Miss World Canada Must Accept Consequences of Political Action

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    Mireia Lalaguna Royo from Spain claimed the crown at the just concluded Miss Worldpageant in Sanya, South China's Hainan Province. Before Miss Spain's glamour, beauty andtalent captured the world's attention, the event had been shrouded in a political controversy.

    In November, Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin, a Chinese-born Canadian citizen, said shewas denied a visa to come to China for the competition. Chinese immigration officials alsostopped her boarding a flight from Hong Kong to Sanya, foiling her attempt to benefit fromHainan Province's special visa policy for Canadian nationals.

    In a response to inquiries made by Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail, the Chineseembassy in Canada declared that "China does not allow any persona non grata to come toChina." Lin had earned the "unwelcome person" status before she claimed the title of MissCanada, and it was for a reason.

    Moving from China to Canada at a young age, Lin's career as an actress and human rightsactivist is closely attached to her place of birth, but on a controversial path. Several rolesshe played showed Falun Gong in a positive light, a group branded a dangerous cult by theChinese government due to its brainwashing and the risk it poses to social stability.

    Her advocacy for "human rights" based on her "sympathy" for Tibet and Xinjiangseparatists aims to smear the Chinese authorities, regardless of the separatists' notorietyin Chinese society. In July, she testified at a US Congressional hearing, criticizing China's"persecution" of religious freedom.

    Many entertainers are avid political activists. There is nothing wrong with that per se, butthey must accept and face up to the possible consequences. American diva Jennifer Lopezonce tasted the bitter lesson of performing for a political figure that American mainstreamsociety deems unacceptable. Tayu Lo, a singer from Taiwan, was censured by local Taiwanauthorities for his stand against so-called Taiwan independence. Sometimes, even carelessmistakes could trigger public uproar. In 2001, mainland actress Zhao Wei was hit by apublic image crisis when she posed for a magazine cover photo in a Japanese military flagoutfit. She later made a public apology.

    Falun Gong, though it claims to be a religious organization, has political motives and takes aradical anti-government stance. Lin may have limited understanding of Chinese affairssince she left the country at a young age.

    People with a Chinese background and artistic dreams can easily catch the attention ofWestern media, if they take a position against Chinese established system.

    In every society, there are always a handful of entertainers who are also politicalspeculators, and a few of them can make a name for themselves. Perhaps Lin was misledby people of this sort around her.

    Every society should stick to certain principles. If Lin continues on her way, she shouldbear the costs. In most cases, political speculation is like walking on the edge of a cliff. It'sonly a delusion if she wants to be a double-dealer, tarnishing China's image to please theWest, and while gaining popularity in the Chinese market.

    Lin's view about China has certain audience in the Western world, outdated due to lack ofknowledge and arbitrary through a lens of prejudice. As for Lin, an immigrant from Chinato Canada, she should have assumed a role of bridging cultural gaps and clearing upmisunderstandings between China and the Western world. However, she has chosen theopposite way, which only generates more misconceptions.
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    well done china
  3. First, does anyone really give a fuck about beauty pageants anymore?

    Well good for Ms. Lin. I'll say this and it applies to Ms. Lin also, I personally pretty much give zero fucks what "celebrities" think. Most of them live in a bubble and are so divorced from reality of the big old mean world that what they think usually has little value. Though, on the rare occasion, I do have to give props to those that do get their heads out of their asses and when they realize what the world is really like and feel compelled to draw attention to it- damn the consequences- then I do have to say, "Good Job."

    I mean I try to be a realist and do acknowledge that there is this huge base that do take what celebrities say in all earnest. Most is just vapid, meaningless drama machine stuff but if it'll help wake up the masses of the "me" generation and help them empathize with something that doesn't directly affect them, then I'm all for it.
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  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    1. Source ?

    2. Biased article is biased.
  5. The Internet Member

    I think Falun Gong is one of those anti communist cults that made friends with the CIA. The enemy of my enemy is my friend is a convenient short term plan. But a boosted frenemy becomes a later problem. Moonies, bin laden, Scientology (my speculation), Falun Gong.

    Hey CIA, cults are bad.
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    Lurk moar: Which aspect does allow you to consider it as a cult ?
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  8. The Internet Member

    Have you ever read the Epoch Times? Bleh. Any religion with its own newspaper ought to be viewed with some suspicion.

    One of the stories at the link above concerns the Falun Gong members who set themselves on fire at Tiananmen Square in 2001. Pic of a mother and daughter who survived with Rick Ross below.
    Falun Gong victims.jpg
    The leadarfag of Falun Gong is a magic healer. So if your faith is strong you don't need doctors. This way of thinking doesn't end well for a lot of people.

    Falun Gong members stage media manipulations:
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    Well yeah because China.

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