Mir Hossein Moussavi

Discussion in 'Missing Persons' started by spaz926, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. spaz926 Member

    "A main leader of Iran’s opposition was reported missing on Thursday and both the opposition “green movement” and Iran’s hardliners issued calls for street rallies, escalating tensions after the reemergence of street protests and their brutal suppression on Monday."
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    "Mousavi and his wife have gone completely missing. Their guards are dismissed. Anyone who approaches their street is immediately surrounded by the masked-men who are residing in a van that is blocking the entrance of their home."
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  2. Anonymous Member

    /sarcasm: This certainly isn't suspicious.
  3. حمید Member

    نه هر کلکی شکر دارد نه هر زیری زبر دارد
    not every pen/man is honest in nature for every silent/violent

  4. Anonymous Member

    I just hope for the best that Moussavi is in hiding and not in the prison system. Else I would not be surprised the regime would keep his detention behind a curtain. That would martyr the man and galvanize even further.
  5. حمید Member

    No matter what, his previous background will not make him worthy or suitable for political engagement in a freed Iran from tyrany. It has In fact been for the presense of such personalities and the lobbying practices by advisers for personal references that has preventing and caused hesitations for humble people of Iran, watching them continously show presense anywhere it can be used as a references to be misused as a picture taken, a confrence attended, economical aid recived,......
    In future Iran there will be no way a religous factor involved in policy making. So those not applicable would better sit at home and wait to contribute to freeing Iran from Tyranny.

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