avez le malheur d'avoir perdu contact avec un Iranier durant la rvolte, veuillez poster sur ce forum.

    Il serait mieux de faire des titres simples pour les topics.

    Proposition de format:

    Prnom Nom - Gendre - Age - N(e) le - Vu pour la dernire fois : Date - Lieu

    Par exemple :

    Jaques Dupond - Homme - 18 - 16 juin 1991 - Vpldf : June 14 - Tehran

    Votre message doit contenir le plus d'information possibles.

    Description en dtail de o et quand la personne a t vue pour la dernire fois, dans quelles circonstances. Habits ports, photographie jour de la personne etc.

    Qui contacter si la personne est retrouve?
  7. missb Member

    Missing people مردم گم شده

    Missing people مردم گم شده

    کرده اید "
    عنوانهای رشته به توصیفی ممکن بایدباشند
    آخرین : Seen Birth سن تاریخ Gender پیشنهادشده Formatting FirstName Lastname
    : Location تاریخ برای مثال
    مرد John Doe ۱۸ ژوئن ۱۶۱۹۹۱ آخرین دیده شده :
    ژوئن ۱۴ محتویات پست تهران بایستی که به اندازه ای که اطلاعات چنانچه ممکن دربردارد -
    نقل کنید :
    درگزارش عمق کجا ) جائیکه ( وچه موقع شخص گم شده ،رفت چه وضعیتهابودند
    ممکن جدیدترین بود If چه پوشاکی شخص درآن زمان خسته کننده ،عکس
    چه کسی که تماس بگیرداگرشخص پیداشده است
  8. Dutch translation:

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